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Six Flags New England, Great Adventure and Merica!


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So I live in Florida and am going on vacation to New York. I am flying to New York tommorow but will be driving home some time next week. I am planning on doing Six Flags New England some time during next week. I have never been to the park and don't really know anything about it. If you have any information about the park and what rides to hit first let me know. Will I need a fast pass during the week? I'm hoping I can get all the credits in one day.


Then on Friday I am going to leave New York early in the morning. We are going to drive to Six Flags Great Adventure from Manhatten. I have been to this park twice. The last time I went was two summers ago and I thought it is an amazing park. It is in second place behind my number one park Cedar Point! I love Kingda Ka so much and I am planning on waiting to ride it in the front. I heard that with Zumanjaro the line is super slow. Should I hit up Kingda Ka first and then go to Zumanjaro or hit Zumanjaro or another ride first. I only got one ride on El Toro the last time I went and I loved it. But I wanna go ahead and try it in the last row if I get a chance. I heard something about Nitro having a bad train or something, can anyone tell me about that? I have all the credits in the park except for Superman which I have been on at Six Flags over Georgia. Should I ride that first? Will i be needing a fast pass?


And then on Saturday I will be doing Six Flags America. I have never been here and don't know much about this park. I have heard things like its ghetto and stuff but I'm assuming that's bull. I really wanna go and ride Batwing! Will I need a fast pass for this park or no? And will I be able to ride everything in one day?


If you can give me any information on anything let me know! Thank you for your time!

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Six Flags New England has been dead this summer. But it may be a lot more crowded, since there are many parents that want to take their kids before school starts. There are only 10 credits there, but some of the lines may get pretty long. I suggest you get a Flash Pass, but only if the crowds are very heavy.


The lines at SFGAdv are horrid on a crowded day. You'll definitely be needing the Flash Pass if there are a lot of people there. I suggest you go on Zumanjaro first, then a ride on Kingda Ka. Nitro does have a bad train. It ruined my ride and it's why Nitro's not on my top 10. Train C is awful. I've heard that train B is a lot better, so if you can, ride that train. Go ahead and ride Ultimate Flight. It's meh, but hey, it's another credit.


I don't know much about SFA, so I can't help you with that.


Hope this helped!

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