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PTR - 36 hours of Colossus-NOW WITH PHOTOS!!!

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I feel like we owe you a few chiropractor sessions...or a massage...or a spine transplant...or a visit with a psychiatrist. Possibly all of these.


I assume all these services would be performed by Ross.


You would assume correctly. I said we owe you, I didn't say we'd pay a lot for the services!

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And here's Caeser guarding our evening ERT at Tusenfryd Park in Norway, for Speed Monster,

after the park had closed. From TPR's 2014 Scandinavia Tour - June 21st.


Such a hero, he is.


Whatta guy!

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[ I could see myself getting no further than Cliff/quote] I could have gone all the way. In a way I did. I smoke too much and drink too much. but, when I was 5 seconds too late. I wouldn't leave. as each rider was allowed a supporter. So if I couldn't win it, no biggie. You bet your ass I'm gonna support my TPR buddy!
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Photos and one more story.


We start Apocalypse rides, tired, sleepy and over the mic we hear "weasel skin"...wait what?! Cliff, did she just say weasel skin? "I think she did." So, we come around again, "Weasel Skin...dispatch". So, turns out the ride op was russian with an accent and she was saying "visual scan...dispatch", but yeah, go get a weasel skin dispatch if you can.


Okay, photos...


In all it's glory.


I assume there's and accicent indemnity clause?... "Never between friends."


"36 hours without a beer...what was I thinking?!"


Doing a coaster maraton, or shoplifter, or both? You decide.


Evil pizza!!! Hell yeah I'll have a slice!


Train early in the day, still mostly full, only a few quitters so far.


Train close to morning, this guy and his support making the decision to quit. Only six left by morning.


After 12 rides on Apocalypse, not looking too bad. The guy who got sick from the Red Bull gave me one, he was determined never to drink another one again.


4 of the final 6. Michael, or as we were calling him "Bakersfield", in the seat of death. 2nd row, left side, worst seat ever on a coaster! 8 distinctive bumps that jackhammer you uncontrollably, then your slammed into the side of the car, wonderful.


Jobeth, who I found out played Catwoman, in DC Universe. Totally hot...and her boyfriend is her support person, crap!


There may have been some pole dancing during the final laps, or I was losing my mind, or both.


News crews everywhere, I think we did two extra laps for media.


My wood, wish I could have gotten a wheel to go with it.

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Huh, Colossus opened up on June 29th 1978. Even back in the 70s Six Flags couldn't get its rides opened up before the start of summer.


In 1979 the park was sold to Six Flags and became known as Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1980.


Great pictures, fatdaddy -- that had to be a pretty surreal thing to do. I can imagine that you must have had several "why the hell am I doing this?" moments, right? Not that it's not cool, but I'm sure your brain started doing some funky stuff after awhile!

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Borderline epic Caesar, congratulations on surviving! Never to be done again. I think I could handle 12 hours and maybe push it to 18 but never 36 hours. Being from Minnesota I could have handled the cold at night with shorts better than most but 36 hours would just be too much for me. Nice job with planning, determination and choosing the right support person.

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