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I don't want a cookie! I just want a conversation haha. But, you're right. I think I'll hold off on updating for a little bit though, just because, like you guys, we're out riding too


Please forgive crybaby post, for good humor I "edited" it


BUT when I run out of parks/money, I'll post some more in here. I still have to do Carowinds pt. 2, Knoebels, Waldameer, Conneaut Lake, and THE KING'S ISLAND BANSHEE BASH! so expect some good ones coming up We've been park hopping all summer, and I think my camera skills are comin' up!

Peace out.

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Dude! You and your girlfriend sat next to me and my TPR Tour roommate at the Cirque Imagine (red dudes) show during Banshee Bash. You were cracking me up with your stories about broken headlights, the awesomeness of Hershey's Great Bear, and getting pulled over by dickish cops when all you were doing is staying up late, listening to music, and drawing. Awesome trip report...I hear your voice when I read it and it makes me laugh.

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Oh my god! haha I thought your avatar looked familiar! Those damn red dudes... I took like 400 High def photos during the bash, so maybe you'll be in a couple of them! I haven't looked through them all yet, so we'll have to wait and see.


Those revealing leotards

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