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Photo TR: 2014 TPR Scandi Trip!

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Wow...I said I would "finnish" this 3 months ago, but I suck. But finally, I will conclude this Photo TR so I can move on to the next one!


Our last stop was Linnanmaki in the city of Helsinki, Finland. Didn't see much of the city but it seemed like a nice place but not as big or much to do like Copenhagen, Stockholm, etc. It was a pretty relaxing day as we got most done early and just hung out.


On to the photos!


Good morning from Linnanmaki. The park is on a slight hill right in the middleish of Helsinki.


Our ERT consisted of a large group of coasters, the first being Ukko. Nice to look at, but not as much to ride.


The trains. These rides still freak me out a bit but glad to get it out of the way first :)


Next up was the classic wooden coaster!


This was the 3rd and final side friction woodie of the trip, and probably the best for pops of air.


Nice view of the area from here!


Looking the other way....


Overview of the ride and Ukko!


Cedar Point?


Next up was the small version of the Intamin Ball coaster, Kirnu!


We enjoyed unbalanced rides during ERT! Great fun and still better than Green Lantern :)


Tulireki was waiting, but first....


We also had ERT on the spinner!


This was the surprise of the day for me.


This spinner had a great custom layout! Wish there were more of these.


Back at Kirnu, it started making interesting shadows on the ground.


The offending phallic end. We tried to ride again, but Soupy and I got stuck in the restraints and maintenance had to let us out by unscrewing the restraints!


The park finally opened and we started with the cute egg ride.


It was a nice slow ride though the park. US parks totally look like this, right???


Seemed like it was going to be a busy day. I think it was Saturday.


The next coaster (they have a lot here???) was an indoor one.


I have no idea what happened during the ride, but it was cool.


We also got on the first Mack e-motion coaster. The only e-motion I felt was confusion on how this idea failed so bad.


We hiked up a lot of stairs to reach the powered on top of the rest of the place.


Last but not least....the water coaster of death.


It looks so innocent until you realize what those shields do....


KT and I come screaming towards the water. Still looking good here.


Nope, there we go. Completely surrounded by water.


You can tell it's a group of TPR riders!


Small coaster part before the drop into the splashdown.


...and they're gone. Not funny how wet this is if you dont double poncho up on this one.


We checked out a few dark rides.


I remember this being disappointing. Too much neon and not enough scary.


Craig happened to be a master at claw machines and won KT an awesome toy.


Quite excited and surprised! Way to go Craig!


I hate clowns.


This dark ride was long and disturbing.


Hey look, another working Mach Tower!


This isn't the first time Soupy has played with balls.


Last but not least, the closest I have come to death.


This flat ride is absolutely insane. Why did I let Robb make me ride it?


Our day of relaxing came to an end with a stroll through Sea Life. Love that they have these at parks for an alternate activity.


Very nicely themed!




Frogs are cool.


They also have fish. Hi Nemo!


And what is a better way to end this Photo TR than a shark??? Thanks for reading!

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Craig happens to be a master at claw machines and won KT an awesome toy.




I really enjoyed the ghost train at the park but my first experience on a Sky Loop was erm interesting. Definitely one of the dumber rides I've ever been on.

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So forgive my ignorance, but what the hell is an e-motion coaster even supposed to do..?


Other than irritating the living hell out of you, I have no idea--and I've ridden the damn thing.


I totally agree with Chuck.


I always imagined it was supposed to tip outwards on the tighter turns (like the wooden wild mouse in rct haha), but it sounds like it's completely pointless now. Bummer, was always curious, now, disappointed lol.

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The point of e-motion coaster is that instead of a rigid chassis, the vehicle allows the car to tilt and rock back and forth. On paper it sounds intriguing that the car can tilt outwards in tight turns, but in practice it results as a painful ride because you cannot disable the rocking feature and thus every banked turn becomes a headbanger not to mention the final brakes... I guess it's no wonder Tulireki is still the only one of its kind. And I would recommend anyone who's considering of buying an e-motion coaster that they test try it first. But with all my opinions, the GP love Tulireki and it's as popular as Salama (Söhne spinner).


It's still interesting to think that Tulireki and Helix are both from Mack.

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The Scandi trip in 2009 is still one of the greatest trips I ever did. Loved all the parks over there, and really would love to visit that area of the world again.






That circus dark ride was one of the weirdest things ever.

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