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[RCT3] Six Flags Wild Northwest-Steel Hawk POV!

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Survey, websites, buyouts, oh-my! Valley Hills' influence is spreading!


Anyways, I did the survey and I find it more than likely a park this size will get a ZacSpin sometime in the future. I doubt they'll be able to get enough credit for anything too large due to bankruptcy, which is sad. However, I do see huge potential in this park being "small town" and focusing on the finer details instead of multi-million dollar additions. But we can all count on Vekoma to turn things around ( )

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Teaser #7


Today I found this written on my office computer…"Whats Black and White and RED all over!"… I know the answer is Newspaper, but why was it written here?


There is only one more final clue until we reveal our big plans! Make sure to get in your final guesses! Stay Tuned!

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It looks like I was able to get more done on this park than I had expected, I thought that some stuff would get in the way at the beginning of the month, but it turns out they didn't, so expect a full park update(Photo Trip Report)sooner than the 23rd, probably some time next week!




Teaser #8


I heard in a newspaper that crime has increased in the area! That doesn’t sound good,it looks like we might need someone to protect us!

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November 22nd, 2001


It's a official, Six Flags has purchased the old Wild Northwest amusement park and has announced a new expansion!


The Six Flags Company purchases Wild Northwest-Official Press Release

The Six Flags company is proud to announce that we have offically purchased the old Wild Northwest amusement park! We decided to buy this park because of the rareness of such amazing parks in the Northwest! We plan on keeping the charm of this small and local park, but at the same time we plan on bringing fun and awesome thrills to this region of the country! The financial issues in the past were because of bad decisions. We are prepared to make this park a destination by spreading the word across the region about how spectacular this park is! We are hoping for a bright future for SIX FLAGS WILD NORTHWEST!



The park's new logo!


Official Gotham City Expansion Press Release

SIX FLAGS WILD NORTHWEST announces the LARGEST expansion for the park! Gotham City!. This new expansion will feature TWO new rides, Batman:The Ride and Gotham City Crime Wave, and a new restaurant, Arkham Café! These additions will be the largest the park has ever seen since it opened in 1999! We are very excited to open these attractions and to expand this wonderful park, so it can reach a new level of thrill and excitement!



Batman:The Ride!


Gotham City Crime Wave!



This ride is a unique, first of it's kind in the region, flying coaster! Manufactured by Vekoma, this new roller coaster will bring all new types of thrills to Six Flags Wild Northwest!


Type:Flying Dutchmen



Speed:50 MPH




A standing up, spinning, thrill ride that will make your head spin.


I'm truly excited about this! I can't wait until next year, so I can experience this park for the first time!

-Josh Himmer


I just wanted to say that just because it is a Six Flags park now, and I know this is a common thing to do, doesn't mean it will start looking like a Six Flags, if you know what I mean. I just wanted to have a known company buy it, it's not like I'm going to start naming every ride Goliath and Viper all of a sudden!


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Six Flags and a Vekoma flyer. Double Whammy, or double the fun?


Anyways, Gotham City looks rather swell. Two attention grabbing attractions that are sure to bring in some guest. I really like all the added extras on Gotham City Crime Wave. That look great.

It's even better that you'll be maintaining this park better than your typical Six Flags.

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February 27th,2002


From the Six Flags Wild Northwest Staff-


The new website was meant to be launched at a later date, however it appears that it was leaked, we apologize for this. Some may have noticed that the roller coaster known as Ricochet was removed from the list of our roller coasters. We were going to announce this at a later time, but it seems like we should say that we have decided to remove this attraction due to it's complicated past. We hope to utilize the land it occupied for a future attraction! Thank you for understanding and we hope to see you at the park this June!


It looks like this ride is gone for good. I've ridden Kong before, so I don't think I will be too disappointed in not riding this ride.

-Josh Himmer

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June 1st, 2002


I thought today would never come! I was so excited to finally visit this park after almost a whole year of waiting! I just wanted to say I've been to three different Six Flags parks and this one is by far the best one! It has a great atmosphere that no other park in the chain has! Everything about it is perfect! I had a blast all day today and here are the photos I took!



I ran straight to Batman:The Ride first! I was the first in the line!


The line takes you through Gotham City Park.


A nice and flourish area.


You then enter a very industrial area.


With pipes, construction, and dirt.


You are taken underground and you enter the batcave!


It was a very awesome ride and was a very cool feeling to be flying around like that!


The new restaurant called Arkham Café.


Here's a shot of the Batmobile near the entrance to Batman:The Ride.


Gotham City Crime Wave was a fun ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain has a ride like it in their Gotham City too.


It wasn't as popular in the morning, most people ran to Batman:The Ride.


Here is my final shot of Batman:The Ride.


This is were Ricochet once stood, I wasn't too disappointed I didn't ride it because I've ridden Kong at Six Flags Marine World. It was just a SLC.


Ricochet's empty station. There is a lot of land that can be used for a future ride now!


This was a great drop tower! The only other one I've ridden was Stunt Tower:Drop Zone at Paramount's Great America.


I believe Six Flags refurbished the entrance to the park. Here is what it looks like now!


I had a great day at the park today! I think Six Flags is going to do wonders with this park!


It was so packed today, which is a good thing for this park I think! I heard that the reason the old owners didn't do well was because they didn't market the park very well, but Six Flags is doing a much better job. I saw a huge billboard on the way tot he park today and I've seen many commercials on TV! I think Six Flags has some awesome plans for the future of this park!

-Josh Himmer

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July 7th, 2002


Summer is in full swing here in Oregon and I had nothing to do, so I headed out to Six Flags Wild Northwest! Six Flag's advertising must have worked, it was packed! The longest wait today was for Batman:The Ride. It was 120 Minutes! Steel Hawk had a nasty 90 minute wait, while Grizzly and Thunderstorm had about 45 minute waits. I still managed to ride everything at least once before the park closed.



Just about to pull into the parking lot at around 9:30 in the morning!


My first was Thunderstorm, most people don't head towards the back, so it was a short wait. Many run to Grizzly because it is the first ride you see.I took this shot from the ride!


It was a hot day, so I rode the park's only water ride a lot through out the day! Makes me wish the park had another water attraction.


This is the newly transformed Mooseburger Lodge, it use to be called Critter Corner Café.


I took this while riding Gotham City Crime Wave. I was the only one on it!


At around 5:00PM, Thunderstorm got stuck, but within 25 minutes or so it reopened!


So I rode it again and got this cool shot of the Gotham City! I also noticed that some construction might be occurring in Ricochet's old location. I saw more dirt in that area and some trucks in the area as well.


I had a fantastic day and I will make sure to come back very soon! I will be starting my second year of high school soon, but the park is opened until September 8th, so I'll visit on a weekend or something!

-Josh Himmer

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