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The Masterpiece

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The Masterpiece was a park i worked on for about 4months, took a lot of time and a lot of effort to create. It is a HUGE map, 180x180 and is home to 9 pretty damn violent roller coasters. Including a GCI terrain-woodie, Intamin rocket coaster, B&M multi-element and a 7,000ft long Arrow suspended coaster!


It was entered for a competition at http://www.nedesigns.com/ where it managed a second place (super-runner up). Which wasn't bad for a first effort! Hopefully next time i will win lol. Anyway, i reccommend ^that site 'cos there are some stunning parks on there, some ten-times as good as mine.


Enough talk, here are some screens:




Download: http://www.nedesigns.com/?ne=runner_ups&s=Mast


Thanks, hope you enjoy The Masterpiece.



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Great Park! Or I should say "great NE park"!!!


While I look up to the designs on NE (this one too), there are just a few things that bother me that seem typical on NE.


I guess that just proofes the different tastes. For me a park has to be operational and the coaster should look good. Again, when does a coaster look good? It's up to everyone individually. I personally just don't like the "rough" look of many NE coasters when trying to have them go realistic paths....


Oh well...


Top Notch NE Park!!!

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Ummmm, what can I say? WOW, AMAZING, STUPENDOUS, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I have never seen a park so elaborately put together, Osiris has gotta be my favorite!!!!! If only it was operational..........


Anyway, again WOW!!!! That is an amazing park, next time you make one post it on the TPR boards!! Can't wait!!!!!!!

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