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[RCT2] Six Flags Fisherman's Wharf SIX FLAGS SELLS THE PARK!

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Hello everybody,


I am back once again with a new RCT2 park that Iv'e been working on. It is relatively small and I would love some constructive criticism by people to help me along the way. Without any more intro, I present to you, Six Flags Fisherman's Wharf.



The Midway as per right now. How many more buildings should be added?



The entrance to the 'Wharf' section of the park. I plan to have "Pier" section as well.



A shot of what the Wharf looks like right now. Suggestions?



The station for "Great White Shark" the park's only running roller coster. It's wooden.



GWS 's layout.

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I like the concept of the park. One thing I'd suggest is adding some more trees (possibly palm?) and bushes to the park. They can definitely enhance the atmosphere of the park. One other thing that concerns me is the fact that the wooden coaster goes below sea level at the bottom of the main drop. That would flood extremely easily, considering you are right next to the water. Shorten the drop or raise the wooden coaster and you should be fine.


You are on your way to having a good park, just some work needs to be done! I'm interested in seeing the next update.

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Hello verybody. Wow this has gotten much more feedback than expected. I've decided to try to write somewhat of a storyline with the park as well. My dream is to have a couple good parks, made with RCT2 and RCT3 and put my name out there. Anyway, Ive taken all feedback into careful consideration and I regret to say I missed that last post. Although the park will start out on opening dy, there will be not as much foliage as you were hoping for. Hopefully I can work on that, as it should liven up the park. All else aside, lets get to the park!


Hey everybody. My name is Tim Thompson, and I'm Chief Marketing director for our charming, seaside park. This opening day was an exciting new chapter for amusement parks worldwide, especially for ours. We exceeded our goals and are proudly expecting a reward from headquarters. We hope to expand our Midway with that money. Anyway, I snapped some pictures.



Here's what the Midway currently looks like. I wonder what that brown patch could possibly be?



Great White Shark had a major update after the flooding 6 months ago. We've added onto the track in elevation. We have added a unique water pump in the part where it dips underground. We hope storms don't damper on this great little ride.



Here's where the PTC ride's banked curve was changed. About 15 extra feet were added. We shouldn't have any more flooding problems.



We've added beautiful fences all over the park to keep the kiddies in.



Layout of GWS.



Here's the Boardwalk Grille, the new eatery at the BRAND NEW Boardwalk!



The Boardwalk's first ride, Patriot's Plunge Waterslide. The Boardwalk isn't scheduled to open until late August, so stay tuned!



Park map from our opening season!

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Howdooooo daw folks, my name is Farley Roberts and I'm Head Of Advertising at Six Flags Fisherman 's Wharf. Although the Boardwalk didn't open as early as planned, we are proud to show you what this engrossing experience the park has to offer.



Here's the Midway. Anyone notice Rusty's Seaside Tricks and Treats?



The "Wharf" has had many trees added, especially around The Great White Shark!



The lines for the Fish O Fun and Italian Trapezze are both filled!






Could this be? The Boardwalk?



The Patriot's Plunge wait time is currently a whopping 90 minutes!






There's been a lot of activity over here. I wonder what they could be doing?



Overview of the park.




I hope everyone enjoyed this season. A lot of changes will be coming in the seeable years! Please leave any suggestions and Im open to critiscm!

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Press Release From SeaDog Island Post



Six Flags Fisherman's Wharf has added another weapon to their collection of unmatched thrills. A 2 year and multi-million dollar expansion to the cozy, seaside park. The park is hoping to prove itself to Six Flags and avoid the closing down of 6 Six Flags parks in December. The park added a Carousel to attract families in addition to the roller coaster. The park will be asking for money to add yet another Superman ride for next season.




The Midway of the park.



The Carousel. It was acquired from a park in Northern Pennsylvania.



Superman: Ultimate Flight picture.



Superman: Ultimate Flight



images hosting


Concept art yet to be approved by Six Flags.

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How would you like to own your own theme park? Six Flags has recently put up a huge theme park for sale and you ca buy it! This park is packed with 2 huge roller coasters! we have plenty of other rides including a water park.



The front entrance.



Three nice buildings with food and souvineers.



Unfortunately the roller coaster isn't working right now. For only around a ten thousand $ investment, this park can be up and running smooth!



The Tilt-A-Whirl and Chairswings.



This is our second roller coaster. Please note, the name/brand of Superman is reserved to DC Comics.






Our watermark.



This is the cleared area, perfect for any ride!



Please contact our office at 123-456-7891 for pricing options.

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I think you should really consider changing the color or your palm trees. The color of them now are super ugly. Also try putting better fencing around your paths, I am pretty sure a low wooden fence won't keep people from "jumping" over in areas of the park you don't want them in. I also don't really like that water slide, unless you put more slides around it. Then I guess keep it, but if not you should really consider taking it out since it's really a eye sore and doesn't fit your park. You should also add some foilage and landscape to your park. Mainly the parts of your park that are empty and have nothing in them. Yea you may add some attraction in a certian spot in the future, but at least do some landscape to make it interesting and not boring. Anyway I hope you understand what I am saying, and just to be clear. I am not trying to be mean in anyway, I am just telling you what you could do to your park that could make it better.

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