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Overrated/Underrated TV Shows

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Overrated: I hear people raving about how awesome Rick and Morty is, and it was just 'eh' for me. Just boring. I'm more of a Family Guy/South Park/American Dad kind of guy.


Underrated: 'The Soup' on E! This show is hilarious. IF you're a Tosh.O fan, you'll love this show.


Post your opinions below!

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Overrated- The Walking Dead. I like the show but people act like it's the greatest show in TV history when it 's not even on that level.


Underrated- Trailer Park Boys. This is a Canadian comedy that not nearly enough people in the US know about. If you have Netflix I suggest watching this. They have hilarious dry humor that can easily be missed on a first watch.

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Overrated: 2 Broke Girls. I love Whitney Cummings, but this show is ridiculously boring. The actress are really bad and the jokes are too farfetched.



1. Shameless! That show is one of my favorite. Maybe minus all the nudity (well, what you'll expect from Showtime) it will have a much large audience group.

2. Modern Family. It is super popular but it deserves even more attention.

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