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The Tale of the Grow Walk ….Hunh? photo Report

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My thoughts on this trip!

Well…First off it was MUCH busier than I expected. I did expect it to be busy but it was just insane at WDW. I did do quite a bit of complaining about the crowds, but we still had a good time and did some new things or different things than we normally do. I however will probably avoid going that close to Easter in the future.


I was not a fan of the magic band or the My Disney Experience. It does seem to be getting much better now a year later and hopefully Disney will continue to tweak it but it does seem like every step forward leads to 2 backwards before they fix things. The biggest issue is not everyone has a smart phone or even uses a computer so it can be really hard for some people. …My brother in law is contemplating going in a few weeks…and he has neither and is not tech savvy. If he does go I am going to have to give him step by step instructions for everything and I will have to set him up an account and pray he can understand the FP’s, etc.


Even though the trip was fairly long, it still seemed way too short and I still didn’t do all I had wanted to or wished to do. I have heard people say they are ready to go home after a trip, but I never have that feeling. I really think I could spend a month easily there and still not really want to go home.


I have learned that my body just can’t go go go like it used to and I could use a nap each day. I really did feel tired more often this trip than I have in years past. That didn’t stop me though, but if I stayed longer I could get more rest without feeling like I was missing out on something.


The cruise was great. I really think Skip enjoyed it too. We have begun some talks of an upcoming family cruise like we did in 2012 and Skip actually seems like he wants to go. When I mentioned it recently to him he said if it’s planned for this year then that would be the vacation we go on verses Disneyland, which I keep trying to get him to commit too, but it sounds like now it may be 2016. Until DCL releases the dates and itineraries we can’t make a solid plan on that, but ideally we all seem to want to have a longer cruise…5-7 days. I know most of the family does not want to do WDW along with it but if I can work it out I would like to either throw in the Halloween party and or the Christmas party.


We had a good time at Sea World and just an OK time at Legoland. I probably will skip a few years before going back to Sea World again and not sure if I ever will go back to Legoland. Distance is a factor there too; it is not close and for us, just not worth it. Maybe when Gracie gets older I will change my mind on that and rethink it.


A year ago I was on the Magic (We boarded Mar. 28) and I am really feeling the itch to get away. It’s been a blah winter and I just need some sunshine. Spring hasn't been much better. I was very fortunate to travel 4 different times last year and I don’t see it happening again this year.

I made some great memories with my family, earned a certification and got some extra relaxation last year!


Thanks so much for reading a long and sharing our experiences. I am taking a slower break from the boards now. I Am setting some weight loss goals this year and I really need to focus on that rather than play on the computer in my free time. I will most likely write a TR for my next trip, but I am probably not going to start it right away so that I can get it pretty much close to ready and completed before I start posting….that way I don’t feel the pressure of posting on a regular basis.


Thanks again!

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