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What is your favorite genre of music?

What is your favorite genre of music?  

285 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite genre of music?

    • Rock
    • Heavy Metal
    • Punk
    • Ska
    • Techno
    • Alternative
    • Country
    • Blue Grass
    • Pop
    • Rap
    • Rap
    • Jazz
    • Classical
    • Mellow "Jack Johnson" style
    • Gospel
    • Hip Hop
    • House

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I'm a big fan of trance (Megara vs. Dj Lee, Above & Beyond, Paul van Dyk), but I also like Dave Matthews, old Linkin Park, Yellowcard.


Last month I was in a big rave in Holland and with 40,000 I saw Paul Van Dyke. He was so good that there were tears in my eyes from excitment. What a music. It was so so so good.

One pictre I took ...

http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/3417/dancezc0.jpg' alt='dancezc0.jpg'>[/code]

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Love it all.


Rock, Rap, Techno, Acoustics, Jazz, Classical, Bubblegum Pop, J-Pop... etc.


My favorite stuff to listen to would have to be Indie/Alternative music: z.B. The Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, Coldplay, Iron & Wine. When I party or go to a club, I love House-Techno music like Fedde Le Grand or other European DJ's.

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I like a lot of stuff but I voted rock since I like a lot of rock in general, punk, hard, classic, soft, alternative, you get it.I might also possibly tie it with pop/R&B.I also like country and a little bit of rap and metal.I only like metal like Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, and Deep Purple and maybe a little bit of other stuff.

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I like just about anything from classic rock, alternative, hip hop, country, 80's and 90's music, to some rap and classical music. However, I'm partial to light/alternative/somewhat techno music (Softees as I like to classify it). Artists like Frou Frou, Feist, Regina Spektor, The Postal Service, Wilco, Imogen Heap, and Rilo Kiley are definitly my favorites.


And of course my dozens of christmas cd's to get me into the holiday spirit!

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^^ Strokes fan here, too

Classic rock and new rock. Pretty much anything in there. Eagles, Led, Who, Queen, Journey, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Lynyrd, to Offspring, Linkin Park, Chevelle, Disturbed, Muse, RHCP, A7X, Snow Patrol, you get the idea. A couple notable exceptions:

Nine Inch Nails

Jack Johnson

Maroon 5

Hawthorne Heights

...I respect them all, they just don't suit me well.

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OK, I lied about Children's music. Though, I do enjoy a good Burl Ives tune now and again. I pretty much listen to everything, mainly if it's good. What I consider good, probably isn't considered good by some people's standards either because a.) they're too heavy (ex. The Acacia Strain) b.) too mainstream (ex. Fall Out Boy) or c.) it's hip-hop (and I mean real hip hop, which includes some artists you've heard of like KanYe and even some old Ludacris, but a lot of other stuff like Blackalicious and the Roots.)



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