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Parkitect (PKT) Discussion Thread

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Beta 5 had released Monday, now ready to download/update. RMC Monorail coaster, night mode you can toggle on and off, new lights thrown into the game as well as every flat ride getting light packages thrown onto them, and many other smaller details listed in the changelog.


One thing I also wanted to point out was the small, but effective modding community through steam. There's a number of mods the community had made, and I recently stumbled upon a list compiled by the devs of their top mod picks for the game: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1218299577


A few I found really useful were the custom catwalks for coasters, the picnic pack with picnic benches guests can sit on, the RoadWorks pack which lets you design road signage and pavement markings (which goes well with the cars pack).



Image/mod source


One mod I found especially unique was a track editor, letting you break free of the rigid track editor and go completely freeform!

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Oops, missed some updates. Here's a highlight recap of just new rides in light of Beta 8 going live for download today...


Beta 8:

- New Hyper Coaster

-New Plane Carousel


Beta 7:

-New Gyro Drop


Beta 6:

-New Mini Monorail


Along with these, new scenarios created by devs and community members for those of you into park management aspects, some optimization fixes, and TONS of new scenery pieces (among many other things).


Coaster Canyon scenario by Silvarret


Broadmoor Beach scenario by Joshua



As always, all updates listed in their devlog.

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Today's the day, and indeed the price did go up.





Here we go! Version 1.0 is OUT NOW

Available on Steam, Humble and GOG.


A lot more has been polished in light of the release, and especially since hitting three more betas since the previous time I updated this thread. All updates can be found on their Tumblr Devlog.


Thinking back to their kickstarter a few years ago, I think it's awesome these guys successfully made it to a fully-released playable and fun pc game! Congratulations to the team!

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I just recently bought the game. I really love the old school 2D-view plus the great amount of theming elements.


The only problem I have is the performing issue. I just started a couple days a new park, where I tried to theme a park with a lot of elements.


As you can see in the picture the park isn't really big yet, but the performance of the game went rapidly down, after ending the theming. The visitors and rides are moving really slow plus my iMac goes nuts.


Maybe some of u guys have the problem as well and can give me any advice - it would be cool to hear from you.


Cheers Alp


Adventure Park :o)

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not really, I'm an architect and use other Cad and 3d programs, where I never experience any trouble.


My iMac has these specs:


core: 3,8 GHz Intel Core i5

ram: 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

grafic card: Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB


so that shouldn't be the issue :/

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Announcing the Parkitect: Taste of Adventure update!


We’re super excited to show you the Parkitect: Taste Of Adventure today!


It will launch next week, on November 20th.



This is a huge game update that consists of two parts: the paid Taste of Adventure expansion, adding a ton of tasty new content; and a free patch that adds a whole bunch of improvements and new features to the base game.

Here’s a trailer to show you some of the highlights:

There's a TON of new stuff in the DLC (many stuff I WISH could be incorporated in Planet Coaster, but Parkitect is beating them to the punch). I HIGHLY recommend clicking the link to their DevLog at the top or bottom of this post to see it.










The DLC will be $11.99 upon launch.



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