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Ugh, I had an "old" moment yesterday...


I was trying to explain to my co-workers kids how to play Super Monkey Ball for the Gamecube...I say, "Have you ever played Marble Madness?" I get, <>


I then realized that that was an 80's game and these kids weren't even a thought then!




Elissa "almost another year older!" Alvey

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I had the same thing happen to me, except it was when I saw "Anchorman" in the theater. During the closing credits, they show a blooper clip from "Smokey And The Bandit II". This 15 yr old kid behind me said "Whats the hells this". I said, "Havent you seen smokey and the bandit??" The kid replies, "Whats Smokey And The Bandit?". From that day forward, ive felt OLD!!!

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I think Marble Madness was the first game I played that made me lean with the controller when I would play the game . That game was hard, especially using the square Nes controller, I would always end up getting right to the finish line and fall off, only to hear the Marble make it's little scream lol.

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Good choice with Katamari. Right now that is all I play for PS2. Also, because I am to cheap to mod my PS2, I am stuck with playing Taiko Drum Master, which has mostly horrible covers to horrible American songs.


As for DDR 4th mix, I still think 3rd Mix > 4th Mix. Also, I find Ultramix 2 for XBOX to be the best DDR release in a long time.


What does it mean to MOD YOUR PS2? and how do you do this!!!



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"modding" your PS2 or XBOX means placing a mod chip in it so you can play import games.


On the XBOX, for example, a MOD chip will allow you to do a LOT of things since the XBOX is basically just a PC with a controller.


On my XBOX, I have MameOX which allows me to play about 2,000 classic arcade games, StepmaniaX where I can play all the original DDR arcade game songs, and tons of old console emulators like NES, Sega Genesis, etc.



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SNES: Mario Kart, Super Mario World, F-Zero, Pilotwings



--Robb "I'm more of a classic gaming kind of guy!" Alvey



Haha!! ALL of the games I owned for SNES that I loved as well. Man, all of those are SO classic. Pilotwings is still one of the most original games out there.


I simply loved acing stuff to get hte guys to freak out. And especially getting in the copter to blow some stuff up.



I just never understood how skydiving, plane flying, rocket packs and hanggliding qualified you to take on a helicopter for a military mission.



Man, brings back some CLASSIC memories. That and FZero as well...dang freakin Fire Field...

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