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Tokyo Disney Planning


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Hey everyone


I'm a New Yorker and have just gotten word that I will be traveling with work to Japan at the end of September. I am extending my trip so that I can travel to Tokyo (specifically Tokyo Disney) from Kyoto. I am aiming to take the bullet train from Kyoto in the morning. I would arrive in Tokyo in the afternoon of October 1.


I work in theatre and film; I am particularly interested in the detailed storytelling of the parks. I will be traveling by myself. I have half a day October 1, full days October 2,3,4, and need to leave early on the 5th.



1. What hotel do you recommend of the "Disney Resort Official Hotels"? Is it an easy walk from any of these hotels? I cannot afford Miracosta, Disneyland Hotel, or Ambassador. It looks like I have to book a reservation ASAP.

2. Disneyland - what rides do you recommend I hit first? What should I aim to get fastpass for? I hear the only single rider available is Splash Mountain

3. DisneySea -what rides do you recommend I hit first? What should I aim to get fastpass for? I hear the only single rider is Indiana Jones.

4. I would like to see as much as possible in both parks. For the sake of time, however, what attractions can I keep at the bottom of the list? I have been to both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort many times.



1. I am strongly considering using one of my full days or my half day to travel into the city of Tokyo. Has anyone found this easy to do from TD? I'd feel pretty silly not seeing the city. I'd then purchase a three day magic purchase so I can hop between Disneyland and DisneySea the third day? Does this sound doable?

2. Has anyone used the bullet train? It looks like I can't reserve a bullet train ticket in advance that goes from Kyoto to Tokyo. Any advice regarding the bullet train would be greatly appreciated!


Like I said, I think I need to do this ASAP. Any information helps!



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Hi There!


I'll try to cover all your points - apologies if I miss anything, give me a prod and I'll give you a proper answer!


Firstly - the jealousy factor is high! You'll love that parks! Questions first:


1. The two times I've been with TPR we've stayed at the Hilton Tokyo Bay. It's a fantastic hotel and right next to BAYSIDE STATION!!! This is one of the four resort monorail stops so it's super convenient for getting to the parks. Obviously you won't get magic hours with these hotels but they're the next best thing for convenience to the official ones (obviously!)


2. Disneyland. Personally I love Pooh and if you're into theatre (especially technical?) I think you'll like how they stage it. The most popular fast pass ride was still Monsters Inc when I was there last year and I'd assume that's still the case so maybe run to Pooh and then go to Monsters and you'll probably get a fast pass for the afternoon about 30 mins after the park opens!


3. DisneySea. DO ALL OF THE THINGS!!!!!!! From what you've written I get the impression you're going to need to do a good 2 hour slow lap of the park just taking it in at some point during your stay. Not in the mornings though, those are for riding! I believe I'm correct in saying that the most popular rides in descending order are Toy Story, Tower then Journey. Toy Story and Tower are pretty much next to each other, I would get a ride on Tower, get a fast pass for Toy Story and then go to Journey. After that you can head to the back of the park and get the Raging Spirits and Indy (which as you say has the single rider).


4. As far as stuff to skip, the obvious answer would be any crossover rides (which would include Toy Story if you're really not bothered by it!) but note that even rides that are at other parks have slight differences that if you're a geek you might want to try. The Tiki Room's awesome little tablet translators are pretty cool!


Also points:


1. Travel to the city is very easy, one of the monorail stops (I think resort gateway?) connects to the Tokyo train system which by the way is also very reasonably priced and easy for English speakers to use. From memory I think you can get to central Tokyo in 40 minutes but I'm prepared to be wrong! I'd do Tokyo on the half day for a few reasons:


-You'll get the train into the city so you won't have to travel back from Chiba if you're already at Disney.

-The parks tend to be lighter in the morning and busier in the evenings.

-You'll see Tokyo all lit up at night. Even with power saving it's still pretty cool.

-You'll get Three days at freaking Tokyo Disney!

-You'll get to do the third day park hop which as you allude to you wouldn't be able to do otherwise (unless you want to buy two separate tickets one day!)


2. I've ridden on them but the sage of all things logistical (Elissa) did all the reservations. As I understand it once you have your rial pass you can go to a station and reserve your seat but I don't know how far in advance you can do it. You'll need someone else to answer that unfortunately.


Let me know if you need anything else. Have fun and post loads of pictures when you get back!

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Single rider line on Indiana Jones save a lot of time.


Single rider line on Splash Mountain can get a little frustrating as the ride ops in Japan need to ask the people you will be sitting with if it is OK with them. It's a cultural thing you'll just have to deal with it.


That said I was denied more than one vehicle on Indy, but wait the riders on Splash Mountain are a little more cautious of strangers. So being the tenth person in Splash Mountain single rider line could be a half hour wait. Still better than the regular line.

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Single rider line on Indiana Jones saves a lot of time.


Single rider line on Splash Mountain can get a little frustrating as the ride ops in Japan need to ask the people you will be sitting with if it is OK with them. It's a cultural thing you'll just have to deal with it.


That said I was denied no more than one vehicle on Indy, but the riders on Splash Mountain are a little more cautious of strangers. So being the tenth person in Splash Mountain single rider line could be a half hour wait. Still better than the regular line.

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I didn't want to create my own thread when there was a fairly recent one already, I hope no one minds if I post here, I had a few questions of my own.


I'm making the longtime dream trip to TDS and TD at the end of November this year. I know some of my questions are subjective, but many of you know Tokyo much better than I (first timer) so I'm hoping you can help.


I will be arriving in Tokyo on a Saturday and the original plan was to catch the Limo Bus to Disney, drop off bags and head straight for Tobu to ride Kawasemi. I know that trip via rail is approximately 2 hrs, I'm arriving at 8 am at NRT and hoping to get to Tobu by 11. I was planning on riding Kawasemi and Regina until near close and then heading to Tokyo Dome to ride Thunder Dolphin that night. I'd then spend Sun-Thur at TDS and TD.


I know TDS and TD are really special parks and also really busy, so I want to make sure I have plenty of time there as this is the main reason for the trip. That being said, there is an alternate plan I am also considering and I'm curious of those who've been there before what they would choose.


The second plan would involve going to Yomiuriland on Saturday just after arrival and then heading towards either Hanayashiki or Tokyo Dome that night. I would then travel to Tobu Sunday, trying to be there at opening and then going to Tokyo Dome afterwards Sunday night. Are any of these parks worth losing a day at TDS/TD in your opinion? I would tend to lean towards plan A, but I'm thinking with it being a Sunday I just may be in line all day at TD and TDS and so maybe it would be worth it, but is it likely these parks will have extremely long lines as well?


Any recommendations or even other parks in the area? Anything you can contribute would be of great help.


Just a couple last things, I know from reading every Japan TR available, their is a sign at the Tobu Zoo station, is it fairly easy to find your way to the park on the roughly mile long walk once out of the station, is there signage? Also has anyone rode Thunder Dolphin since it's reopening? I know the TR's prior to it going down for over a year was that it was just OKAY, so I'm curious if it has improved at all since reopening?


The last thing before I bid you wonderful folks adieu is if anyone can recommend any dark rides/ haunted walkthroughs that would be fantastic, I absolutely love them and am giving up Halloween this year to make this happen and would love to mix a little Halloween with my Christmas.


Thanks in advance for your replies, I appreciate you all so much and I know with your help this trip will be epic!

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If you have Monday - Thursday at Tokyo Disney I feel that's a good first time visit. When you get off the plane Saturday go to one of the many baggage delivery services and have them send your bags to your hotel so you can go directly to Tobu Zoo. Then hit Hanayashiki and/or Tokyo Dome on your way back to your hotel. Then Sunday you can hit Yomiuriland and anything else you want (maybe Tokyo Decks area, Toshimaen, Cosmoworld, etc.). Then four days with the four day ticket at the resort.


When you get off the train at Tobu Dobutsu Koen (Station) there will be signs telling you which side to exit. Then just walk towards the Ferris Wheel and Drop Tower that you can see.

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Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but it seemed more sensible than re-hashing the information discussed above...


So my husband and I are planning to go to Japan in July for roughly 10 days, with 4-5 of them dedicated to TDL/TDS. (2 of the days would be arrival/departure days)


1. Is there a significant advantage or reason to stay with an official Disney resort property as opposed to the aforementioned Hilton Tokyo Bay?


2. If we have 2 days to spend on each park, do we need to really worry about a "gameplan" or have to rush for fastpasses anywhere?


3. Not knowing much about Tokyo/Japan personally (the husband is the fanboy for the region, I'm the fanboy for the parks), what are some non-Disney touristy things you might recommend? (Theme park or otherwise?)


4. I thought about Fugi-Q but it seems like it's too much stress to subject my only moderately coaster-enthusiast husband to...but are there some other parks that might be a "can't miss" opportunity?


5. Are there any specific restaurants (Especially if they're hidden in the resorts) that are highly recommended?


Thanks in advance!!


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1. The Disneyland Hotel and the Miracosta Hotel are in a class all by themselves. As for benefits, the only two that are really tangible would be the ability to get into the parks about 15 minutes before the general public and the ability to buy a park hopper ticket that starts as a park hopper on Day 1. All normal Disney tickets are not park hoppers until day 3 and 4.


2. You still do if you don't want to wait in 3 hour lines. July and August are the big summer travel season in Japan and it will be very busy.


3. Everything? Seriously, do some research and go to Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Tokyo Decks, etc. There's so much awesome stuff to just discover.


4. Unless you guys are really into coasters you're correct, it's a lot of effort and annoyance but they do have one of the top three coaster collections in the country. If you're looking for another Japanese Theme Park Experience that's not Disney I would recommend Yomiuriland or Tobu Zoo.


5. The Gyoza stand underneath Journey to the Center of the Earth is amazing! The 'Japanese Mexican Food' across from Indiana Jones is hilarious but decent. There's a very good Italian Restaurant in Ikspiari (their version of Downtown Disney)


Hope this helps and gets you started!

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^ To add to the above^^


We found the Casbah Food Court in Disney Sea had an awesome beef curry.

So much so, one order at the time wasn't enough (we split some orders, saving a

few Yen here and there). We went back another night and both ordered the

beef curry, with extra naan bread.

Awesome stuff.


In Arabian Coast, to the left of the Magic Lamp Theater. Counter service with great curry!


Our second visit there. Yummy. (TPR 2013 Japan Tour)

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^ Yes, and I remember on my first visit there, TPR 2007 Japan Tour,

me, Peter and Mike also enjoyed the curry dishes at the Casbah Food Court...


Peter and myself are obviously overwhelmed with our curry choice. And I got a keepsake drinking cup!

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Also I might as well add - if I had my choice of hotels on the Resort property, I would definitely go with the Tokyo Bay Hilton.

In 2011, something happened to my camera and I had to go back to the room. I started at the back of Disney Sea

(by Indy Jones/Crystal Skull), got the monorail to Bayside Station, waited for the next bus that comes by every five minutes,

and saves extra walking, if just to the hotel. Got to the room, fixed the camera, sat several minutes for a rest, headed back

and got into Disney Sea.....45 minutes later!


And get the breakfast buffet for your stay, too! It's extra $ per day

but so worth it. Amazing set up and spread, for local and non-local

tastes. And you get a great energy start to your day, too.


And... one more thing. Although Miguel's El Dorado Cantina place was "okay" for myself (food not that great to me), there is another

place to try on the other side of the bridge from the Cantina. That being the Yucatan Base Camp Grill. They served awesome

BBQ etc. when we were last there, in 2013. The menu might have changed, but still worth a look-see.


And nice cold beer, too! (o: (TPR 2013 Japan Tour)

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Hi all!


Since there is already a topic i will ask my questions too:


I will have the opportunity to go to Tokyo Disneyland on july 31 (friday) and august 1 (saturday).

I wanted to purchase tickets online for 2 days. Am i correct that you can't hop from one park to another with your ticket? Because the system asks me which park I will visit on what day.


So I only have 2 days.. What's the best thing to do for me on friday and saturday? Should we skip any attractions?

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^ Yes you are correct about the two day pass. One day is for each park, with no park hopping allowed.

The three and four day pass, allows park hopping after the two day part is done and completed.


What to do, ride and see, depends on what you yourself want. Fast Passes are available for a number of

the major attractions in both parks. And there are single rider queues, most of them in Disney Sea

than Tokyo Disneyland (I remember Splash Mtn. being the only ride in TDL with one).


You should also check with the Tokyo Disney Resort main site, for looks at the attractions available

in both parks, where to eat,, shows to see, etc.




And that view never fails to please, once you enter Tokyo Disney Sea. (TPR 2011 Japan Tour)

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^ Personally, I would assume that Saturday 'might' be Really Busy at Disneyland, with kids

out of school for the weekend (does this happen that way, in Japan schooling?). So, I would go

to Tokyo Disneyland on Friday, then Disney Sea on Saturday. For myself.


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  • 11 months later...

Hey there, I'm currently in Japan right now for a summer program, and me and a couple of friends are possibly thinking about visiting Tokyo DisneySea for one day either this coming weekend or the weekend after. I don't know how much has changed since this thread's been around, but I have some questions of my own.


1. Which rides should I do first? I'm not sure if I'll get there by the time it opens since I'm about an hour away and can only get there by train.

2. My experience in Japan has not been friendly to my food allergies. Are there any eateries in the park that can cater/satisfy to gluten and dairy intolerant types like myself?

3. Is it worth seeing Fantasmic. I've seen the California version plenty of times, and have seen some video of the TDS version. But is it worth seeing it irl?

4. Will I be able to see everything (or at least the highlights such as Tower, Journey, etc.) in one day?

5. I know a good chunk of Japanese, but not the whole language. I have been getting around all the shops and eateries in my area fine, but I'm curious how much English the employees can speak there?

6. How are the crowds during this time of the month?

7. Which rides are worth getting Fastpasses for?

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