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Theme Park Bucket list

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Too lazy to list all of the ones I want to visit but my top five are:

Tokyo disneysea(Any place that even robb gushes about so much has got to be awesome)

Tokyo Disneyland(Mostly just to see how it is different from our Disneyland and poohs hunny hunt)

Europa park

Liesberg(Balder just looks completely insane)

Silver dollar city(I need to get on outlaw run)

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-Cedar Point (will accomplish this summer)

-Knott's Berry Farm

-Six Flags Magic Mountain

-Universal Studios Hollywood (once it isn't all under construction)


-California Adventure

-Silver Dollar City


Outside the US

-Europa Park

-Port Aventura

-Ferrari World

-All the other Disney Parks

-All the other Universal Parks

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I always wanted to do the Disney Asia circuit.


- Hong Kong Disneyland.

- Tokyo Disneyland

- Tokyo DisneySea.

I guess when I finally get around to it I had better add

- Shanghai Disney Resort


I'm hoping to get back to Tokyo DLR (at least) three more times, with the third time, including Hong Kong and Shanghai DLs. Tokyo's nine-year plan for a new port in TDS, and the expansion of Fantasyland in TDL should hopefully be all finished by ...2023. I'll be 70 by then, but with Disney it's easy to look forward to, at that age. And HKDL and ShDL will/should have new attractions added by then, too.


So this will be my Disney Asia Circuit Tour, lol.

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Europa Park


Silver Dollar City

Knotts Berry Farm


All of the Schlitterbahns

Tokyo Disneyland/Disney Sea

Hong Kong Disneyland

Indiana Beach

Fun Spot

Holiday World and Splashin' Safari


Gilroy Gardens


Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

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Tokyo Disneyland

Universal Japan

Nagashima Spa Land




Europa Park

Heide Park

De Efteling

Disneyland Paris

Holiday Park

Alton Towers

Thorpe Park

Blackpool Pleasure Beach


North America:


Holiday World




Silver Dollar City


Huh. Writing this list made me realise just how many I've ticked off in the last few years, definitely need to plan a few more trips to Europe though!

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Europa Park

Tokyo DisneySea


Universal Studios Orlando


Silver Dollar City



Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Kings Island


While there are plenty of other parks I would like to visit, the parks I have listed stand out amongst the others.

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Well I just hit all the parks at the top of my bucket list in the last couple of weeks - so that was pretty cool:

Magic Kingdom


Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Universal Studios Orlando

Islands of Adventure

SeaWorld Orlando


Now I need a new list - I'm thinking the following:

Hong Kong Disneyland - so much has changed since I was last there in 2007

Disneyland Paris (both parks) - only went for 1 day in total in 2012 - so didn't get anywhere near doing everything.

Shanghai Disneyland (when it opens)

Port Aventura


Heide Park

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Carowinds going this spring

Kings Dominion going this spring

Kings Island going in May

Canada's Wonderland going in June

Europa Park

Hershey Park


Busch Gardens Parks

Holiday World


Holiday Park( only for Expedition GeForce)

I care mostly for high thrill rides go parks like Disney and Universal don't interest me

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Just figured out, that for my 700th coaster coming up in a couple of years or so,

on my "Theme Park Bucket List" I want to hit that number in one (any one)

of the parks in the USA, I have not been to, or not been to in some time.


My other coaster count moments have all been in different countries other than the

U.S. (Wales, China, Mexico to name a few) so I think it appropriate that this take place

in The Land of Many Many Coasters, lol!


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So, my theme park bucket list is rather large, and slowly I am making some of the "Bucket List" things come true. However, one of the biggest things that I have wanted to do is take my partner to Cedar Point. I have been to Cedar Point many years ago, however my partner has never been. Not only do I get to take him to Cedar Point this summer, but we have booked a VIP Tour so that he gets the best experience of the park! I am so excited to get to mark taking my partner to Cedar Point off the "Theme Park Bucket List" AND getting to do a VIP Tour! I am so excited!! I can not wait!

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