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Club TPR Questions

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I am trying to find out more information about Club TPR. Unless I am overlooking the information, these are some questions I had:


Is the membership fee a yearly or monthly fee?

If I were to join, would my wife and children be able to join for a discounted fee, or is there a family type membership?

I saw where members get discounts to certain theme/amusement parks and see that the discount amounts are not displayed. Can I find out what the discounts would be before I decide to become a member, or, if not, can I get a general idea of what kind of discount I would get as a member? Right now, the theme/amusement parks we visit most often are Indiana Beach, as it is only about 50 minutes away (season pass holders), and Six Flags Great America (season pass holders/membership) which is about 3 hours away. Other theme/amusement parks that we are relatively close to are:


Kings Island (~ 3 hours)

Cedar Point (~ 4 - 5 hours)

Holiday World (~ 4 - 5 hours)

Six Flags St. Louis (~ 4 -5 hours)

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there's a link at the top of the page (just before Contact TPR).






it's a yearly fee, but well, well worth it.


I joined earlier this year, before our trip thru Pennsylvania, and I was able to buy park tickets for my partner and I with no issues (even tho I'm a ClubTPR member and he is not).


the discounts ranged from a few bucks off, to a very nice ~$25 off at one park (not mentioning the particular park info, as I expect it's kept hidden for a reason until you become a Club TPR member).


as I said, well worth the cost, and I plan to renew when mine expires

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I looked at the benefits page and did not see any information on if there is a family type membership or where you can add your wife and children for a discounted fee. I think I found a posting that seemed to say it was $5 to add a family member (and the member would get the same benefits), but I do not remember how old the posting was. Does anyone have any information on this?

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