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[RCT2] Frontier Forest - Spring 2005 Quick Update

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We have reached 1990 at Frontier Forest, meaning it is time to recap all the latest happenings around the park.

Looping Starship, the swinging inverter ship constructed in 1987, has been temporarily moved into storage to make room for the 1990 expansion. The popular ride will return to a permanent location in the park in 1991.

In 1990, the Frontier Explorers children's area was relocated across the midway in the former location of Looping Starship. The area was given a complete overhaul, more than doubling the size and number of attractions. Crazy Cars, the bumper cars ride, was relocated in the new and improved Frontier Explorers, along with three new attractions: a Chance Carousel, a junior sized Ferris Wheel, and Turnpike Cars, a sports car ride designed for children, manufactured by Arrow. The area also features Explorer Theater, home shows aimed at families and children.

Bumper Boats did not return for the 1990 season, joining Swan Boats in the boneyard in backstage areas.

As for the former location of the children's area, management has stated the land will be developed in the future, although there are no immediate plans to do so.

The park announced a renewed focus on conserving the forest setting of the park, planting dozens of trees over this year and over the next few years.

Final attendance figures have arrived for the previous season. Frontier Forest welcomed over 1.35 million guests in 1989- the most in park history.


As always, comments/criticism appreciated!


Here we are at Frontier Forest, we find ourselves overlooking the famed Forest Flyer.


A full train of riders taking the 6 story plunge on the all new Coyote.


This has become a common sight. Catapult closed for technical difficulties, although only a few riders in line in the first place.


This has also been more and more common. Another full train departing the station on the Forest Flyer.


An overview of the 1990 expansion of the children's area


A closer view, showing the landscaping


The expanded area is anchored by Turnpike Cars, an Arrow sports car ride for younger children


The remains of the former location of the children's area, subject to future expansion


Park overview in 1990. More info coming soon as no construction zones were seen up through late summer. Comments appreciated!

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Why not just go into a trainer and give yourself unlimited money? Is it something you're opposed to doing or you just haven't used a trainer before? if it's the latter I'd highly suggest trying one out. It's really easy to do.

On the first post of this thread I said that I have used trainers before, but am trying to avoid them for this park. I'm not against them, but I am trying to keep this park realistic in terms of money and history. For me, I'd rather stay true to that then add some hills to the map. It's just my personal preference. Anything other than this, I am willing to work on and do mu best. Thanks for the idea, anyway.

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^ and ^^ Thanks for the suggestions. It seems foliage and terraforming are pretty much the only tips I've been getting for the last few updates. As I have said, cost is the primary issue for those particular areas, given that I am and will always be using in game money for this project. With that said, once I wrap up construction for the 1991 additions, I will work with what I can do concerning those areas. Maybe I'll surprise you guys, but I guarantee it will not be extreme in any case (no mountains, 100% forst density, etc). I'll do what I can within the budget, keeping an eye on future additions, which are becoming more certain as the park progresses. Thanks again, and please continue the criticism. Even if it isn't related to trees; that's allowed too!

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I want to personally thank everyone for the recent criticism to Frontier Forest. Please understand that I take everything you guys say to heart and truly work to see how I can improve the park based on your suggestions. That being said...


I would like to introduce the new and improved, fully fenced in, completely re-forested, refreshed 1991 version of Frontier Forest.

The captions speak for themselves, but for the lazy readers, Frontier Forest had a BIG year in '91. In fact, the biggest year in history.

"We are very proud of the recent happenings at Frontier Forest, and our customers have responded. As a result of our recent success, expect big news in the coming months concerning our 1992 investments of capital. The surge in attendance and profits caught our attention, and prompted a major investment; one that was not previously anticipated."


Frontier Forest said goodbye to a coaster than put the park on the map for many, reducing the number of roller coasters to four.

Forest Falls is the park's third major water ride, as well as the tallest, looming five stories up.

A major part of Frontier Forest's 1991 season involved their dedication to their forest setting. Throughout the winter and spring, hundreds of mature trees were transplanted into the park, going back to the park's "roots" as a forest preservation area. This effort, which served as inspiration for the name of the new attraction, is even regulated by the county to prevent excessive tree removal.

Thanks for reading, and as always, comment appreciated!


On closing day of the 1990 season, park guests took one last ride before saying goodbye to a major piece of Frontier Forest's history...


Catapult, Frontier Forest's first major steel roller coaster, launched into history when the gates closed on the 1990 season after celebrating its 10th anniversary the same year


Taking its place was Forest Falls. Manufactured by Hopkins Rides, riders drop from stomach-tightening heights of 50 feet in the air on this all new water adventure


Onlookers on the bridge prepare for the splash as 16 riders careen down the slope ahead


Along with Forest Falls, Looping Starship made its promised return nearby after a refurbishment to the ride's mechanical system


Along with these two rides, an eat in coffee shop and a new guest services building were constructed, extending Main Street past the fountain in the refreshed 1991 season at Frontier Forest


Frontier Forest's total investment in 1991 reached over $5 million, including Forest Falls, Looping Starship, new buildings, new fences, as well as hundreds of mature trees throughout the park


A construction area was fenced in next to the Mine Train in the fall


Final overview concluding the 1991 update

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Why would any park remove a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop? At least there's now the airtime water ride. That seems fun.


I have been following this park, but it appears that I have yet to make a comment. I like this park! There's a nice selection of both coasters and flats. No complaints here. Keep it up!


EDIT: I looked over that image, and there is no airtime hill. My mistake. But hey, water rides are always fun! =

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Thanks for the replies, everyone! I have some exciting plans for the near future at Frontier Forest, I hope to see you there!


I believe this is the first time I've posted about your park. I must say, Frontier Forest is one of my favorite RCT2 park. The main street shops add a lot of character to the park. I really like Coyote a well.

Thanks, JonnyRCT3. Valley Hills was actually part of the reason I got back into RCT over the summer. I hope to see Valley Hills finish out strong once you get the time (I'm having the exact same problem- Junior year is not the best time for take on a long term project like Frontier Forest).

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  • 5 weeks later...

I would like to apologize for the sudden hiatus in updates.


I knew from starting this project last July that it would be difficult to carry out with consistent quality in updates until the end. Being a Junior in high school, I have very little free time as it is.


My life has changed a lot during high school, and luckily in a good way for the most part. In the last month, I've had some personal stuff that has taken precedence over RCT, and Ive simply had other things I've needed to deal with. It's been very difficult under the pressures of both high school and the personal things I mentioned, but I'll find a way to get through it and continue life, including Frontier Forest, as usual. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding through this.


To make it up to you guys, I'll drop some insider info on Frontier Forest's upcoming happenings...


*Deleted: getting closer, undisclosed information*

Edited by Password121
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Well, that's pretty disappointing, especially considering that this park was actually quite good. However, I do understand that people have to deal with personal issues. What I will say about the park is that you gave out some pretty big spoilers there. Maybe we'll see a CCI woodie, or maybe we'll see an innovative coaster. There's lots of potential!

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Great park, really enjoyed coming into TPR today and looking at this topic from page one. Honestly I skipped most of the commentary (sorry). But I did read enough to know you are working without trainers, it's a timeline park and so on.


I found it odd that once the mid 1980's hit a few on-ride photos didn't start appearing on select rides and as the years went by were not added to more rides. They are huge money makers for parks and I am sure a park like yours could use a few to help with the money flow.


Great job so far, I will be checking back to see how this ends. Best wishes and thanks for putting a smile on my face today.


- Daniel

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This is a really nice park; you've done a great job with it so far! There's one thing that really stands out to me here and that's your Sky Ride. I can't help but notice that there are no attractions near the far side. In my eyes, it makes the Sky Ride unnecessary. I think you should start expanding in that direction and maybe have a small midway connect the Sky Ride to the Corvus/Enterprise area. Looking forward to your 1992 update, though!

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Thanks so much for the support, guys! Really appreciate it.

A LOT of thought has gone into planning the coming years at Frontier Forest. Much of what you all have said has been in the works for months; it's only a matter of exactly when "management" sees it best fit to take action, and I promise, some major action is on the way


I would like to reiterate how much it means that you guys are still interested in this project. My ultimate goal was to make an interesting park that people thoroughly enjoy, and it really means a lot to me that even with very basic building skills and sporadic updates, interest is still there. Thank you.

This is a really nice park; you've done a great job with it so far! There's one thing that really stands out to me here and that's your Sky Ride. I can't help but notice that there are no attractions near the far side. In my eyes, it makes the Sky Ride unnecessary. I think you should start expanding in that direction and maybe have a small midway connect the Sky Ride to the Corvus/Enterprise area. Looking forward to your 1992 update, though!

Thanks for commenting! As I said, every expansion is carefully planned and executed with an eye on the long term future in game. Remember, when the park opened back in 1975, it was only a small collection of family rides in a forest with a Sky Ride intended for both transportation and relaxation. Sit back and enjoy the view, big things to come!

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After a long and unexpected hiatus, Frontier Forest is back for the long haul (pending, well, life).

Today we'll take a look around the park in the early portions of Summer, 1992. From this point on, most years will be covered in multiple updates to ensure every aspect of that year is captured.


If you don't want to be bored by reading the captions (I would recommend you read them, though, I spent the time to write them), the big news from the beginning of the 1992 season was the debut of Alpine Bobsleigh. Manufactured by Mack rides, this family friendly roller coaster is unique in that it does not run on designated rails, but rather by the curvature of the track. Alpine Bobsleigh stands nearly 6 stories tall and runs three 7-car trains holding 14 passengers per car.


The Mine Train Cafe did not return after more than 15 seasons at the park, replaced by the Western Market.


*For some historical context, Kings Dominion, the closest competitor to Frontier Forest, opened Avalanche, also a Mack Bobsled, in 1988, and Anaconda, an Arrow multi-looper, in 1991.


Comments/criticism appreciated!


After a long offseason, let's take a look around the park to reacquaint ourselves with the park


Last year's addition, Forest Falls, remains a guest favorite water attraction


Corvus, approaching a decade of operation, could use a fresh coat of paint and some TLC


The same could be said for Forest Flyer, which continues to thrill riders with its surprisingly steep 50 degree drop and praised "airtime"


Nearby, it seems the Arcade has been boarded up. Curious to see if this is just scheduled maintenance, or something else.


The biggest news of 1992 was the debut of Alpine Bobsleigh. It is an odd choice considering Kings Dominion recently built a very similar ride, but management was determined to make it happen.


I can't say for sure whether the ride was a success. Being the summer season, I wouldn't have expected the new coaster to be a walk-on. Strange.


Exiting the MCBR, which allows the ride to run 3 trains. As expected, the park did a very nice job landscaping and retaining many of the trees which stood in the bare plot.


The Mine Train Cafe closed its doors for good last fall, replaced around the corner with the Western Market, an eat-in market style venue.


A look back at the intertwining mess of track on Coyote. The third train was out of commission; possibly for maintenance?


Overview from the Summer of 1992.

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