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Photo TR: Dream World, Thailand

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Last Sunday, I went to Dreamworld with my brother for his birthday. We used "Happy Birth Happy Day" promotion which is the park set for all this year. If you come on your birthday you will receive a free Visa (Day pass ticket) + water bottle + 2 x refill coupons + VIP seats for the show. So now this is our trip.


Dreamworld is one of major theme park that located in Pathumtani province (near Bangkok), Thailand which is very colorful and fun for all ages. In this month are low season due to the rain. That's save our time on the line so much. The park is separate in 3 major zone is a Lake, Fairy tales land and Adventure land. They've 3 coasters and 30 attractions with 1 snow town(Under renovated). Most of staff are very friendly.



We were arrived at 9 a.m. or 1 hour before park open.


The line still empty.


Gates are still closed too.


You can see like this staff around the park.


High restriction board


The Ticket price board for Thai residents ONLY!


But for foreigner. please come in Information room to buy the ticket with lunch.


It's become crowded.



9.45 a.m. Ticket booth is open.


The front gate that they still used staff but their turnstile is changing to scanning system (not complete).


10 a.m. Park is opening.




First zone is a plaza that have many shops in colorful building.



Next zone is a Dream garden. That is very large area with many photo spots.


Water Fun- The new water play structure is still quiet on the morning.


First ride of the day is Cable car. Which is a new life of Hershey park's sky ride.


first ride of the day


Half way POV from loading station to motor drive station.







Inside the station.




The counterweight that move up and down to adjust the tension from gondolas like elevator or cable lift.


locking/release device.


Here we go!





From above Fairy tales land


They turned the old pirate ship that used in old parade show to a decoration.


Small sleeping beauty castle and rice field beside the park.


Speedy Mouse.




Hurricane still not operating along this morning.


But Viking is open now.


Drive motor station.


As I said you can see this everywhere.




Next zone is Fairy Tales Land. Is a large theme area as love garden. In this zone they have a theme from many tales with synopsis.


The entrance to Fairly tales land


Prince frog and small sleeping beauty castle



At the entrance of sleeping beauty castle.


Inside. She is still sleepy.




Animal farm.










If you want to feed them just 20 bath (0.6$).



They also have a animal show in Uncle Tom's farm next to the animal farm.





Next zone. Adventure Land is located behind the park but Almost of rides are in There!


SKY COASTER- Is one of fun Vekoma family swinging coaster but a little bit rough as Vekoma style.



Sky Coaster




sorry for noise!


sorry for noise!




TORNADO-The park newest Technical Park Typhoon ride. Its very fun and after you riding you can see your while on the ride at the exit and sold 170 Bath (5$)




More high!



Here is example that I brought for this review. Most of major rides they use photographer hide on many point or automatically cam for faster ride (Sky coaster/Super Splash)




Hollywood Action Show stage.



Next ride is Super Splash- Hopkins 16 m. Shoot the chute ride. It not too high as larger version but It make an impressive wave and get WET!







Thunder bird. the speedy telecombat.



Crazy Bus


Grand Canyon (Hopkins)





Random kiddie ride.

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very pretty park!


doesn't seem to have a lot of "rides". . but those they do have look like fun. I miss those old skyrides that all the parks used to have

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In the afternoon. We're back to Adventure zone for next rides.


Haunted Mansion-Walk through haunted house.


I.E. Park Bumper car




Viking and Bumper boat


They have 5 level on the ship is Kindergarten(center), Primary Level.


Secondary Level,Undergraduate


And doctorate (front/back)



Ride-Operator are really great entertainer.


Huss Viking control panel.


It's Space Mountain! (but its Vekoma MK-900)



Track layout


Inside Space mountain station.


Oh! Hurricane is open in the afternoon!



Hurricane ride-op. He is great entertainer as viking op and like to adding extra (such as 6 flips continuely) for some round. But you can request to him.


Hurricane Control Room


Hurricane control Panel






The Color Of The World Parade around the lake.






Aliens. This ride is like an Alien Encounter : Extra Terrorestrial at WDW.


4D Adventure.


Inside the theater.



Speedy Mouse


Speedy Mouse


Train around the lake.



Water Fun


Giant house


last panorama view for skyride.


Oh! The time is up, but we had a great day. See you next time!


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We lived in Thailand for 3.5 years from '09-'12, only about 30 minutes from both Dreamland and Siam Park City. Both parks are pretty good. Dreamland is more aimed at kids, but does have some good rides and attractions. We went there several time and really enjoyed it. Admission is VERY cheap, as is the food. They have a KFC on site, as well as other restaurants, and many Thai style food stands where are pretty good and very inexpensive. We had a season pass for Siam Park City the first year we were there, they have a few more bigger rides and a water park. I've seen a few reports on TPR for both places, maybe not too much on Dreamland but I rememeber reading some TRs. I also visited three other parks in Thailand, one in a mall, small but not too bad. The other is in Pattaya, and the last was Wonder Wheel park, or something like that, which we really enjoyed but closed after the floods in Thailand in '11.


If anyone has any questions about Thailand amusement parks please let me know!




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Part of me kind of wonders if that is Hershey's Sky Ride a little as it seems like the storage areas are the opposite, the railings on the cars are different, and a few minor supports are on sections outside the station. I guess it is possible that some modifications were made upon moving.

Dream World seems to be a nice family park that may have had some Disney inspiration. Nice photos!

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What a great park, and thanks for reporting on your visit!

Lots of themeing in a lot of places I didn't expect it. It

looked like the flats are bigger than the coasters there, LOL.


I really enjoyed your tour, along with the great panorama shots, and videos.


Well done!

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Truly an amazing trip report and some great photos and videos of this park. I haven't even heard of this park but with the detail and descriptions that you gave in this report, if I'm ever in the area I will definitely try to make it out to this park. Great stuff!


Jimmy "This is the best Dream World I have ever seen" Bo

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