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Rocky Mountain to build a new track manufacturing facility

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^That's pretty much it. Another facet of coaster design that is included is the limitations of what the track and trains can do, so RC (or any other designer) has to work within those boundaries. For some perspective, it's a bit like when somebody says "No way in hell will that ever happen" to your B&M hyper coaster with five inversions that you threw together in NL.

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As a side note, I love how other companies like chance & S&S are partnering with designers from RMC... We've already seen the 4d freespij prototype, & of course LR @ KK, & I'm sure more epic new hotness is to come!

I think that you're confusing Ride Centerline with Rocky Mountain Construction. Kind of like how a lot of roller coasters have been designed by Stengel Engineering. Sure, the two companies share some of the same people but I'm pretty sure Rocky Mountain provides the track system, train system, support structure and other systems.


Think of it this way - Ride Centerline makes the coasters crazy, and Rocky Mountain Construction (or in Lightning Run's case, Chance) makes sure that they're smooth, safe and that they last.


Usual "I could be wrong, this is based off of prior knowledge and deductive reasoning" disclaimer...

Thanks for the info. I knew it wasn't RMC exactly (that's why I said "some of the DESIGNERS from RMC"), but wasn't quite sure what to put lol. Anyway, looks like both Chance and RMC have a bright future ahead of them regardless!


Still wondering about the full steel coaster though. Wonder if RMC will ever attempt it, or be more like B&M (sorry to compare the two so much), and stick with perfecting what they know?

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It's finished!




They're also holding an open house Thursday.

Our new track manufacturing shop is finally complete and we are having a Business Appreciation Open House to celebrate! Please join us this Thursday, November 13th from 4-7pm to take a tour of our facilities and enjoy food and drinks!


From their Facebook.

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Well I've never done anything like this, but here it is. Pretty much everyone there was friends of Fredd or other employees and their families. There wasn't really any formal tour, but I was talking to the Manufacturing Manager who runs the machine shop where they build the trains, and she told me some of what they do in the new building. The trains are all made in a different building, so I couldn't see that. I'm not sure how much I want to say mostly out of respect for RMC. For the current projects they are sending the pieces of track to the site as fast as they can and as soon as they're ready to leave. And in the future, well, things are very bright. As in contracts out to 2020. Lot's of RMC in the future!


New sign for outside the building


And this is part of WC. For most of the night it was used as a table...


It's still pretty big! That big stack of steel is what they're getting ready to cut. Each piece is 40' x 8'.


Here's half of the plasma cutters. 2 cutting heads, 4 "tables" to work on.


Some of TC's track getting welded together.


It's sitting next to the new S&S track.


This whole wall of track is going to be painted for TC. Each piece is ~40' long.


Painting booths that weren't quite finished.


Very orange track...



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One thing to keep in mind is that the master plans of parks are constantly changing...being contracted for projects as far out as 2020 does not mean that those projects will all come to fruition.

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