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[RCT3] Six Flags Wild Northwest-Steel Hawk POV!

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The reason I haven't been updating in awhile is because I have been working on a secret project.


August 24th, 2003


The park has released this press release about the park's 5th anniversary


5 Years of Wild Fun!

Hello, I am Logan Winton, the PR manager for Six Flags Wild Northwest. 2004 will be the park's 5th anniversary and hear at Six Flags Wild Northwest, we would like to make sure it's a spectacular year! Throughout the year, we will offer special events on specific days to make sure everyone can join in on the huge celebration! Oh, and there is more to come. Make sure to stay tuned for a gigantic announcement on August 28th, 2003!


I like how the park cares enough to put on small celebrations throughout the year for an anniversary! 2004 could be the best year for the park!

-Josh Himmer.

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August 26th, 2003


So, it looks like there has been a small leak about the new one for 2004! Here is the information that was leaked.


Stats and Info:

-75 MPH.

-235 Ft.

-Tallest Ride In The Northwest!


Images and Videos:

No data found.


Press Release:

Samurai, a new warrior has arrived at Six Flags Wild Northwest. This brand new attraction will reach high speeds and extreme heights when it rises in 2004!


That was all the information that was encoded on the park's website. This makes even more excited for what they are announcing on August 28th!

-Josh Himmer.

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August 27th, 2003


New Ride To Be Announced Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 7:00 AM Pacific, a warrior will rise at Six Flags Wild Northwest. It will be the largest ride in the Northwest, says park manger, Peter butler. "The wait is finally over, the biggest, tallest, fastest, and longest ride in the Northwest will be unleashed tomorrow at 7:00 AM Pacific!", said Logan Winton, the PR Manager for Six Flags Wild Northwest.

-The Oregonian, August 27th, 2003


I want to know what this new ride is right now! I can't wait any longer!

-Josh Himmer.

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August 28th, 2003


Official Announcement Video!



Official Press Release!

Samurai, a new warrior that is coming to Six flags Wild Northwest in 2004! This brand new roller coaster will be 235 Ft. tall and it will be 75 MPH! This roller coaster will break three amazing new records for the northwest region! It will be the tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster in the region! The ride features a 235 Ft. lift hill with a 215 Ft. first drop! It has four extreme airtime hills and two raising curves! The ride's finale consists of an upward helix and one final hill before it hits the final break run! Samurai will be unleashed in Summer of 2004!



Concept Art!


Concept Art


Concept Art!


It sucks that I'm moving. Well, I guess I will have Raging Bull at my new home park when to move to Chicago! I will miss this park. I always enjoyed visiting it in the Summer! I hope I can come back and visit later on in my life!

-Josh Himmer

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April 5th, 2004


In just two months, Six Flags Wild Northwest will open up for the 5th year of operation! June 5th will be the opening day for Samurai and it will also be the opening day for the park! The park recently announced that on the 5th, 15th, and 25h of each month of the summer, the park will have a special event for season pass holders and for people who are willing to purchase an event ticket. The event will be called 5 after 12 and the park will be open from midnight-5 AM on these selected dates. The park said that they will have certain rides opened during this event, fireworks, and music concerts. They said specific details will be released at a later time. The park opening will be June 5th, so make sure to visit the park that day and you could experience the first special event of the season!



The park's new logo for the 5th anniversary!



Sadly, I will be moving to Chicago before the park opens for the 2004 season, so I hope someone will post a TR for the 2004 opening day of Six Flags Wild Northwest!

-Josh Himmer.

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June 5, 2004


Hello! My name is Ben Gilligan and I have been dying to come to Six Flags Wild Northwest! With the announcement of Samurai, I had to take a visit. So, now that I am here, I will post my opening day trip report!


The first ride I rode was Samurai. Holy crap, this ride is amazing! I'd have to be honest and say it's one of the best B&M coasters out there. Constant forces, airtime, and great views make this ride a 9.5/10 in my book!




It's also a beautiful ride!


After I got, like, 5 rides on Samurai, I decided it was time to ride something else. I headed over to Steel Hawk. This was a very good coaster. A little slow in spots, but otherwise pretty good. 7.5/10



Next up was Batman: The Ride. I hate Vekoma coasters, I'll just say it now. This one wasn't too terribly rough, but the headbanging was still there. 5/10



Then I got some food, and WOW! This has to be the best food in the entire Six Flags chain! My hamburger, while still tasting amusement park like, was delicious and had loads of toppings! Definitely a high mark in my book.


Then it was time for more rides, although I went for a much lower intensity ride. Wave Swingers are always fun, and this was no exception.



I then went over to Big Barn Fields and this area was nice. I didn't ride the spinning coaster, but the other two rides were nice and relaxing. It was kind of dirty here, but I guess that's part of the theming, right?




Overall, I really enjoyed Six Flags Wild Northwest! It is easily the best park in the chain and I cannot wait for more visits. My only criticism was the dirty areas in Big Barn Fields. They need janitors there and stat. But the food was great, Samurai is an amazing coaster, I can't say enough good things about it!


Till next time, Ben Gilligan, out

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Nice report.


I do think the park should focus more on flat rides. The park is good, but I feel it's moving too fast just in a 5 year period. Maybe add another medium-sized coaster in 3 years.


Samurai was the final phase in the park's three year plan to make the park a destination, rather than a small and local park. The next couple of years will be much different, so expect great things from this park!

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July 5th, 2004


Hello, I'm the PR manager, Logan Winton and I'm here to show off a brand new event that is being held on the 5th of each month of the season! It's called 5 after 12 and the park will stay open from midnight to 5:00AM for season pass holders and for guest willing to pay $30 dollars for a ticket for this event! Today was July 5th, so I was able to take some cool pictures form this event!


Here is all the information you'll need to attend this event!

Event Hours:Midnight-5:00AM

Rides In Operation:Samurai, Grizzly, Steel Hawk, Batman:The Ride, Thunderstorm, Sasquatch, and Gotham City Crime Wave.

Food Services: From 2:00AM-5:00AM the Main Street Diner will have a free buffet for all guests attending the event!


Here are few pictures I took from the event on July 5th!



I'm sure that Samurai was a popular ride during this event!


We extended the queue that was used for Ricochet because we knew that this would be a more popular attraction!


It's less crowded at night, but during the day, Samurai usually gets a 60-90 minute wait!


This shot was taken from Samurai's station!


Sadly, we can't open all of our rides during this event. I don't really see a lot of guest riding Timber Twist, so it's probably not a big deal to our guest at the event.


I was actually talking with the park manager and some other important people in the Timber Twist queue, but that's a secret, for now.


I've heard that Grizzly is a great ride at night.


Thunderstorm is always a great ride to get some excellent shots of the attractions nearby!


I think many of our guests that attend these events are enjoying it! I can finally take a deep breath and relax. The entire PR department, myself included, have been working hard to make this a great amusement park. I believe that with these last few addition we've increased attendance, allowed for the whole family to enjoy the park, and we also have created one of the best Six Flags parks in the chain. Oh, it looks like I might have to put that relaxation on hold. I just got a very important email!

-Logan Winton.

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August 23rd, 2004

Jim Bright-Ride Operator


Hello, My name is Jim Bright and I'm one of the ride operators for Samurai! I got hired in June and I've been working here the entire summer. I only got this job because I love roller coasters. I enjoy working for Samurai, but it's the busiest ride at the park, so it can be hard work getting the train's restraints checked for all those guests! Anyway, I was able to stay at the park after my shift and I got some cool pictures to show off, so here they are!



I love the look of Samurai from this view!


I took a shot of the first train of the day! I don't think the other operators were happy with me wasting my time to take the photo.


After my shift ended, I decided to walk around the park and take some pictures!


It was soon nighttime and I always like being in Gotham City at night!


It looks like a lot of families stay at the park this late! Beaver Express had long wait time!


Big Barn fields was packed. This is still the most popular addition the park has added!


I heard from my manager that the park might add a B&M Flying coaster next to Big Barn Fields, but I think he was just making up stuff.


I decided to take this cool shot of Grizzly!


Timber Twist has been closed all month and I've heard other employees talking about a ride being removed at the end of this year. I guess we all have to wait and see what happens!

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September 20th, 2004

Logan Winton-PR Manager


Hello, I've been very busy these last couple of days, but I wanted to visit the park on last time this year! I think I lot of our guest have been speculating on what we are adding next year, so I decided to swing by Timber Twist to see if there was any construction in that area. I also visited Cascade Plaza, so I could check up on my favorite section of the park!



This is such a beautiful section of the park! Will this view change next year?


Here is a random shot of Samurai's queue!


It doesn't look like there is any sign of construction by Timber Twist. I guess the new ride isn't going there. I will miss this attraction, but why are we closing it?


Could it be placed near Wild Wolf?


The view from Steel Hawk's lift hill might show of some construction!


This has been a great year and we even saw a boost in attendance this year! The 2004 season has come and gone, but there is still 4 more days left. Don't forget to swing on by to the park before it's too late and we will also reveal our plans for next year on November 5th!

-Logan Winton.

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