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Photo TR: Mini New Hotness/East Coast Trip


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That stinks about Thunderbolt ,well, uh... stinking.

After I left you guys at Dorney I thought about going either to Coney Island or Rye Playland. As I had been to Coney Island pre-Zamperla days, I went with Playland. I still got to ride a Volare. Lucky me.

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This park looks sooooo different from when I went last in 08, I'll have to get there and experience the new stuff next time I'm on the east coast!


Also Chuck, at the risk of being cast into the gutter of former friends I do believe I've eaten at Ruby Tuesday in Manhattan. Not my choice though, family holiday!

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Also Chuck, at the risk of being cast into the gutter of former friends I do believe I've eaten at Ruby Tuesday in Manhattan. Not my choice though, family holiday!


You may live.

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I understand that Spook-a-Rama's outdoor section used to be longer, but is now shorter due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy,


In this case, the hurricane improved the ride.



They shortened the outdoor section decades ago, not due to Sandy. However, due to Sandy they gutted and renovated practically everything inside, they also added gags that had been in storage and added completed new gags. Post-Sandy renovations were a huge improvement.

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All the Volares I've ridden seen pretty much the same--simply not good. But they aren't the worst steel coasters I've ever ridden. Take that, Space Mountain at Paris Disney!


After only having ridden one, I think the main reason I didn't like it was how claustrophobic it made me feel.

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I really enjoyed our visit to Coney Island. I wasn't sure what to expect but really enjoyed it. Just seems from what I've been told that the area has really cleaned up. Cyclone was running great except for one little spot. I want to go back to NYC.

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^Yes, the experience is like flying around in your own cozy little prison cell.


Ha! THIS!!


It's a shame to hear that even the new ones are still pretty bad, I guess when you're in that position you feel every bump no matter how new the ride!

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^ That's...the perfect explanation. I'll have to steal that from you.


I was surprised by ALL of the Zamperla coasters at Coney Island. They all ran better than the others I've ridden. Great TR!


Well, Zamperla does run the park, I think. I do like their motorbike coasters.

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nice report Chuck! While I didn't join you guys at Coney this year, I did go up and pretty much had the same opinion on Thunderbolt. That ride has so much potential.


Didn't check out Spook-o-Rama this summer, I guess that just means I have to go back and check it out next year.

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Days 11 & 12, Part 2: Scott's Pizza Tour


We are near the end of this trip. Just one more glorious afternoon in the New York City before most of us return to what passes for our normal lives. And it ended on a very high note, indeed, with something that everyone needs to try at least once: Scott's Pizza Tour.


Let's get one thing straight: Scott likes pizza with a fervor that many in our community reserve for old Schwarzkopf roller coasters. I have never encountered anyone with such a passionate devotion to one subject outside of academia. (Let's face it: "pizza studies" would be far more interesting, not to mention tastier, than yet another dissertation on Faulkner or Shakespeare.) Here's a good example: Scott had posed a question concerning what sort of topping does not belong on a pizza. I put forth the infamous "Pizzarito," in which the old Shakey's chain had actually buried pizza dough under a mound of lettuce, refried beans, and other ingredients that are better wrapped up in a tortilla. Scott followed up with an interesting history of Shakey's pizza in California.


Yes, Scott knows a lot about pizza, and he has the largest collection of pizza boxes in the world (as recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records). In fact, he shared so much information that I hesitate to replicate it here, as I'll mostly likely mix it up and get it wrong. But that's OK--it means I'll just have to take his tour again some day.


Here are some photos of us wandering around New York and sharing the rich cultural heritage of this city through baked dough, cheese, and sauce.


Welcome to Little Italy.


Formerly the "Gangster of Love Shop." Now I think it's run by some guy called "Maurice."


This bear was strung up for daring to speak of "the Pompatus of Love."


Sharks and beer--how could this go wrong?


Welcome to the first actual "pizzeria" in the United States.


The plaque proves what I say is true.


So does this mirror--and mirrors do not lie.


I wonder if you can order an actual "gummi" pizza, and, if so, why would you want to?


Scott has forgotten more about pizza than anyone else will ever know. Scratch that. He's hasn't forgotten anything.


I admit to failing at keeping the pizza journal.


Dan, however, excels at pizza-related word games.


Now that is one, big, hot pizza oven.


Scott is drawn like a moth to a flame. (If this were a Stephen King story, he'd be in big trouble.)


But man does not live on pizza alone--unless that man is Scott.


Hmm--I'm not sure what sort of impression you'd make by shipping rice pudding to somebody. It would make an unusual Christmas gift.


I never knew that they grew pina colada-flavored rice. Must be some new variety they developed in Japan.


I love this city.


Didn't get the chance to find out--maybe next time. One more set of photos to come.

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Our revels now are ended . . . at least after I post the final photos.


"A vacant lot is not a good place to get pizza--especially the kind you find on the ground. Be warned."


Yet another reason to love New York.


If you're looking to open your own pizzeria, you might want to call these guys.


This area doesn't look all that "pizza friendly."


I'll bet this dude scores every night.


This joint offers a pizza in which the dough is fried, topped, then baked. While I thought the middle of the pie was too soggy, the crust around the edges was crisp and tasted like very good pancakes. Their "more conventional" pies are very good.


Prosicutto and mozzarella are good, too.


A pizza igloo. Yes, this is how Eskimos bake pizza.


It's gotta beat the crap outta Subway.


Moving along--you get a rather nice walk to work off the pizza during this tour.


The most successful company ever on the New York Stock Exchange.


One World Trade Center (I think).


We're not stopping here, Uncle Ted--no pizza.


We've almost reached the end. There was some sort of event going on out in the street.


Ming the Merciless has hit rock bottom.


Our last stop was Joe's Pizza, a "slice shop."


Looks pretty popular.


I just realized that my photos of Scott's Pizza Tour have been remarkably free of pizza. So, here are seven guys eating pizza.


It was pretty dang good, too. (I think I was too busy enjoying the pizza to take pictures of it.)


"More? Well, if you insist."


Don't make Scott angry. He morphs into "Pizz the Hutt" and can't resist eating himself!


Wait--where did you get those cupcakes?


Too bad I'm already stuffed from so much great pizza.


"Would you like some pizza, little girl?"


Thanks, Scott--what a great way to end the trip! And my thanks to Robb and Elissa for yet another great vacation!

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