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Photo TR: TPR 2014 SCANDI Tour - Bill's Awesome Revisit!

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06-14-14 ~ Official Tour Start Day ~ Bakken park


So here we were, at one of the oldest parks in Europe, with had one of the oldest wooden

coasters...in the world, I remember? And also one of The Most Intense Coasters I have

ever ridden any where...Tornado. You either loved it or totally hated it. I loved it, as I

was aware of the jerking twists and turns of it, not to mention that OMG lift hill that

flings you into it's web of track. I would love to have a version of this at my home park.


We had a lovely buffet meal at one of the main restaurants in the park, and then proceeded

to enjoy everything Bakken had to offer. This included a lot of park and forest space where

locals would bring picnics and blankets and just enjoy the day without even entering the park.


Our schedule for the day.


Entering Bakken park.


We headed right for the wooden coaster for ERT.


Everybody gathers inside the coaster.


Looking up into the coaster's frame.


Wow - Bakken is that old??? Congratulations!


Hi everybody!


This gentleman was one of the head coaster guys, and gave us a history of Bakken and the coaster.


OMG SANTA! And Mrs.Claus TOO! Taken right beside Tornado.


Caeser got in on the Claus Love, too.


Um....wooden shoe?


Right now this tells me God is Mad.




Another ride on Rutschebanen. Sadly without a brakeman on it, any more. They redid the trains which eliminated the brakeman. )o:


Where we had our nice group lunch. (More to come...)

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Tornado was really fun and unique, but I found it was hard on one's neck and there was really nothing you could do to prevent the jerking from having an effect. I'm pretty sure I would have had some lasting soreness had I rode it more than a few times.

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^ I agree, but I had teensy bit of an advantage, having ridden it before.

Knowing about the llft hill helped. That first sudden turn, though, I

immediately remembered, and then prepared for.... on my three other times, LOL!

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~ More of BAKKEN Park ~


After our meal, we continued to enjoy the park in the nice hot sunshine.

I explored around the outer areas of the park, which was in a huge forested

area. I saw horseback riders, people picnicking, a group of ladies doing

Western Line Dancing (!), a lovely big white building that apparently was a

restaurant.... lot of non-Bakken stuff.


And after our park visit, a few of us stayed on at the park, to get their own

way back to the hotel; several of us took the bus back to the hotel; and the

majority of the group continued on to a huge factory building which housed

a massive Ropes Course, in several strength levels, and spent most of the

evening there, climbing, walking, stretching, climbing, grasping stuff.


I knew my body was NOT going to be able to deal with even the primary level

of strength courses. So I didn't do it, went back to the hotel and had an evening

free to do whatever I wanted. And I went to bed early, LOL!


To be fresh and ready for our next day's park... TIVOLI!


Hi Marilyn!


Tom strikes a pose as we wait for a coaster to open. Actually, if that's the same

"Bellingham" as in the USA, it's just an hour or so, south of us in Washington state.


Colin helping Kristen with her daily fight practice.


What we're waiting for to open. New credit! (for me)


It's a mouse, but it's a pretty good one, I thought.


A lot of the guys did this water ride, which was found in a few other parks.


The dark ride at Bakken. I didn't do it this time, for some reason. Fear of "live actors", I guess. (o;


5D? We did it, and it didn't seem any more 3D than other films do. And water spray, vibrating seats... the usual.


Double Shot Crowd!


An ice cream spot, JC raved about, because....


All of the ice creams had fruit or (hard) flavourings on top of them. It was pretty awesome to look at.


Tornado. Crazy lift hill-launch. Several pretty extreme turns and dips. Some people didn't like it much.

I LOVED IT! And I rode it a few more times, during the day's visit.


Looking at Tornado, across through a new flat Bakken had recently installed.


I didn't get my "plane" to flip over, even once. But it was a fun ride.


Near the end of the day's visit, I went exploring beyond the park. And found where old coaster cars go to retire. (o;


Bye bye Bakken. Thanks for the great day!

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Hey Bill. Great updates. It was great to get to know you during the trip. And thanks again for bringing the cups for the alcohol exchange. Sorry that I was outside with my friends most of the evening, and that you had to take the lead during the exchange. Thanks for that

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^ Thanks Benny, it was great meeting you and touring with you, too. And I hope your friends

enjoyed their visit with you, that Friday night. And honestly, it wasn't that hard to "take the

lead" for the alcohol exchange. It organized itself, and everything worked just fine.

But there was too - much - left - over, lol.


A Tivoli shot, taken 06-15-14. Daemonen and The Pagoda - beautiful together!

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06-15-14 ~ Tivoli Park


Tivoli is a really great in-city park that works on so many levels,

even without it's rides section. Lots of performance spaces around,

as well as venues for big concerts and such. Beautiful landscaping

with equally wonderful night lighting everywhere to be seen. And some

great restaurants in and around it too, like Wagamamas and the

great Steak House several of us visited, a few days before.


We walked to the park, which was a nice plus to staying so close.

We ERT'd on Daemonen, then eventually made it over to the park's

majestic wooden side friction coaster, with it's new mountainous

top, created and opened in time for the coaster's 100th Birthday!

We got a walk through of the inner workings of the mountain,

where stuff is fixed, workers' quarters, and then a history about

the coaster itself, which ended with us boarding trains there at the

top of the mountain and 'coasting' down to the load station.


It was great. Still lots to see, ride and enjoy at Tivoli. So here's

a few photos at the start of our day there....


How the day's schedule looked, for our Tivoli day.


Everybody waiting to get in.


Opposite the Tivoli main gate...this. Not sure what it was. What it was....was pink!


Lovely lanterns that would eventual light the paths in all the park at night.


An open air theatre, that had one show for the day. I saw the show, later on.


Old building, new mountain top!


Never seen so much metal in such a fish before! And it's a LANTERN FISH too, ha ha!


Daemonen ERT Lives!


Uh huh. Simple to understand.


We start heading into the mountain for a tour.


Where coaster trains come to get fixed. And somebody in the brakeman's chair, up there.


Signs of importance.


The brakeman's Chair. Ain't it purdy?


A sign of softness.


James getting into (or out of, I forget which) The Chair.


Up on top is where we got our History Talk about the coaster and the park, too.


Then back down to the load station, and we got some Scenic Railway ERT!


The ride ops making sure we were secure, before sending us back to the station. Thank you Jake, for this photo.


Star Flyer looking good.


One of the new flats at the park. Maybe later....


After I eat some lunch. And this started a "fish and chips" thing with me in a few of the parks.

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~ More of Tivoli ~


After eating, I caught the only show that was scheduled at this lovely outdoor theatre.

Tu4rned out to be a "dance contest" hosted by Tivoli's Mascot __________. I have no

idea what his name was, but a version of him in one form or another, actually turned

up in other Danish parks. He must be a very popular children's character.


The show was fun, though a but hard to figure out at times what was happening, due to the

Danish being spoken. But it was great to just lounge on the grassy area and enjoy it anyway.


Eventually, our meet up time happened for another group dinner together. This was at the

Hard Rock Cafe which was on one side of Tivoli's main gate. Easy to find! (o:


Although the Pagoda in Tivoli looked lovely....


Having Daemonen (sort of) beside it, just makes it better!


The outdoor show starts with our host.


It's "So You Think You Can Dance?" Danish style!


Then there was this pair dancing together, who then turned into.....


...A smaller younger dance pair! (neat trick that was)


The finale with the 'cats', the ballet group, and The Winners: that pair who downsized themself, earlier on.


For those into mushrooms....


The Star Flyer and the Scenic Railway mountain peek up from behind one on the many large buildings in Tivoli.


Flowering plants everywhere, too.


Mountain's got a waterfall.


How to sell balloons.


Looking towards the front entrance to Tivoli. So much water and space....


Cute little trams to take you around the park!


For the electrical geeks in the crowd. How the trams are joined together.


An artsy water fall kind of fountain!


Great idea. A cup goes in, you get Kroners out! How easy is this?


A view of Vertigo. A lot of us rode it earlier. I loved the new cycle they'd put in,

which was all handled by the ride itself. No buttons to push. Awesome!

And now, we go to dinner....

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~ Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe - Evening at Tivoli ~


The meal at Hard Rock was great. We had pre-ordered for our main course,

before the tour started, so another salad was heading my way here. (o;

It was good, the atmosphere was charged with everybody's first couple of

days on the tour. Lots of talking, and park stories already!


And after dinner, we re-entered Tivoli, and enjoyed the park until near

closing time. But more importantly, all the lights and lighting came on, and

Tivoli turned into a wonderful evening park, enjoyable even if no rides were



Hard Rock Cafe at Tivoli!


Where we all ate.


My table. Hi guys!


Getting drink orders, with all the HRC memorabilia up on the walls and even in the bathrooms!


Another salad for me. With grilled chicken on it. It was great, and just enough for me.


After dinner, back into Tivoli. The lighting is starting to show.


I took a ride on the park's only wheel. Not very high, but on a 'hill' so that helped the height of it.


Scenic Railway view.


An important building over here, I am sure. Maybe a Government Building? Not sure.


A group goes (again) on the wooden coaster.


The Pagoda is starting to show it's lights.


Priscilla's all-out search for fridge magnets pays off!


More lighting on Pagoda and Daemonen.


Everything is lit up here in the park! It's all very beautiful.


They even lit up the waterfall on the mountain. It's very impressive to see.


More buildings, more lights.


The Star Flyer looking great in the evening.


Mmm. Really beautiful.


The outdoor theatre gets some lighting love, too.


On our way out of the park. The lights show us the way.


Group shot outside Tivoli's main gate, before heading back to the hotel. Thanks for the wonderful day Tivoli!

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^ Thanks Thad! And here's a slightly "altered" pic I took of you guys

and Kristen on the Disko in Bon Bon Land!


Here you all are, being artsy! And I heard this was Kristen's First Disko? Way-ta-go Kristen!!!

Hope you enjoyed it, like I always do. (o;

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~ 06-16-14 - Bon Bon Land ~


Bon Bon is one of these parks that was originally based on the idea that non-pc stuff is good,

and that farting dogs and vomiting seagulls had a place here. Through the years, however,

the park has appeared to "clean up" a few of the more obvious things that it felt was not

right for a "family park." Whatever. They kept some of the visual stuff, and it's still a big park

with plenty to ride, climb on, fall off. Usual stuff.


Bon Bon is also the home of the first Gerstlauer Eurofighter coaster, and it still rides pretty

good for the age that it is. And a pretty intense Gerstlauer spinning coaster as well, here.


And a workout of a "nature trail" that proved you are never too old to cram yourself into a

tubular slide..and get stuck at the bottom, lol!


Here's some of the photos I took there...


Our schedule for the day. And at the end of this day, we'd be in Germany!


Bon Bon Land's entrance


The spinning coaster.


Garfield is apparently NOT appreciated here.


Victor Vandorm - one of The Longest family coaster trains I had ever seen.


See? Too long to even fit in my photo!


Minions have a place in this park, it would seem.


A map.


Forget the burgers! It's all about the Dog Fart Coaster!


Zooming through the Hundeprut "fart house".

(This is the name of the coaster, by the way)


And - the dog who farts - and poops.


Coning back into the station.


Pretty easy to understand, yes? No?


And for the ladies...


The eurofighter. Still good after all this time.


Hmmm. Will he make it? On the park's Nature Trail Workout Course.


POP! Yay Steve, ya made it!


Thad on the ropes. Sort of.


Almost made it too, Thad!


Thad learns to park - and park well!

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More photos of Bon Bon land...


And then everybody went on this frisbee. Hi guys.


And...there they go! Had quite a bit of air time, I heard.


Another fave flat ride, ridden by everybody.


And the disko! I heard that this was Kristen's First Disko! I hope she enjoyed it, like most of us do.


The entrance to the (then) un-pc "jungle cruise" ride.


The group was hoping to "ground" the boat, some where along the way. The things we do, lol.


What??? This isn't un-pc at all! The attraction was actually "cleaned up" quite a bit since the last TPR visit.

So there was no cannibals eating white people. Etc.


More colour in the attraction. It was fun, but just not the same cheesiness as before.


Where a lot of us ate lunch. There was this insane cawing sound coming from the roof. I later found out this was a recording on a loudpeaker to scare the actual birds away! It really didn't do that, much.


More candy! Sugar buzz in large help-yourself bins!


Inside of Bon Bon Land's main Gift Shop.


Yep. Still going.


Random art in the park.


4D movie. I think this was the one that bridges the first two Ice Age films, explaining how 'Peaches' came to be.

I enjoyed it for that, but the effects were like every other 3-4-5D theatre.


Inside the big building by the entrance to the park. Lots of themed displays, play areas for kids, and this

(I think) British Band, trying to get it's act together, heh.


Then there was the Winter/Christmas Section here. Lots of glimmering white, and sparkling snow everywhere.


Santa was here too. Actually, many many Santas here. It was a bit wierd to see so many of them.


This must be Santa The First. Anybody who sits on a throne deserves that, yes? No?


Miles (as he put it) Hits A Wall. Things get better for him later on.


Bye bye Bon Bon Land! We then headed to our first ferry crossing...to Germany!

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...So with the luggage packed in the busses, in the morning, and our visit to Bon Bon Land complete,

we hit the road to our First ferry Crossing...to Germany! And Hansa Park. The crossing was a

very short one, but it still the things travelers need... like a huge floor of DUTY FREE of Everything!



It was such a short crossing, and the place was immediately PACKED, I just called it a loss on that one,

and knew I would have more time in the other two ferry crossings we'd be eventually doing.


But, when we reached our hotel, we arrived at a very unique TPR tour hotel. One with not so many of

the same sized - or shaped - rooms in the main building. And other smaller buildings in back of the

property with multiple rooms, etc. We pretty much fille dit all up, except for one group, who had their

dinner earlier than us, but ALSO got the Entire Group up and to the breakfast buffet, before any of us

did! Freeky.


But dinner. Aw dinner. I enjoyed it, not because there was less to choose from - which of course makes

for easier choosing, lol - but they had a full BBQ going on at the back of their patio, with every kind

of meat, poultry and burger possible. Steaks, German sausages, burgers, chicken...Heaven on a grill!


After dinner, a couple more beers, then to the room for sleep and another early rise and shine!


A reminder of what's for the rest of the day.


Doesn't this kind of lighting belong in a plane? Curious.


The ferry we take, to get across.


The hotel we arrive at, for one night's stay, and a nice evening meal.


Indoor buffet. The Hot Grilled Meat was outside. (o: Oh, and a LOT of JELLO was there, bottom left corner. Yum?


So carnivore, this plate looks. Yum!


Everybody every where in the dining room.


A bit dark, but it shows where we all were.


'Night guys. See you EARLY in the morning!

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~ 06-17-14 ~ Hansa Park ~


Another early morning rise, we load our luggage back onto the busses, and we're back on the road,

but not before spending most of the day at one of my fave parks of the tour - Hansa Park.


This is the park that debuted in 2009, an almost-totally-enclosed euro fighter coaster,

named Fluch Von Novgorod. Back then there was still animatronics to install in the dark ride

portion of the coaster, finishing themeing on the various buildings that hid the coaster's



Back then, in 2009, it was an awesome coaster, even with everything else unfinished. This visit,

it just became a better More Awesome coaster to me. Even the entry and exit queues were

well themed, and just dark enough to make things slightly...sinister. Great coaster.


The rest of the park had a good quartet of other coasters available, including a very intense

wild mouse, a roller skater (pretty big one too) that threaded the loop of Nessie, a looping Schwarzkopf,

and the newest coaster at the park, Die Schlange von Midgard, which in my opinion was like a

kids' sized version of Fluch! Even with a short dark ride section, before it's lift hill. It was great.


There was also a site tour of the New Coaster Hansa was getting ready to construct.


Hmmm. Guess that means another visit to Hansa in the near future?


Here's some photos...


Our schedule for the day.


Our busses, ready and waiting.


Yep. This is ours!


Hi Neil! How's the ceiling in your room? Short and slanted? Great!


On the way to Hansa.


Here we are!


Yes. We're definitely at Hansa.


And Hansa is ready for us!


What lay beyond the entrance gate.


A band that played for us - and through most of the day, too - and Hansa's signature Date garden.


Elissa! I found your buddy! And couple of his buddies, too!


Fluch von Novgorod, themeing now finished, looking nice and impressive.


In the queue - just hangin' around.


Blue, blue, blue!


The outdoor part of the coaster.


Lovely curve.




Oh. It's a bird!


Ding Dong - Taco Bell Ride! Not what it's really called, and this time I got to ride it. (Was closed in '09)

Not bad. Slow loader, but a pretty intense little ride. Ding Dong, indeed!

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^ Thanks Bert! I try to take as many as I can, but I still find myself judging the shot, which isn't a bad thing, lol.

I also tend to take less coaster photos and more of the rest of the parks, which I enjoy doing. It challenges me

to find something that isn't necessarily a ride or a coaster. But still interesting all the same.


For instance, here's a set of brooms put where they're able to be picked up, in Farup Sommerland.

Not a coaster photo, but it's in the park and that counts for me!


I liked this enough, to snap a pic of it.

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~ More of Hansa Park ~


Darron and Chris about to enjoy Die Schlange von Midgard, the smallest coaster with the longest name, in Hansa!


They looked a bit out of focus, so I jazzed them up a bit.


The coaster in question. A really neat coaster, with it's own dark ride section, too!


The Observation Tower of Hansa.


I forget what this is called, but it's a pretty cool flat ride.


Looking down at the park's flume.


The Entrance Plaza. And is that band still playing, there?


A view of Rasendar Roland (roller skater) "threading the loop" of Nessie, the Schwarzkopf.


Fluch von Nogorod. Great coaster. Still. And the sea, beyond the park and resort.


Help! I've fallen into a deep sea dive helmet, and I can't get out!


Nessie's loop in use.


Where we ate lunch. O.....kay.


Me and Cary with our meal. For me, too - much - food here. And the beer was awesome too!


The bounce thing. Cary takes a try at it.


I lightened the photo to show his expression.


Then Gary came on board and started bouncing around Cary.


Gary about to fall onto the bouncy thing's surface.


Cary resting.


And with a bit of lightening, he looks happy too!

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~ Last hours in Hansa Park - Heading back to Denmark!


Hansa has a new coaster being built, so there was a VIP tour for a lot of us around the site,

with info. and specs about it's length, height, look, and overall experience. Then, it looked

like just a flat piece of land, but things will get exciting once it goes vertical.


Then there was more riding on flats and coasters, and soon we were all back on the busses,

and heading back into Denmark, for some more Danish parks.




The sign shows a future coaster in store for Hansa.


Where it will go.


Lots of dirt to dig up, and push around.


On this flat we have...


Matt and Lauren! And Caeser, their body guard.


Cary tried the dry slide. I did not. I tried it before. Very bumpy.


And like the juveniles we were, we rode the "safari ride." Keep your hands on the wheel, Cary!


I tried an artsy shot of the above shot.


Nice sulpture atop the middle of...


...This flat ride. Which had a very - long - cycle.


I didn't know bark could come in so many colours!


The other end of it.


Just before we leave the park - Cary finds his German Pretzel! And it was good.

Bye bye and Thanks Hansa for a great visit!


Nap time, on the way back to Denmark.


Longest line at the rest stop - the Men's Room.


Yes it's probably a week, but I liked how it stood out from the rest.


Back on the bus, crossing a bridge.


Hmmm. This reminds me of something, but I can't quite put my finger on it. (o;


After checking in to our hotel, dinner. At the local Burger King.


A popular choice for some of the group. Then the next morning, pack up and head to LEGOLand!

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"Everything is AWESOME!

- Everything is Cool when You're Part of A Team.."


Or words to that effect, heh. We finally got back to one of the 2009 parks that had the unfortunate

luck to be totally rained on. We went and visited, we got all the coaster credits, but just not the same...


Till this visit. BecauseLEGOLand, Billund was in SUNSHINE SUNSHINE SUNSHINE! It was awesome to

actually see everything without having one's head lowered due to the rain pelting down on them. All the

colours of the park were in full bloom (actual and thematical), and it turned into a really great day there.

I loved it!


The new attractions for us to visit and enjoy, were a new coaster with that ("no spoilers") surprise in it.

And a new dark house attraction aimed at younger guests was open for us to enjoy.


The coaster was great! I had totally forgot about the 'surprise' until we headed into the mountain.

And I thought it was much better done, than another such coaster I know. Great exit from the mountain

and I ended up riding it quite a few times. Till I started to get ill... and at this point in my report...


~~~~~~~~~~~~ V

Public Apology to everybody I kept waiting at the Polar X-Polar coaster, so that we could ALL head

up to Ghost House - The Ride for first entry. I got suddenly sick, and had to find a bathroom very fast,

before it all came out, over the walkway. I found one, well away from the coaster, and stayed there for

a good (I thought) ten minutes, then just went to the Ghost House\. Totally forgot the "everybody go to..."

You all saw me, I saw you, and I just decided it wasn't worth trying to explain to ALL of you there. So,

sorry to you guys. Hope the wait didn't take too long. Hugs. me


~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^


The Ghost House was great too, although I kept wondering, with some of the 'scenes' that were in it,

what age group this was actually going for? I realized that to pull something like this off, for kids,

takes a good amount of imagination. Very tricky. I did enjoy it all, but wondered at a few things, in

and outside the place. The Ride was fun! Great enjoyment from 'floating', lol. Even got the on-ride photo!


Here's some of the photos of the day.... BUT FIRST, something that totally distracted me, as the group was

being welcomed and brought up to date with the park, by one of the owners/operators of it. I think.




Now, here's some photos from the day's visit...


Schedule for today...


LL's Main Gate


Waiting... and taking photos.... and waiting... (o;


A map of the place.


An awesome height chart! One of the better ones I have seen done.


This is who welcomed us to the park...before I started getting ....distracted.....


Even LEGO pelicans love LEGO donuts! (too much?)


Look! Look! A LEGO balloon with LEGO people on it!


(And with this, I am DONE with LEGO mentions...)


Up ahead, the cold cold North. And a coaster!


One of the first teams sent out to check the mountain out.

Sadly - they came back, unharmed.


Mountain Ejectiles! Happy ones, too!


Cary seems to have lost his way through the Exit Maze.


And the Minions are going "under cover" now, I see.


"Splash Battle: Unsplashed"


Big Sign for a Big House. In 3 languages too, which was nice of them to do.


The founder of The Gold - and He Who Got Haunted....


And then, you see THIS with the landscaping. eep


Lovely landscaping on one side of The Haunt House....


And although sadly, the house itself didn't look like it was built by you-know-what, there was

plenty inside to keep every BODY happy, Bwah Ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. (I tried.)

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More from LEGOLand ~ It's all about the bricks, right?


After our ride in the Ghost House, we were free to roam and ride around the park before

we met up for lunch. I decided to spend more time around the actual LEGO buildings and

scenes that were spread around a massive amount of land in the park. It was just calm and

soothing to be walking along the pathways, stopping for a look see at some LEGO 'animation',

and being constantly amazed at so many and much that was built using that little plastic brick.


Lunch was at the park's main buffet, which provided us a good variety of hot foods, salads

and sides. But I think the main hit of the lunch was the all-you-can-eat Sundae Bar! Once

everybody found where it was, the line went on for some time, lol. But it was good and

worth lining up for.


After lunch, I went back to strolling through all the set ups and scenes. Even found a display

that was a temporary one, all designed to the STAR WARS world! Very cool.


An overview of all that is the World of LEGO.


So much to take in! Some really amazing displays.


A little skyride at the back, there. An amusement park beside it, too! Sadly, no coaster there.


Colours were really vibrant in a lot of the settings.



Time for lunch!


Pretty well explains it all for you.


The group, en masse in our eating area.


Some times, work does not stop for lunch.


Playing with our food, are we?


The All-you-can-eat Sundae Bar queue.


After lunch, back outside to take in some more beautiful LEGO work.


I totally forgot what the name of this was. But it looked grand.


And when trouble occurs, they call in the Friendly Giant in Waders to help out!


Let's see Godzilla try this! The worker was re-setting a ship in one of the scenes.


And just before I went on the Observe Tower, I got a shot of the park's Driving Training

attraction for the little ones. Don't they all look neat and tidy, and ready to drive?

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Great update Bill.

I very much enjoyed Legoland.

I wasn't feeling too well that day either, but I had a terrific day at the park. I spent most of the day on my own (that's just me, I like to be on my own once in a while when I'm on trips with a group) but I really enjoyed the park. The weather was just perfect and I realized I should be taking my kids to one of the Legolands next year.

Keep up the good work Bill

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