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[RCT2] Frontier Forest - Spring 2005 Quick Update

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Not surprising that FF removed more themeing from the theater, but a new show seems like a fair trade. I'ts also great that there are more food options, never can have too many of those. I have a feeling Delirium may suffer the same fate as the Crypt, it's probably only a matter of time until the ride will cease to invert riders. I also noticed Tempest's entrance was moved, that may make the entrance easier to find.


Anyways, that 2001 project is looking more like a 2002 project now. The same thing happened to X at Magic Mountain, so I wonder if this could be a 4D coaster.

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Yes, yes I know... it's been awhile. You guys probably had forgotten this project exists. I can't believe it's been almost 18 months since the concept was first planned. Anyhow, I'm back (for now) and I can't promise when the next update will be.


It's really hard for me because I always have so many exciting ideas floating around in my head that I'd love to actually create, but life just doesn't allot me enough time to sit at home playing RCT2.


Enough rambling, I've streamlined 2001 into just "it happened," so here's an update from, oh, let's say mid-summer, 2002. Away we go into (somewhere), Virginia. Let me know what you think in the comments.


And off we go into 2002...


This shot sums up the last couple cap-ex projects. The new restaurant is a success; BackFire, well, it has its fans. The Sky Ride is chugging away as it has been for 32 years now.


And what have we changed in '02? Midway games!


Some traditional carnival games along with a "Three-point Shootout." The theme this year? Up-charge!


So, where does the government stand on that project yet to be announced? Well, I can tell you all these people aren't waiting around for nothing. Official info next update.


Until then, I'm just "dropping" in for now. Don't read into that. Or do. I'm not really sure yet.

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Finally, after a long and stressful off-season, Frontier Forest is proud to debut Albatross. Dominating the skyline with brilliant blue, Albatross is the tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster at Frontier Forest, and among the top ranking in Virginia. Manufactured by Intamin, AG, Albatross is officially classified a "Mini-Hyper" roller coaster, standing just shy of 180 feet tall and reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour over 4,770 feet of track. Albatross represents the most expensive investment in park history at a total cost of $20 million. (Of note, Albatross' two overbanked turns are intended to be more similar to Expedition GeForce's than Millennium Force's--that is, fast and horizontal rather than long and steep).


An Albatross is known as "The most legendary of all birds," and Frontier Forest believes this coaster delivers true to its name.


"Albatross is just the next step in our plan to re-imagine every section of the park. Expect bigger things to come very soon."


An alternate meaning is derived from the famous poetic work, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." An albatross is one's greatest burden; the most difficult challenge to overcome. Riders not only face the albatross on this ride, but the park seemed to have an albatross around its shoulders in its efforts to built the ride itself. Frontier Forest saw a special opportunity for a record-breaking coaster on July 22, 1999--the day of Millennium Force's announcement. On its opening day, May 13, 2000, the park took the next step in efforts to make this ride a reality by petitioning the 200 foot height restriction.

Without the limits imposed by the county, Frontier Forest very well could have had the World's tallest and fastest roller coaster on its hands. I'm actually surprised nobody saw that. I thought I was making it easy.


New in 2003 is Albatross, an Intamin "Mini-Hyper" coaster


The initial layout was designed in 1999. After three years of modifications, Albatross is the result. Notably, the steel lattice support structure remained, perhaps as a style choice.


Leading into a slightly overbanked turnaround following the 70-degree drop and first "ejector" airtime hill.


An on-ride photo follows, transitioning to a 180 degree, overbanked turnaround. All the way out by Coyote's lift hill.


An elevated airtime s-curve leads into an elevated 360 helix.


Crossing over spectators by the new Frontier-themed midway, leading into the helix over the pond.


The ride's signature element comes last, the dive under the bridge leading up to the station.


Albatross runs two, 28 passenger trains. One cycle lasts about two minutes, yielding a theoretical hourly capacity of 1,120 pph.


Albatross is indirectly themed to demonstrate progress in a traditional setting. The Frontier-styled buildings and shops counter the modern design of the steel superstructure above it. Similar to Millennium Force/Frontier Trail? Sure, but it is called *Frontier* Forest.


Unfortunately, Delirium has not operated this season due to mechanical issues.


Renegade River has only tested through May 2003.


The Sky Ride's popularity has waned in recent years... when it is functioning.


Mammoth is supposedly awaiting repairs to its single PTC train, and has not opened this year.


The Mine Train has a newfound popularity, however.


This early in the year? Already?


One last look at the Albatross plaza.


An overview of the new area to get a better idea of the layout. Comments appreciated!

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I love how the coaster looks and I think it would be a fantastic ride in real life, but I'm not too sure about "albatross" as the name of the coaster. Usually when coasters are named after birds, they're named after birds of prey like "Eagle", "Condor", "Raptor", "Raven" etc.

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Super Nice Move! I want to see this!

More to come!

I love how the coaster looks and I think it would be a fantastic ride in real life, but I'm not too sure about "albatross" as the name of the coaster. Usually when coasters are named after birds, they're named after birds of prey like "Eagle", "Condor", "Raptor", "Raven" etc.

It took dozens of different layouts and tweaks to get this ride to look realistic, so I'm glad you think it looks good.


I agree about the name, but I was going for something a little different than the usual. I also think the name fits the ride given how it was planned for the 2001 season but was delayed multiple times due to height/other limitations that come into play later in the scenario. At least it's not "Goliath," right?

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Closing out the 2003 season, Albatross has been a monumental success. Frontier Forest has shown that it can more than just compete with nearby Paramount's Kings Dominion, especially in the thrill ride department. The park has grown at its fastest clip in park history over the last five years and shows no signs of letting up with record attendance in 2003 and what appears to be the workings of a massive expansion in the very near future. Enjoy the pictures, and comments are appreciated.


Something I had forgotten to mention in the previous update, Forest Flyer got some fresh white paint and a refurbishment to the 25-year-old PTC trains. Gone are the red handrails, in is fresh white.


The Coyote Cafe got an entirely new look for the 2003 season. Coyote, however, has dropped in ridership after removing the dead-end path nearby.


Throughout the Summer, Albatross' queue was filled with riders eager to experience the airtime-filled Intamin creation. The tallest Intamin coaster in the state of Virginia!


With the opening of Albatross having just taken place, rumors quickly began circulating of a major new coaster. For most, however, these rumors have been dismissed as just a fantasy off the heels of a record-breaking attraction.


However, it became apparent that something big was on its way. Similar in construction to Mammoth's station footer, though considerably longer.


An overview of Frontier Forest and all its recent expansions, Fall 2003.

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If you can recall back to the last update, a pretty sizeable area of land had been cleared back behind Forest Falls. However, what hadn't been mentioned, was that just hours after that glimpse of the park, Frontier Forest was purchased outright from the previous owner. The park is no longer associated with Frontier Parks and is operated independently with an entirely new management team. In 2002, Frontier Parks began to sell and close some of its smaller properties in attempts to reduce its debt. Frontier Forest is the latest and most significant victim of these sales.


Although it has not been confirmed by the park or the manufacturer, many sources claim the new owner cancelled the second term of a multi-year contract with Intamin for a prefabricated wooden roller coaster, which would've been the first in North America upon opening in 2004. Work had already begun on the station footer, though Intamin had no involvement in the construction and had no produced any materials for the ride when the new owner took control, allowing for the cancellation of the ride.


"The growth patterns of the Frontier Parks group were not sustainable in the long term and had too little of a focus on the most profitable demographic. Our immediate goals include inspecting every aspect of the park's operation to increase profitability as well as reducing operating costs. $20+ million investments are hardly justifiable in this market." --Frontier Forest, 2004


It looks like Albatross may be the largest investment in park history for more than a few years. Notably, for the 2004 season, the Space Adventure theater received some sprucing up with red paint to match Adventure Raceway nearby. Out is the Space film and the last of the space theming, in is a family-oriented "Three Blind Mice" film.


Comments appreciated!


What would've been the site of potentially a record breaking Intamin project is now just a cleared area with plans that slipped through the corporate cracks


What might have been the entrance is now just an afterthought dead-end


The last reminders of the "Space Adventure" theme are gone. "Three Blind Mice" now plays in the renamed "3-D Cinema"


The bumper boats never opened with the park. No word on if these are gone permanently, but it's no huge loss


It seems as though we've seen the end of the Albatrosses and Tempests. Riders take the dive under the bridge.

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Yes, we are back in action at Frontier Forest for the 2005 season. As we are learning with the new management/ownership team, a new season doesn't always promise a new attraction. 2005 is one of those years, unfortunately, as the new team delves deep into the books to bring the park out of the red after a long streak of big spending. Take a look at the park for yourself, and let me know what you think.


Albatross has been an absolute homerun for the park beginning its third season of operation, despite having slightly lower capacity than its cousins (Superman ROS, Expedition GeForce, Millennium Force and Goliath) with arguably quicker pacing and shorter seven-car trains


Along with the Bumper Boats, Enterprise has not operated in the 2005 season...


Some trees have been cleared between the children's area and Avalanche Bobsleigh, a dated area of the park

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