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[RCT2] Frontier Forest - Spring 2005 Quick Update

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The park layout looks great and you have a decent ride selection, too! I'm glad to see all the unpopular things that the park has been removing to make room for new attractions as well. The only thing I'd add is queue covers for all your major coasters if they don't have them already, as I can see the park is about to get pretty popular pretty quickly.

Thank you for commenting! Many of the coasters have their queues at least partially covered, although more improvements/changes will be made in the future as the park continues to evolve and grow.


Speaking of growth, it appears the park has received multiple permits to exceed the height restrictions for the 1999 season. No word on the specifics at this point, stay tuned!

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I apologize for a few weeks of inactivity. I've been finalizing the changes for the '99 season, but I've also been just ridiculously busy in the real world. Those that have been through Spring of their junior year know what I'm talking about.


As for the park, it seems the country has been stricter with height limits, as they returned the parks' proposal allowing only a 175 ft attraction. No word if this impacts the new additions.

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The 1999 season is finally upon us at Frontier Forest, along with continued investment into new rides and park upgrades. I'll let the captions do the talking, but I must say, I think this just may be the best the park has been from a guest's perspective. The park has built up a very respectable collection of both roller coasters and flat rides--a combination not often seen in most parks. Enjoy the long-awaited 1999 opening update, and, as usual, comments/criticism appreciated.


Ehh... better late than never, right? Last year's new B&M Inverted Coaster doing its thing.


The first new ride of 1999 comes in the form of another roller coaster! A standard Zamperla kiddie coaster, that is. The first in the park.


For the thrill seekers, Delirium--new in 1999. This standard HUSS top spin runs a rather intense cycle.


So... what was all that about the height petitions? FreeFall, new in 1999, is a custom Intamin rotating gyro drop tower. Due to height limitations imposed by the county, the ride was cut down to 175 feet, unlike Paramount's Kings Island's 315 foot model. Still pretty terrifying, if you ask me.


The Bumper Boats, previously in the children's area, was relocated by the Scrambler.


Overview of recent expansion, near the back end of the Sky Ride.


Speaking of the Sky Ride, it doesn't seem as popular as it once was. With all the new rides in place, perhaps relaxing views aren't what they once were.


Overview, Spring 1999. Continued growth in Frontier Forest is always a good sign--along with a healthy spike in attendance (+7% in 1998).

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If anyone is still interested, I can continue Frontier Forests' storyline over the coming months. If there is little or no interest I can scrap the project. Let me know if its worth my time--and I apologize for long delays, but that's life sometimes. Never would I have guessed this would last anywhere close to a year.

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I just finished reading the thread, you got a great park here. I will follow any new updates to the park, are you planning to post a download,

I'd like to explore the park

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If anyone is still interested, I can continue Frontier Forests' storyline over the coming months. If there is little or no interest I can scrap the project. Let me know if its worth my time--and I apologize for long delays, but that's life sometimes. Never would I have guessed this would last anywhere close to a year.


I enjoyed following it, but don't do it just for us. Do it if you still enjoy it!

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Thanks guys--I'll continue working on the park at whatever pace I'm able to.

^I absolutely enjoy working on it, but it's difficult to stay motivated in making a park for such a long period of time with so much of the work behind the scenes not seen at all; it doesn't always feel like it's worth the time, hence why I wanted to know if the interest is still there.


AI appreciate it, everyone!

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Trust me, I've felt the same way when I was still doing Tennessee's Great America and now sometimes Riverwood Theme Park. Sometimes you don't have to motivation to go out of your way to build a new coaster, make sure the coaster is realistic-looking, take pictures, think of creative text for the update and post it, but sometimes I just say might as well do it.

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Great little park. The B&M really adds to the park well without taking away from it. Like everyone else has been saying, I would just suggest to add in more trees and shrubbery closer together. It still looks a little empty. Other than that, I'm enjoying every update, can't wait till the next one. : )

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Wow. Frontier Forest has grown a lot since opening back in 1975, with (what I believe was) only 8 attractions. Now it hosts a wide variety of family friendly flats, to extreme B&M coasters. The park has shaped out excellently over the past 25 seasons. Corvus looks great with it's new yellow paint (Yes, I'm a little late It's been a while since I've been on the forums).


The relocation of the flats across from Tempest has a great atmosphere to it. A true "county fair" section. That could easily be expanded upon and made into a different area entirely. I can see that being a high-traffic area throughout the day as it has plenty of variety to offer. It might have happened by chance, but that is one of my favorite areas of the park now.


The Frontier Explorer area is placed excellently, if I may add. Placed in an area that is surrounded by other family friendly attractions, like Alpine Bobsleigh, Timber Mills Mine Train, Festival Theater, Bandstand area,and the carousel. Excellent "opening act" section of the park. And with the larger coasters and rides towering to the right, it creates a "family friendly yet thrill seekers paradise" approach to visitors.


Tempest's queue and plaza are equally beautiful, and blend in well. Wonderful presentation for guests, and the layout is unique among B&M's of that stature. Tempest combined with "county fair" section (that's what I'm calling it) across the midway, and the nice blend of family rides past Frontier Explorers create a wonderful mix of rides that all flow seamlessly together while still retaining their own unique atmosphere. Excellent Work!


It's a shame the Haunted House finally got scrapped. I rather enjoyed that ride and it's decor. That architecture had a peculiar taste about it, oh well.But for an attraction that was made to be temporary/stand in, it held up quite fine.


The Coyote Midway could use some love, seems like that area hasn't seen new life in quite some time. I hope FreeFall is the start to that. FreeFall, by the way, was something I thought the park was missing and it looks like FF finally delivered. Interesting it was only 175' due to height restrictions, I wonder how this will affect future ride plans?


Frontier Forest just keeps getting better and better.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Before I return to the storyline of the park, I'd like to thank everyone for the excellent feedback. Those that have attempted a park comparable (or likely better than) Frontier Forest probably have experienced frustrations similar to mine. The progression of the park can be difficult at times given how much work is constantly being done in terms of details, building, park operations, budgeting, and most importantly, planning. Thankfully I've finished the school year strong, taken my last set of SAT's, and become motivated enough to continue park-making (along with some inspiration from the summer park-season--which may be seen throughout the final years of the storyline).


And with that, Frontier Forest is back in action (for now)! Kicking things off with a concluding update for the 1999 season, we find ourselves overlooking Frontier Forest in September, 1999.


Enjoy the ride from here on out.


Just announced--Dodgems will not return for the 2000 season. Be sure to get one last ride on this park favorite before it crashes into the history books.


Why, you might ask? Although the park has not explicitly stated its replacement, one can imagine...


The last time a construction area so large went up... well, that was the fall of '97


Park overview. September, 1999.

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Aww Really the Dodgems! Well I'm waiting!

All in the name of progress

The Tempest layout is just perfect for this size of park! Everything you do is great. Excitedly awaiting the next update!

Thank you! Batman, Nemesis Inferno and Talon were primary sources of inspiration for Tempest.

My guess is a waterpark.

The turn of the millennium was absolutely a time of incredible expansion in the theme park industry. From the looks of it, this "boom" may not pass over Frontier Forest. Stay tuned.

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Happy to share at this point in time!


In May of 1975, Frontier Forest opened with eight attractions, including...

Timber Mill Mine Train, Log Flume, Sky Ride, Carousel, Big Wheel, Dodgems, Scrambler and Swan Boats.

At this point in the 1999 season, seven of these are still operating in the park.


Upon initial park planning and early phases of construction, the following types of attractions were planned, but were not built for the debut season of Frontier Forest.

-Antique Cars

-PTC family wooden roller coaster

-An Enterprise


-Train around park property

-An unknown dark ride attraction

-Schwarzkopf WildCat


Additional plans included a much longer Flume style attraction as well as the construction of an indoor theater/show venue.

Many of these attractions were built in some form years after the 1975 grand opening. Some say the "family wooden roller coaster" plans were kept, but grew to a much larger scale, soon becoming the Forest Flyer.

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