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Whats the BEST video editing program?

Twister II

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I have Ulead Video Studio 10. It really does the job well, and adds some really good special effects to the video. However, I got this program just a couple of weeks ago. Before Ulead, I used Magix - Movies on CD & DVD 4.0. This was really bad software, but I used it to edit 2 movies. They came out pretty good




P.S: I am new here and this is my first post. I'm also an Aussie, YAY!

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Is premiere easy to use? I have done some video editing with WMM and they came out fine until I compressed them to 40 megs. I want to be able to post the videos online, so obviously WMM is not very good for that. I just want to edit personal videos, I am not trying to get software to make TV commercial or anything.

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I use Ulead Media Studio Pro. It was pretty easy to learn on my own but still very powerful.



I've used a few versions of Adobe. I've found that Adobe has some weird not so windows type menu's from the MAC days. I believe the new version is better.


I'm able to run Ulead on a P4 1.8 and 500 megs of ram on XP. Fast hard drives are super important but they are almost a dime a dozen now a days.

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Avid is the standard in the industry, and Final Cut Pro (Mac) is also a standard.


But that would be way to pricey as well as difficult to learn.


When it comes down to it, best is subjective. What you want is an editing software that works for you and allows you to do what it is that you want.


If you aren't on a budget, I would look into Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier Pro, or Avid Liquid


If you are on a budget, Adobe offers a software package called Adobe Premier Elements. It is simply the best software out there for its price range. I've had it since v1 (and I've never felt the need to upgrade, mostly because if I do, I'll probably upgrade to pro level software) anyways it's worked just fine. They also offer an Elements package (Both Premier and Photoshop) for about $30 more then a stand alone of either software (Both run about $100 seperately, though photoshop may be cheaper, but none the less you save a lot of money buying the combo package). SO I definatley reccommend it.

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