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Hello fellow TPR members and readers,


Today i had the change to be one of the first to visit the worlds newest themepark! Cinécitta World nearby Rome, Italy.


I didn't really follow all the information and constuction for this project. The only thing i did know for a long time that they had an Intamin 10-looper, just a couple of days ago i found out they had an Intamin drop-coaster as well. And the 'giant' Elephant Freefall tower. But everything else was a surprise for me.


Now on to the photo's:


Welcome to Cinécitta World!


You don't enter this park, you get eaten by it!


Poop! And your in...


Cinematic version on NYC! Where the gangs rule!


It's the newest in the 10 looper family! Altair!


Airtime!? Sadly no, but it did bounce a lot!


Coming Down!


No square km of Rome goes without a church!


Behind door 1#: Enigma! A big show with lots AND lots special effects! Door 2# belongs to Darkmare a indoor version of 13! ;)


Darkmare part 2: The End!


It's the Mack Splash Battle with funny boats...


A mystery box! What behind door number 3?


Ehh, why is there a pole coming out of your back?


Fall, fall, fall!


It's the big ass Elephant...


Lucky for us the park in very flat! No trouble with wheelchairs here.


Food was very good here and very cheap too.


Food was very good here and very cheap too.


Splash! or Coaster?


For the lifthill enthousiast...


Loop de Loop! Times 10 that is...


Now with lapbars only...!


Upside down, lost the count yet? NO?


Le grande finale... And that makes 10!


Once more for the fans...


Today was the first day of operations for the park, not everything was ready yet. Shops where not filled and not everything worked like it should have. There will always be some starting problems, nothing mayor and everything was fixed really fast! Big plus for the park!


Also most employees spoke very good English and the ones that didn't still tried to do their best. And that's a big plus in Italy, where you still find a lot of people that just refuse to speak English.


The big plus today was Darkmare, since i didn't know much about it. It really surprised me, it's a very good family coaster with a fun vertical drop. Theming is also great, one of the better indoor coasters in Europe!


That's it for now, hope you enjoyed this report and don't forget to visit the park next time your in Rome!

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Great photos!


^Was the 10 looper bouncy? That's a shame. I wonder what's with these rides as smoothness doesn't seem to be their strong point.


Here's what an experienced enthusiast said about the one in China:

The one that opened in China recently is excellent. Yes, it's newer than Colossus, but the lap bars make a massive difference.


I'd say it's one of the best "normal" loopers I've done. I've always liked Colossus' layout though. If you're not a fan it's unlikely to sway you completely.

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^Oh ok, that's nice. The only thing that doesn't make me want to ride these that badly is just because of how repetitive they are. Almost as if they still had 5 inversions to go, got bored and threw in 5 heartline rolls. I know the point of colossus was precisely to break the record but they could have dedicated themselves a bit more. While The Smiler is also a bit cheating (due to the fact that it's basically two coasters put together) I do find it a bit more interesting. Still, if I really was being strict, I would say Dragon khan is "the proper coaster with the most inversions". That being said, I haven't tried the first two.

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^Oh ok, that's nice. The only thing that doesn't make me want to ride these that badly is just because of how repetitive they are. Almost as if they still had 5 inversions to go, got bored and threw in 5 heartline rolls.


There actually very nice rides, and there's not really a feeling of repetivness. The 4 rolls in a row is awesome with some glorious hang time, and the last one whips you around real quick. Give it a try!

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^I obviously wouldn't mind to ride one However, I'm not a big fan of hangtime. I mean, I'm okay with the occasional heartline (I really liked hydra's jojo roll) but I'm not sure about 5. The thing is, if you're going to go for a lot of inversions, you can always have some variety as there are so many different ones. It would almost be possible to have a ride with 15 (which would be a record) without repeating one.

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It's an epic theme park. It's a bit too small, but that's a minor point. We went towards the end of August, and man, did they make improvements compared to the grand opening in July. Darkmare's theming beats the crap out of Thi13teen and Altair beats Colossus without contest. And as for the Erawan drop tower... don't get me started on it. It's like the hyped-up version of Apocalypse at Drayton Manor. This park is so good.

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