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What's Your Job?

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It has always interested me how TPR draws people from all walks of life. People from different states, countries, and continents, with different languages, backgrounds, and beliefs all find a common ground in enjoying the amusement industry. None of us live the same life, yet we are all united by our part-time obsession.


That being said, I have always wondered what types of jobs my fellow enthusiasts have. Even though I'm sure we would all like to, very few of us can make a living off of loving theme parks, water parks and roller coasters. Sure, you visit parks as often as you can, but you have to pay for those tickets some how. So, what jobs do you guys have?


As for myself, I am currently a student (senior year!), and I am working two desk jobs within my university. When I graduate in the spring I hope to find a job as a high school choral teacher (my other passion).



(I did a little digging, but I could not find a thread similar to this. If there is one, I am sorry!)

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I have a degree in mechanical engineering and currently work as a combustion engineer/product manager. I support a line of high-velocity industrial burner products used for forging, pre-heat, melting, glass/brick production, etc... My day-to-day includes technical and field service support, quoting and engineering custom burners, emissions estimates, a little bit of project management, etc...


On the side I also do some freelance photography stuff which (park wise) included working with Cedar Point to do their live-entertainment photos last year (which can be seen on their website, brochures, etc...) along with supplying photos to Fun Spot America. I have done industrial photography for a few large companies for advertisement/marketing/archival purposes, along with special events as well. Photography really is just a hobby for me, but if somebody is willing to pay me for my services I absolutely will do the work. One of my favorite (yet free) projects was working with them on supplying any of my photos for the HHN 23 yearbook:



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I've had many jobs over my days. I used to do a lot of maintenance work. I was a car mechanic at a small shop, maintenance/construction worker for theme parks, and even site supervisor.


Then I went for my degree in mechanical engineering. I work for a company that supplies many industrial machines and equipment. Everything from forklifts to hydraulic cylinders to compressors to large trucks and factory machinery. Basically you can call my company an ACME company. My daily jobs include designing working machinery, building or assembling them, and troubleshooting them if they break. I like how my job gives me a variety of tasks and not just one thing every day.

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Full-time junior-year student in college, working his way to a degree majoring in media arts & studies, and a minor in art studio. For some extra money in my pocket, I occasionally shoot photos for the university newspaper, and am trying to start up a payroll for video producing after having introduced it last semester. My picture of what future career I would want to land right out of college is still a little blurry, but I'm leaning towards working for a magazine as a photographer and/or videographer (a dream job would be working for a snowboard magazine out in the midwest).

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I'm an insurance claims adjuster. I handle corporate liability claims, focusing mainly on bodily injury. Essentially, if you slip and fall in a store and get hurt, I'm the guy you talk to. Within the last year, I've started handling complex injury claims with more substantial injuries (in fact, I'm looking at a stack of medical documents right now...oh joy).


I also deal with litigation files every now and then. I've only had to go to court for work once, but I suspect that will change as I progress in my career.

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I am a locomotive engineer (train driver) for Metra- Chicago's commuter passenger railroad. I've worked for Metra since January, and before that I was a locomotive engineer for 7 years at Union Pacific Railroad driving freight trains between Chicago and Iowa.


Here are a couple of trains I was operating taken by local railfans.



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A Sophomore in high school...if that counts. My dream is to become a civil engineer and hopefully own my own roller coaster design firm someday. Or become a designer for a specific park/chain, similar to what Dal Freeman does at Lagoon. Or own/operate an amusement park.


Let's just say it'll be in the amusement industry!

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