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Photo TR: Lagoon Park 22/7/14

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Hello Everybody,

Recently I was in Utah for a week, and while I was there, I decided to visit Lagoon Park. This park doesn't really get too much attention, but it really should for how unique the rides are, and how nice the whole place was. I had heard many things about this place, including having the best staff in the world. My hopes were very high for this park


They have a very unique ride lineup, starting with their prized Zierer launched ride, Wicked. Complementing that, there was a Schwarzkopf looper called Colossus, a JetStar 2, a really freakin' old roller coaster, and two Maurer Söhne coasters, Spider and Wild Mouse. Along with the big rides, there was also Bombora, a less intense alternative, and the Bat, which is just as painful as most other Vekoma Suspended Coasters. The whole park is very unique, and has some gems that I didn't even know existed. I guess with this park, I can ride Spiral Coaster 1 and Top Spinner 1...


Again, they have very unique rides. Their flat ride lineup consists of the standard drop tower, chair swing, carousel, and a ferris wheel. They also have Samurai, a Mondial Top Scan, and Cliffhanger, a really wet Mondial Top Spin. Along with the major rides, there's also a Huss Enterprise and a Rock-O-Plane. Oh yes, they also have Air Race, which was also fairly weird.


They have paid rides too, including a Skycoaster, a Slingshot, and Go-Karts.


Their food was ok. I generally don't eat at theme parks, but they have a Subway and two Arby's in case you want to know.


With my hopes high, I drove over to Farmington. While in line for tickets, a woman asked me if I was just here for one day. She was very nice and offered me one of her discounted work passes for $13 since she wasn't bringing anybody else with her.


The park was very beautiful that day, clear sky and perfect weather


Whilst walking in, there are some interesting fountains


Immediately to the right, you can find TERRORIDE


I got so spooked by this, I'm suing them for emotional damages. How is this allowed?


Continuing right, you'll find the first roller coaster in their lineup, the Rollercoaster


I was a bit nervous about this one, my only previous experience with old rides was Lake Compounce's Wildcat. That was also my first experience with whiplash


This ride turned out to be one of the smoothest wooden coasters I've been on


The Rollercoaster was really fun all the way through, definitely check this ride out if you go there.


Yes, this is an ACE landmark too


Next up: Wild Mouse!


I love wild mouses, Mullholland Madness was my first roller coaster


It's like the one at Dorney Park, except it wasn't run so terribly.


Oh yeah, here's the Cliffhanger


Yes, it gets you wet


Really wet


Emphasis on wet. If you do this, bring a change of clothes


Now for their prized Zierer launched coaster, Wicked


These are the trains. They don't have shoulder restraints, instead, they give you these weird lap restraints that are like the ones on Skyrush at Hershey


The ride goes like this, it turns a corner...


Then it blasts you to one of the greatest airtime hills in the US


Followed by an over banked turn, then a zero-g roll


Followed by another series of over banked turns


This element gives you the greatest feeling ever, like if Maverick got rid of the shoulder restraints


Now we go to Colossus, a classic looping coaster


It's a really fast ride


You get a massive drop, then a double loop


You get really close to the tracks while in line


The whole ride is short, but has some nice helixes


You'd have to go to this ride in person in order to really understand how difficult it was to get this photo so perfect. Seriously, this was just pure luck that it didn't blur or anything. I'd say the train was going 40-50 MPH


Now for some flat rides. Here's their enterprise


They have a really weird thing called the Rock-O-Plane. Very nauseating


They've got a scrambler, too.


They've got some construction going on. Judging by this single support, I think they're building a Gerstlauer


Here's a good look at their Sling Shot


What's this hiding over here?


Yep, this is the JetStar 2


Here's one of the cars, practically no restraints inside


The ride really wasn't half bad and the brakes were fine


Here's Air Race, an interesting thrill ride that spins you around while you spin around.


And what's this? Dracula's Castle


"And now, a carriage approaches to carry you into the boundless realm of the supernatural"


Well, this is your standard S&S drop ride


If you've never seen one of these, it goes up..


Then it drops you


For those who hate the waterpark but love watersides, they have the Hydro Luge


The black one is like a sauna inside


And now for the ride I never knew actually existed, Samurai


This ride does very unnatural things to you. This is actually the first ride that's ever made me scream not out of fun


Let's not forget the Spider


The station was... well a station


I'm conflicted about this ride, it throws you around each turn, but it's so cool


I guess this ride is more comfortable if you're smaller


It has a few helixes, and an over banked turn


Well, it's now time for closing. The whole park was beautiful, and one of the best I've been to. I guess the whole small town feel to the park is the best. Scenery is one of the best things about amusement parks. You can have a park with all the rides in the world, but without any real scenery, it turns out boring and repetitive. This park was scenic and defiantly worth admission, even if that woman hadn't offered me those tickets. This is the ideal amusement park for me. While I wouldn't recommend traveling to Utah solely for this park, plan to go here if you're in the area.

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Great trip report. As it's my home park, you nailed it in the head on how this park is. Many locals however disagree with everything this park stands for. They find the place to look like a carnival with unsafe carny rides, run down buildings, boring coasters (including Wicked,) and extremely overpriced. Apparently if the place doesn't look like Disneyland or have huge coasters like Cedar Fair and Six Flags, the park is run down and is s***. I may sound like I'm exaggerating, but Utahns complain about what is here because they wish to live in places like California without looking at what a treasure it is to be in Utah. They even complain about a $15 zoo mostly renovated in the past ten years as being overpriced.


For the new ride being built, it's not going to be built by any manufacturer as Lagoon is doing it all themselves. Expect something very unique and big, according to current rumors. [emoji2]

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Great photos!

And now for the ride I never knew actually existed, Samurai


This ride does very unnatural things to you. This is actually the first ride that's ever made me scream not out of fun

Yeah it's not my kind of ride at all. And reading this I wonder if I'll ever bother to try one.

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When me and my girlfriend move west, we're making a pitstop at Lagoon. I NEED TO RIDE COLOSSUS! Glad to hear it was good! The most similar Anton I've ridden was Laser at Dorney, greyed out on both loops. And Colossus has a BONUS HELIX! Cant wait. AND a Jetstar?!? GAHH! need to go NOW.


I've also been curious about Wicked for quite some time, as the vertical launch seems to be pretty unique/cool. Glad to hear its got mad ejector air like I always imagined. Lagoon seems like a pretty unique park, thank you for the PTR!

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