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[RCT2] Frontier Forest - Spring 2005 Quick Update

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Join us as we look back at 5th operating season of Frontier Forest- 1979.


Before I begin the update, let me ask you guys- what do you think about the park? Do you like the way I do updates, or would you like something changed? Does the park interest you? What do you want to see changed? I want you guys to be more involved in the history of Frontier Forest- let me know what you think about the park thus far!


1979 marked the first year of a three year project to beautify and revitalize the park, this year highlighting foliage and food vendors. The main midway was completely revamped underneath the Sky Ride. Over the next two years, multiple other sections of the park will receive similar treatment with a major focus on the main entrance. Over $1 million was invested in this project in 1979 alone.


That was not all that was new, however. New for 1979 is Haunted Mansion- a walk through dark ride style attraction featuring costumed actors, dark hallways, and tight quarters. Haunted Mansion is fun for the whole family, but not recommended for those with heart conditions, epilepsy, or a physical disability. Guests under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


The major news for 1979 was the grand opening of Frontier Lake- a sister park to Frontier Forest located in eastern Pennsylvania, just a short drive from Frontier Forest. Frontier Lake opened with 12 attractions, highlighted by a William Cobb wooden coaster of similar construction to Forest Flyer at our very won Frontier Forest.

It seems dozens of theme parks have opened up on the east coast in the last 10 years. Frontier Entertainment, Inc. may have some healthy competition in the future.


On to some pictures to recap the 1979 season...


NEW for '79 is Haunted Mansion- a walk through dark ride style attraction


During phase 1/3 of in-park upgrades, Swan Boats received a covered station and queue


New vendors by Forest Flyer


New restaurant by Antique Cars


Forest Flyer has gained a reputation as one of the best wooden coasters in the country


Main Midway after part 1 of upgrades


The Log Flume remains a family favorite, famous for its final thrilling splash


The Sky Ride still has the longest lines in the park! Perhaps the views it provides are what make it so popular?


A large construction area has been blocked off near Antique Cars. What could it be?

The park has released the following statement concerning next year's additions:

"3... 2... 1... 0-89 1"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Today we recap the 1980 operating season at Frontier Forest.


NEW for 1980 was Catapult, a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop roller coaster. Deemed a "launched" roller coaster, passengers are accelerated out of the station using flywheel technology to traverse a vertical loop that sends riders completely upside down! The train then flies nearly vertical up a spike of track, towering over the former tallest attraction in the park, Forest Flyer. The train then loses momentum only to complete the course in reverse, rocketing through the loop backwards, then through the station and up a reverse spike. Catapult is Frontier Forest's third roller coaster, first looping coaster, as well as the tallest and fastest ride in the park. Catapult is aimed towards only the bravest riders who seek a big thrill, and it has done just that. Catapult opened to great reviews and guests often say they would like more looping roller coasters in the future.


1980 marked the second phase in a three year project to revitalize the park and its offerings, this year capping off the main midway expansions as well as general park improvements. Management has stated that 1981 will bring efforts to the main entrance to make the park more inviting to all guests as they enter the park.


Attendance jumped over 1979, but only slightly. Just over 910,000 visitors passed through the entrance gates in 1980, which was slightly lower than expected. "Frontier Forest is a family oriented park, and while Catapult was a unique, cutting-edge addition, it is not what guests should expect to see year after year," said management.


At Frontier Lake, capital investments went towards the waterpark, and the results are exciting for Frontier Forest's sister theme and water park complex.


On to the sights and sounds of the 1980 season at Frontier Forest... and as always, feedback is appreciated!


NEW for 1980 is Catapult, a Schwarzkopf shuttle loop that sends riders towering over the trees


The main entrance plaza which will be revamped in 1981


Although the Mine Train has been overshadowed by newer attractions, it is still a family favorite which consistently has short lines with a high capacity


Forest Flyer remains a favorite among park guests, with many saying it is their favorite roller coaster at Frontier Forest


Main entrance plaza and Sky Ride station


The Sky Ride is one of the most popular attractions in the park- maybe management will take notice and purchase more rides providing a similar experience?


Catapult as it traverses the forwards facing spike


A construction zone was spotted in the fall near the Log Flume- a less developed section of the park


Final overview of the park in 1980

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^That's a very nice combination ya got there


Catapult is the perfect addition for a park the size of Frontier Forest, as it's not too expensive but very thrilling and it covers a lot of line up positions at your park (looping, launched, shuttle, & major steel). I'm excited to see what the new entrance is like next year as well as whatever the park has planned next!

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Today we look back at the 1981 season at Frontier Forest.


With growing competition in the Mid-Atlantic region, Frontier Forest is looking to stay on top by adding exciting attractions that appeals to the entire family. Catapult fit that bill in 1980, and that is exactly what The Viking, and Intamin swinging ship, did just one year later in 1981. The Viking is a thrilling flat ride that appeals to the entire family. The Viking is located behind the Log Flume across from the Haunted Mansion.


Also in 1981, the main entrance plaza was overhauled with the addition of shops, restroom and park facilities, and stores to ensure guests have access to everything they need for a great day at the park.


Attendance did not noticeably shift, but guest spending is up 4% over 1980.


We look forward to 1982 with the recent spotting of a large construction zone. Catapult was just added last year- could another coaster be on the way? On to the sights and sounds of the 1981 season at Frontier Forest, and as always, comments/feedback/suggestions are appreciated!


Newly renovated entrance plaza


Full view


The Mine Train is not as popular as it once was


The buzz after the addition of Catapult has died down


NEW for 1981 is The Viking


The Haunted Mansion retains a very long wait- what a popular ride!


Construction zone spotted. A very curious size- much larger than The Vikings' was, but smaller than the coasters have been...


A final overview in 1981. We look forward to next year and hopefully many more to come!

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Hello everyone, today we will recap all the happenings at Frontier Forest in 1982.


To start off, NEW for 1982 is Frontier Explorers- a children's area with two rides- Crazy Cars, a bumper cars attraction (relocated, originally opened with the park in 1975), and Bumper Boats, a children's style water boat ride. This new area was very popular among families with young kids, and it was certainly a welcomed addition to Frontier Forest. Crazy Cars' former spot across from Antique Cars sits vacant.


However, 1982 was not a good year for Frontier Forest. The operating season was filled with constant breakdowns and miscellaneous issues that put a damper on the season, and it showed. For the first time in Frontier Forest's history, attendance decreased compared to the previous season, drawing just over 800,000 visitors.


One place to find answers is Catapult- the Schwarzkopf shuttle loop. Ridership has been decreasing since its debut in 1980, perhaps it does not appeal to the majority of the park's visitors, which are families. It is a shame, Catapult is a fantastic and thrilling ride.


Many park visitors, particularly roller coaster enthusiasts, have reported hearing rumors about a future roller coaster, whether it be for 1983 or beyond that. The rumors concern a unique style of ride that does not run on traditional roller coaster rails. Other, yet less prominent rumors, concern a multiple looping roller coaster. This seems less likely to me, as Catapult seems to have been a failure and I can't imagine a more extreme roller coaster would appeal to visitors.


On to the pictures, and please, leave some feedback. It's the only way I know what you're thinking and your comments/criticism is appreciated! Signing off until next year, Password121


Here we come, 1982!


NEW for 1982 is Frontier Explorers, a children's area featuring two exciting rides just for kids


Forest Flyer has solidified its standing as not only a fan favorite drawing some of the longest lines in the park, but as one of the best wooden coasters in the country


Catapult rarely has any sort of legitimate queue, often sending out the train with empty seats


Management recognizes that Catapult is not as successful as they had hoped


The Mine Train often holds a very short wait, but it has a very high throughput and is a great starter roller coaster for young kids


Final look at Frontier Forest in 1982


Additional shot of expansion


Additional shot of expansion

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Hello everybody! There has been a LOT going on since the last update, so today I will recap the latest happenings at Virginia's own Frontier Forest. Let's get started, shall we?


Attendance picked back up in '83, rising back to nearly 900,000. Surely this is a good sign for the outlook of the park.


Frontier Forest filed for permits to break the 100 foot height restriction on the 12th of May in 1982. The park received the permits just a short wait later, on the 27th of May, 1982. These permits are vital in the expansion of the park, and they were put to great use. NEW in 1983 was Sky High, an Intamin-built gyro observation tower, standing 200 feet tall providing the very best views and memories Frontier Forest has to offer. Sky High becomes the tallest attraction in park history, towering stories over Catapult.


Speaking of Catapult, it seems management has decided to keep the shuttle coaster around for at least one more season. Despite it being relatively new and ground breaking, Catapult just has not pulled the numbers management was hoping for. Perhaps it has to do with its remote location. It is far from the park entrance and is not currently near any other major attractions.


If Catapult's numbers don't improve very quickly, I don't see the park wasting any more time trying to maintain an expensive ride that does not appeal to many of the park's visitors. This it is and nothing more.


In other news, many park guests reported seeing large shipping containers near the park entrance. The last major coaster added was Catapult in 1980, and before that, Forest Flyer in 1978.


A construction fence was also built on either side of Enterprise. This wooden fence was obviously built to obstruct guests' view of presumably construction in the near future. The fence really does make it difficult, many coaster enthusiasts become frustrated when they cannot observe what is behind the fence. Perhaps it shall be lifted- nevermore!


Comments/criticism/SPECULATION welcomed and encouraged!


NEW for 1983 is Sky High


Sky High queue closeup and location


Built in 1978, Forest Flyer, despite beginning to show some aging in its wood, remains the most popular attraction in the park


These return bunny hops are something special!


Construction fence. The banner on the left says, "Nevermore?"

The banner on the right says "X/VII/XLIX," which means 10/7/49. Anyone know what this might mean? I'm stumped


Overview of the brand new skyline of Frontier Forest in 1983. Much more to come very soon...

Edited by Password121
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Looking good so far I may suggest a few terrain changes here and there to fit with ride themes, like maybe some dirt patches around the mine train. Also a different terrain in the station for the observation tower would look good.


Also, that haunted house looks a little lonely out the back. Maybe one/two tree(s) there or a fence surrounding it?


Keep up this great work!

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Looking good so far I may suggest a few terrain changes here and there to fit with ride themes, like maybe some dirt patches around the mine train. Also a different terrain in the station for the observation tower would look good.


Also, that haunted house looks a little lonely out the back. Maybe one/two tree(s) there or a fence surrounding it?


Keep up this great work!

Thank you for the feedback- I'll definitely take a look at that. Concerning Haunted Mansion, all I can say is patience is a virtue

Ever since when my Grandma, & Grandpa took me on a Observation Tower at (former) Six Flags Astroworld, & at Six Flags Over Texas, I always loved them, & still do! This looks very realistic! I'm thinking if this was real in life!

Thanks for sharing! Frontier Forest is designed around realism, and additions like Sky High bring the park to life.

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September 23rd, 1983-- In 1984 at Frontier Forest, the flagship property of Frontier Entertainment Company, the bravest, most daring guests will experience the wrath of Corvus, a quadruple inverting steel roller coaster manufactured by world-renowned manufacturer Arrow Dynamics.


Inspired by the legendary poem The Raven, Corvus will slowly take riders up to astonishing heights of nearly nine stories, then drop over five stories to reach speeds of over 40 miles per hour. Through its 2-minute course, riders will flip upside down four separate times, including back to back vertical loops and corkscrews.


To celebrate Frontier Forest's tenth season of family fun, at a total investment of over $3 million, Corvus will become the largest investment in park history.



Height: nearly 9 stories (85 feet)

Tallest Drop: over 5 stories (52 feet)

Max Speed: over 40 mph

Length: nearly 3,000 feet

Inversions: 4

Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics


Teasers explanation: "Nevermore?" A famous line in Edgar Allan Poe's legendary poem, The Raven, serves as the inspiration for Corvus, the genus name for Ravens and Crows.

"X/VII/XLIX"- translates to October 7, 1849- Edgar Allan Poe's date of death


Ride overview


Back to back vertical loops


Back to back corkscrews, on ride photo


360 degree helix finale

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good things come to those who wait... and that is just the case for park-goers (and viewers) at Frontier Forest in 1984!


After a long offseason, Frontier Forest is back in business for the 1984 season, along with their brand new, state of the art four-inversion Arrow Dynamics custom looping coaster. Corvus was the big talk around the park, and boy, does it deliver! This coaster dominates the back half of the park, and the crowds really came storming over to experience the all-new looping coaster.


With the massive amount of land Corvus occupies, Enterprise has been relocated just around the corner on the new Corvus midway. With the huge popularity of Corvus, Enterprise helped handle the crowds in the area and has been more popular than ever before.


Although I could not see any major construction zones, I and many others are VERY excited for the coming years at Frontier Forest. While I don't necessarily think we'll be seeing any capital investments as large as Corvus for at least the next few years, there are some aspects of the park that I could see being addressed sooner rather than later.


With the great success of Corvus, attendance jumped to record levels at Frontier Forest. For the first time in history, more than 1,000,000 guests passed through the turnstiles in this expanding Virginia park. Guest spending was up slightly, and overall satisfaction increased as well. The future is very exciting at Frontier Forest, and I can't wait to see you all there!


Corvus as it makes its way through the double corkscew element, high overhead nearby spectators


Riders anxiously await the plunge leading into double vertical loops


Enterprise was relocated just across from Corvus, and is more popular than ever


Overview of the 1984 expansion, including the all new Corvus


Catapult's ridership picked up moderately with the crowds flocking to the nearby Corvus


Also noteworthy in 1984, management made the decision to only run 2 trains on the Mine Train on normal attendance days. The Mine Train never has drawn crowds warranting the operation of 3 trains, so I have no issues with this decision


Park overview in 1984. I am very excited for what the near future holds here, and I hope you are too!

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