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Six Flags Florida [RCT3]

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Opening Day, 2009


After months of construction and anticipation from thrill-seekers around the world, Six Flags Florida is finally open to the public! It is currently a rather small park with thrilling rides and a great dueling woodie named Dueling Eagles. Let's move on to pictures.


Six Flags Florida's modest entrance.


The beautiful Chairswing attraction named High Flyer.


Dueling Eagles' layout from above.


The view from the top of the second hill of Dueling Eagles



The DC Universe section of the park, which contains two of our three coasters.



Superman: Ultimate Flight, our B&M launched coaster.



Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth, our Roundup flat ride, and Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, our drop tower.




Batman: The Ride, a B&M Inverted coaster, but not a clone of the other Batmans.





Revolution, our discus attraction.



Our Main Street Centerpiece.



Please comment with suggestions. Please no hate, but criticism is good

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^Obviously he's kidding...

I love the concept and the potential of this park. I would recommend landscaping around the rides, toning the brightness down, and more attractions (You are trying to compete with Disney, Universal, Sea World, and Busch Gardens too!).

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A brand new Six Flags park? Interesting...

This park could really use some decor. Trees and bushes would REALLY help this park. Some lights, benches, and waste bins will make the paths more alive, and even some path borders will help. All of your coasters look pretty nice, but if you can, download some support replacement packs and/or retextures. If your computer can't handle these items, don't do it. Overall, it's a decent park, but some things need some improvement.

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