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What park is your home park?

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Drayton Manor is about 40mins away, and the three Tussaud's parks are each and hour and twenty away from me.


But, the very closet parks to me are Wicksteed (30 mins) or Gulliver's Mitlon Keynes, at about 30 mins as well.

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Mine is "Western Canada'a Largest Amusement Park."


Whatever. BIG SMILE.


Playland Amusement Park, Vancouver, BC. (1/2 hour to walk to)


Home to one of the top ten wooden coasters, depending on the decade, lol.


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Dreamworld Australia (30 mins)


Movie World Australia (35 mins)


Sea World Australia (45 mins)


Wet N Wild Water World Australia (35 mins)


Aussie World (1 1/2 hours)


Flycoaster ( 45 mins)


We have alot of theme parks within Close Proximity here!

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There are two dinky amusement parks in Salem: Thrillville, and Enchanted Forest. Thrillville is a dump, many of the rides showing a lot of rust and poor maintenance. Enchanted Forest next door only has one coaster, a log ride, and a haunted house, the rest a bunch of buildings and tunnels to walk through. Portland has a nice small park--Oak's Amusement Park, but it feels more like a traveling carnival or state fair. The closest "offical" amusement park is the one Six Flag's owns up by Seattle, Washington. I love the Northwest, but there's just not much in the way of coasters and parks.

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Since I'm originally from CA I consider my home park to be Disneyland. It's only about a 43 hour drive for me depending on traffic.


Though, I suppose if you want to get technical La Ronde would be considered my home park since it's 45 minutes away. But since I grew up in Southern CA I will always think of Disneyland as home.

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