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What are your favorite attractions in the "Australasia" Area

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TPR Members who have traveled to the Australia and surrounding Southern Asia islands area! We have been asked to put together a list of some of our readers favorite attractions! This includes roller coasters, flat rides, zip lines, or any other wild ride you've done! What are the best roller coasters in Australia and New Zealand? Or the best flat rides? Or the craziest thing you've seen or done in these countries?


Please answer by responding below! Thank you!



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Top Posters In This Topic

Scooby's Doo's Spooky coaster is a great coaster/dark ride mix, very re-ridable. Giant drop at Dreamworld is another great ride but really both of them aren't a patch on climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge at night, climbing Ayres Rock or White Water rafting down the Tulley River but I'm not sure these three count.


In New Zealand, Luging is incredible because it's so much more extreme (you can't sue if you get injured), the extreme Luge course in Rotorua was crazy and resulted in a loss of skin. The Canyon swing in Queenstown (http://www.canyonswing.co.nz/) is the scariest thing I have ever done, think you have something similar but a bit less extreme opened near the Grand Canyon.


There are other things we did like Black Water tubing in the Waitomo Caves on the South Island and White Water Sledging, although when I did that there wasn't a sled it was just a float. But again I'm not sure these count because they aren't rides as such.


Hope that helps.

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As Superman wasn't around for my visit, I would have to say that Giant Drop is excellent at Dreamworld. Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster was also good fun.


There was also an excellent zip line called the Flying Fox over the valley at O'Reilley's Rainforest Guesthouse.

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I liked Superman and Scooby-Doo a lot, too--very well themed coasters--and Giant Drop. The Wild Mouse coasters at Luna Park and Aussie World were fun, too.


The crazy, steep funicular ride at Scenic World was pretty cool.

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Of rides that haven't already been mentioned, Green Lantern is pretty solid given it's size. Not fast, but some crazy twists and turns.


And they're everywhere now, but I remember when the Aqualoop slides were new, exciting and thrilling.


The Skypoint Q1 climb is decent too, although perhaps not as intense as going to the top of Eclipse

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For me, it would have to be Superman (how can I not like it since I'm in the front in Robb's picture). It was an amazing ride AND it had theming throughout the beginning. Pretty awesome stuff. I agree with Chuck and that the Wooden Wild Mouse rides were crazy insane because they didn't feel like the brakes were on at all! As far as flat rides go, I think Giant Drop takes the cake for me. I love drop rides and that thing was intense. It was pouring down rain and we still rode it, it was incredible.


Jimmy "Can I go back to that side of the world now?" Bo

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I'd say honestly Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster and Superman for obvious reasons. Overall my favourite park as far as friendliness and just pure fun would have to be Aussie World. The staff are just awesome and seriously love their jobs and nothing is too much for them to make sure your day is great.


The WipeOut at Dreamworld also gets an honourable mention for me, as it's one of the only Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super Flips left and it's just had a full on refurb so it should still be around for a long time yet.

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My Favourites:


I'll chime in with Wipeout, Superman Escape and Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster too, but also.


-Storm Coaster: A water coaster that dumps you down inside an upturned ship where the engine room is exploding, oh, and they stop the boat in front of a water park style "giant tipping bucket" in the dark ride section to give you an unavoidable drenching. What's not to love?



-Funnel Web

A Funnel Web spider is one of those dangerous creepy crawlies that live here, in this case it's a proslide tornado, which fits the theme pretty well since this type of spider spins a cone shaped web to catch prey. But its a solid ride just because its way longer than most other Tornadoes.



-H20 Go Racers

At Wet n Wild Sydney, its a massive 8 lane racing slide that has a braided section, and helixes, and then dumps you down a steep drop to the finish line. A timing system completes the package.



-Wild West Falls

Probably the most photogenic, well themed from start to finish ride in the country.




Should give the Kiwis some love, this is one of those discovery/gryo swing/frisbee type type rides, but it goes all the way around.



-Giant Drop/Tower of Terror

One or the other should be in this list, both were world record holders at one point




Yet to ride this one, but a Eurofighter at Adventure World, perth, with some nice theming and a dark section with enclosed barrel roll, a-la SAW



-Gold Rush


More love for the Kiwis, a Mine Cart themed mouse type coaster, but really well themed, and some cool slalom type sections.



Set of 4 looping water slides, and still one of the best slides out there.



-Scenic Railway

TPR did this one yeah? A crazy, steep ride down a mountainside. Steepest railway in the world, at 52 degrees.



-Skytower Jump



A controlled jump off the tallest building in New Zealand.


Hopefully that's a fairly balanced list.

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