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The "Post your favorite Simpson Quotes" Game

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Mr Burns: "You know Smithers, I think I'll donate a million dollars to the local orphanage, when pigs fly."


(Mr. Burns & Smithers laugh.)


(A pig flies through the air.)


Smithers: "Will you be donating that million dollars now?"


Mr. Burns: "No, I'd still prefer not."

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In a Halloween episide when Homer is a King Kong-type giant ape:


Carl: "I heard we're goin' to Ape Island"

Lenny: "Yeah, to capture a giant ape. I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island"

Charlie: "Candy Apple Island? Whatta they got there?"

Carl: "Apes. But they're not so big"

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Ralph in the Simpsons Movie: "I like men now". That line had everyone in the theater laughing for about 3 minutes.


A younger kid in my boy scout troop once randomly quoted that, without giving any context to the Simpsons movie beforehand, and everyone just paused then laughed at him as he tried to explain that "Ralph said it".

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Announcer #1: And here come the pretzels!

Announcer #2: Hall of Famer Whitey Ford now on the field pleading with

the crowd for... for some kind of sanity.

Announcer #1: Uh-oh, and a barrage of pretzels now knocking Whitey


Announcer #2: Wow. This is uh... This is a black day for baseball.



Later in the same episode


Bart: Cheer up, Mom. You can't buy publicity like that. Thousands and

thousands of people saw your pretzels injuring Whitey Ford!

Homer: You could call them Whitey-Whackers.

-- Buy one and get a chance to knock Whitey yourself!,




My other favorite is this one


Homer: Hey! Frank Grimes never married, how did he get a son?

Frank Grimes Jr.: He just happened to like hookers, okay?

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Chief Wiggum: Trash cans tipped over... cheese packages poked and repoked... all signs point to one obvious culprit. A giant rat.


Possibly my favorite scene ever is when they get their house repossessed and Homer is attempting to hang himself on the tree in the front yard but instead he uproots the whole tree haha!

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