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What is your favorite genre of music?

What is your favorite genre of music?  

285 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favorite genre of music?

    • Rock
    • Heavy Metal
    • Punk
    • Ska
    • Techno
    • Alternative
    • Country
    • Blue Grass
    • Pop
    • Rap
    • Rap
    • Jazz
    • Classical
    • Mellow "Jack Johnson" style
    • Gospel
    • Hip Hop
    • House

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I like most kinds of music : rock, pop, disco, electro, jazz, ...


If I would have to choose 1, I would say 'music of the 80's', if that can be considered as a kind of music.


Those were the days ...

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Almost everything synth based, any music with classical overtones. To make it easier some of the artists I like are (in no particular order)....



Siouxsie and the Banshees

Aqua (heh I can like crap sometimes)

The Birthday Massacre


Malice Mizer

Lamb of God

VnV Nation

Tears For Fears

The Human League

Sarah Brightman

Orgy (Except PSP that wasn't a great album IMO)

etc etc etc

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I dont have just one favorite genre:


Classical (not boroque)


R&B (not a lot)

Alt. Rock (SOAD, anyone?)

Electronic (trance, some techno)


..and everything else (even some country.. )

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Punk, pop-punk, alt-metal, alt-rock, industrial rock (just one band for the industrial rock, and I think you know which one).


Band examples:

Rage Against the Machine

Fall Out Boy

30 Seconds to Mars

Nine Inch Nails


Rise Against

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Pretty much anything thats good. I've been digging a lot of rap recently, but mostly stuff with a lot of rock influence


Me too. lol. I'm actually not sure that I voted. (The only reason I know I voted was because it wouldn't let me!) But yah, I still agree with Jow.








Vekoma "But I probably voted punk... Since I used to listen to Simple Plan..." Fan Boy

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Too bad they dont have an option if you like multiple genres


My top favorites are:

Alternative Rock,Hip Hop, and Electronic(psychedelic/goa trance)


Bascially I'll listen to ANYTHING that has a good beat. (Video game music,tribal music,classical, japanese rock, DDR/ITG tunes, even country!)

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