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How Old Are You & What Was Your 1st Coaster?

How old Are You Now?  

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Im 14 and my first coaster ever was Space moutain in 1997, but my first BIG coaster was Gwazi in 2000. I dident start taking coasters seriously or even start riding them untill I was 10, so Ive only been doing this for about 5 years.


Colin C

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Hi all. I've just registered for the forums here. I'm 40. My 1st coaster was the Matterhorn.


My parents couldn't afford anything like a trip to Disneyland, so I worked to earn the trip. At the age of 10 I was a newspaper boy for a relatively small local northern California paper. They had a subscription drive going on at the time. The top sellers got to go on the trip. I worked my butt off for months. I went out soliciting subscribers almost every afternoon, after I'd completed my paper route. I don't remember exactly how many subscriptions I got, but I do remember that it was several hundred, and that I was the top subscription getter by almost 2 to 1 over whoever came in 2nd.


I fell in love with Disneyland immediately. This was back in the days when they still had the ticket books. Although it was quite a few years before I was able to return, I had always intended to make sure to visit as often as possibly could. Now that I'm in a somewhat better financial position, I gather up the wife and kids for a week at the DL resort once a year.


We also visit Marine World and Great America several weekends a year, and went to Bonfante Gardens for the 1st time last fall. (Nice little park, by the way) Great America also holds a special place in my heart because I also worked to earn my 1st trip there in much the same way that I did to go to DL. The park was in its innagural season on my initial visit.


I've enjoyed many of the trip videos on this site. The Japan trip video was especially interesting because I do hope to someday be able to visit that resort. Thanks for the site and keep up the good work.

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Im 22, and actually quite surprised at how much the little ones out number us... I figured there would be a lot more people in the 18-25 range than the 11-16 range. Oh well.


My first coaster was Thunderbolt at Riverside, which is now SFNE. But the coaster that got me hooked was the Mind Eraser, and SLC at SFNE. I know, gasp! It was actually quite smooth to what i remember. But ever since that coaster, I rode anything.



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My first was the American Scream Machine when i was 10, at Six Flags in NJ. 10 or 11.... but i think i was 10, anyway i'm 21 now. i can't believe over 10 years ago i got my first look at the ground from an angle of speeding towards it... at the time i thought it was my death. That by the way was the first time i threw up from a coaster.. ahhh and then..magic was made

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I was 12 when I rode my first coaster...The Bush Beast at Australia's Wonderland. Sad that it was closed last year, but such is life.

By the way I guess that I'm not that old if I'm still younger than Robb (by 4 years anyway). But remember Robb that you are only as young as you feel...I roll over every morning and feel 4 years younger...

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