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Awesome to see some official announcements out of this! Layout looks pretty great.


Also for anyone interested, it says the official name (in Japanese) will be Hakugei, and that they chose the name because the sheer size of the structure made them think of a big white whale. I kind of like the ring of the Japanese name better, hopefully they don't translate it out of any English signage or publications.

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Wow! Looks great! It's not exactly giving Steel Vengeance a run for it's money, but it'll definitely be one of the best RMC conversions out there. I'm glad the RMC fad is going to Japan! I'll probably be living there next summer, so I'll definitely have to pay Nagashima a visit.

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So, where did all those helixes go?


Lookin' good to me. Blue track on the white structure looks nice.


You know, it would have been cool if they kept one of them... Even if they made it all RMC-funky in some way.


It's okay with me. It's because of those Helixes, that went on, and on, and on, and.... yeah, well. Maybe they're

afraid that any helix in this new renovation will bring up locals' childhood horror memories of the old coaster

that went on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and....



On second thought, could an inversion be done, within a helix of a wood coaster?

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Based on the model of the ride.

Which is funny, considering the image of the coaster posted with the grassy background looks like it was produced with NoLimits.

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Nagashima Resorts website has been updated with the stats of the ride




Name - Hybrid Coaster Hakugei (HAKUGEI)

Opening date - March 2019(Pending)

Speed - 107 km/h / 66.5 mph

Height - 55 m / 180.5 ft

Length - 1530 m / 5020 ft

Max vertical angle - 80°

Ride Time - 160 seconds

Max G Force - 4.0 G

Capacity - 24 riders (6 cars of 4 guests)

Cost - 2.8 Billion Yen / ~$24.5 mil

Design and Manufacture:

- Rocky Mountain Construction, Inc. 

- S&S Worldwide, Inc. (USA)

- Sansei Technologies, Inc.

Height Requirement - 130cm / 51 inches (pending)


Not sure if this is actually old news, but I only just noticed this.

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Maybe some re-engineering of the train to follow the Japanese code?

I was thinking about something along those lines, considering that the height restriction is given as 130 cm versus, as an example, Wildfire's 120 cm.

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S&S has considerable experience working in Japan and has also worked directly with Nagashima Spa Land for Arashi if not more. Sansei if I remember correctly is based in Japan, and I'm pretty sure S&S and Sansei have merged to some extent, although I'm not 100% sure exactly how. Also, S&S has worked with RMC to make the track for its freespins. Based on these facts (or at least what I believe are facts, I could be wrong on some details) I personally think that S&S and Sansei are involved in the construction because they have knowledge on what one would need to do to build something in Japan (such as building codes, legal documentation, etc.) and because RMC is already familiar with S&S (especially considering that Alan Shilke has worked with both companies). Of course, I could be completely off, but it's an idea.

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