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Favorite Shuttle Coaster

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I'm reviving this because I wanted to make a "best shuttle coaster" thread but found this from last year. What are your opinions on the best shuttle coaster you've been on? Any that are not around any more (maybe Batman and Robin: The Chiller? I wish I could ride that) that are superior to what's around today?


I think the only shuttle I've been on is Aftershock (former Deja Vu), and it was pretty awesome. Going backward through that giant loop was intense

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While I love Mr. Freeze, both forward and Reverse Blast, my favorite is Greezed Lightnin' of the now defunct Six Flags Astroworld in Houston. If I remember correctly, the intense launch on this one was steam-powered, like an aircraft carrier launch, as opposed to the weight drop variety. Unfortunately, it is now rusting away somewhere and is probably beyond the possibility of making a comeback.

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If I remember correctly, the intense launch on this one was steam-powered(

That sounds like a recipe for one bad-ass steampunk roller coaster... I guess Baron did that sort of, but there is so much more theming potential for something steampunk. I know that's so last decade, but I think it would be cool.

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Deja Vu/GIB. Mr. Freeze (before it was reversed) & Great Adventure's Chiller prior to the ridiculous track modifications are my runner-ups. Really wish I could have gotten a lap or two on Moonsault Scramble.


Moonsault scramble looked insane, My favourite is probably Mr Freeze or Bullet that used to be at Flamingoland it's somewhere in South America now

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I gotta go with Montezooma, I've been riding it since I was 8 years old and now I ride it with my kids. Mr. Freeze, Deja Vu/GIB, and Intamin Impluse coasters are also lots of fun. I know Deja Vu had reliability issues, but I was super pissed when SFMM got rid of it (especially since that spot is still vacant). I'm going to have to get up to Silverwood sometime soon to ride a GIB again.


Speed the Ride was another fun Premier LIM shuttle, but it was dismantled when the Sahara closed and the pieces still sit in storage here in Vegas. It's really a shame that nobody bought this ride, it would've been perfect for a smaller park.

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