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Most Coaster Credits in a Calendar Year

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2014 will mark the highest number of new credits in a single calendar year for me. I currently have 84 new ones but with doing West Coast Bash and a couple of parks on my move from Virginia to Colorado, I look to get close to 120 new ones by the end of the year.


I was wondering if people could post what their highest count for a single year is and some of their major milestones, coasters, and parks and trips.



Going to parks like, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and SFGAm helped balloon my count.

Milestones for me include Raptor as credit #150, Whizzer as #200, and *Goliath SFMM was #250.

Favorite new coaster ridden this year is Bizarro at SFNE, which scrapes in just under I305 as my #2 steel. Favorite park visit was either Holiday World during the Mini New Hotness or Knoebels during Mini East Coast. *Knott's during WCB was up there as well.


*I ended up with 116 new credits for 2014! I'm actually impressed by this. I'll be amazed if I ever get above 50 for one year. We shall see...


* = edits from initial post

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So I didn't start counting till I was well past 250 credits, so I don't know with 100% certainty exactly where/when I hit each of my milestones.


BUT, I've been able to guesstimate, and I know that I hit my 50th credit in 2006, most likely at Geauga Lake. I figure by the start of 2012 I was at around 60-65 credits.


I also know that I hit my 250th sometime in August 2012, likely at either Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I figure I finished 2012 with somewhere between 255-260 credits.


So that would put my 2012 total at around 190-200 coasters. That were a total of 4 trips that year (1: the Los Angeles area, 2: SDC/SFoT/SFFT, 3: Carowinds/KI/CP, 4: a 3.5-week long mega-trip including everything from Beech Bend to WoF to Valleyfair to Waldameer to CW & La Ronde in Canada, down through NY/MA/NJ/PA and all the way to BGW as the final stop).


For the record, I'm at 299 now and planning to ride Banshee next weekend as my 300th!



Edit: the following is the list of what parks I actually visited in 2012, roughly in order by property owner.


Six Flags Properties: Magic Mountain, Over Texas, Fiesta Texas, Over Georgia, St. Louis, Great America, La Ronde, Great Escape, New England, Great Adventure, America


Cedar Fair Properties: Knott's Berry Farm, Carowinds, Kings Island, Worlds of Fun, Valleyfair, Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Dorney Park, Kings Dominion


Herschend Family Entertainment Properties: Silver Dollar City, Dollywood, Darien Lake


Other Properties: Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Universal Studios Hollywood, Beech Bend Park, Holiday World, Adventureland, Mount Olympus, Timber Falls Adventure Park, Kennywood, Waldameer, Lake Compounce, Quassy, Knoebels Amusement Resort, Hersheypark, Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Water Parks: Schlitterbahn New Braunfels, Dollywood's Splash Country, Soak City (Kings Island), Splashin' Safari (Holiday World), Schlitterbahn Kansas City, Oceans of Fun, Mount Olympus, Kalahari Wisconsin Dells, Noah's Ark, Chula Vista, Darien Lake, Wildwater Kingdom (Dorney Park), Water Country USA

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Last year I got 29 new credits, 15 at Cedar Point and 13 at Six Flags Great Murica, plus Anaconda at Granby Zoo in Québec. Pretty much sure that's the most I ever got in a single year.


Here are also a few milestones that I remember :

#60: Anaconda (Granby Zoo)

#70: Blue Streak (CP)

#80: Batman (SFGAm)

#100: Leviathan (CW) (that was last monday, it's very recent!)

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I've gotten 34 new credits this year after visiting Cedar Point, Kings Island, Worlds of Fun, Mount Olympus, Kentucky Kingdom, and Timber Falls for the first time and returning to SFGAM to get my Goliath credit. I started the year with 44 and now I have 78 credits. I don't think I'll get any more this year.

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So far this year I've gotten around 22 new credits, and i'm suppose to get more later this year. Last year I got 29, which is the most I've ever gotten in one year. But if things go well, I very much might break that record this year! Only time will tell.

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That would be this year for me. So far with Cedar Point & New Hotness I've added 60. Weird that it's such a round number, but I more than doubled my count (which I think is the biggest jump I'll ever take).

May add a handful more before the year is out with a trip to SWSD, or maybe SFDK.

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This year is the biggest for me adding 36 credits to the count. This summer is really my first summer as an enthusiast with first visits to Kings Dominion, Busch Garden's Williamsburg, Kennywood, Waldameer, & Conneaut Lake Park!

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It had to be for myself, all on the TPR China Tour in 2012.


I think I (and most everybody else) racked up over 100 credits!

Really not bad for one tour in one year, heh.


I also picked up my #500 there, which was great, too!

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My best year was 2013 with 103 Credits!


Visited Uncle Bernies, Six Flags Great America, Victorian Gardens, Six Flags Great Adventure, Storybook Land, Morey's Piers, Gillian's Wonderland Pier, Playland Park, Adventureland, Astroland, Luna Park, Scream Zone, Deno's, Adventurers, Sandy Lake, Six Flags Over Texas, Bay Beach, Darien Lake, Martin's Fantasy Island, SeaBreeze, Beech Bend, Strickers Grove, Coney Island, Kings Island, Wisconsin State Fair, Carowind's, Adventure City, Knott's, SFMM, Pacific Park, Scandia Amusement Park, Johns Incredible Pizza Company, and Castle Park.

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This year by far for me:

Had new trips to Carowinds, SFOG, KD, Dorney, Hershey, and Knoebels. Return trip to Kings Island

55 new credits

65 total credits


Year isn't over yet though, possible trip to SFGam, SFStL, Kentucky Kingdom, or Beech Bend.

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According to coaster-count, my credits per year have been...


1991 - 0 (the year I was born)

1992 - 2 (#1: Matterhorn Bobsleds (Disneyland))

1993 - 1

1994 - 1

1995 - 2 (#5: Freeway Coaster (Adventure City))

1996 - 2

1997 - 0

1998 - 4 (the year I hit 48"; #10: GhostRider (Knott's Berry Farm))

1999 - 12 (#25: Little Dipper (Castle Amusement Park))

2000 - 6

2001 - 9

2002 - 1

2003 - 15 (the year I became an enthusiast; #50: Batman The Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain))

2004 - 9

2005 - 5

2006 - 8 (#75: Montezooma's Revenge (Knott's Berry Farm))

2007 - 2

2008 - 25 (the first year I visited parks out of state; #100: Mean Streak (Cedar Point))

2009 - 2

2010 - 36 (the first year I did a TPR trip)

2011 - 66 (#150: Screamin' Eagle (Six Flags St. Louis), #175: Excalibur (Funtown Splashtown U.S.A.), #200: Kingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure)

2012 - 42 (#225: Comet (Waldameer), #250: Dragon Mountain (Marineland Theme Park))

2013 - 12

2014 - 90 (#275: Dragon (Lakeside Amusement Park), #300: Flying ACE Aerial Chase (Kings Island), #325: Lightning Racer (Hersheypark), #350: Cyclone (Luna Park))


Summary: 2014 has been my biggest year so far, with 90 new credits. I honestly doubt I'll do that again until I go on an international trip. Also worth noting is that my four biggest years are the four years I did TPR trips, and the only year I got a large count without a TPR trip was the first year I traveled out of California. One final fun fact...It took me 18 years to reach #100, then only 3 years to reach #200, and 2 years to reach #300.

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