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TPR Scandi Trip 2014 Mini Updates!

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We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview


Today's update! TusenFryd!



The TPR Scandi trip has reached Norway! Time for some Speed Monster ERT!



TPR is ready for some Speed Monster at Tusenfryd!



Speed monster launching into the "Norwegian Loop."



ROBB!!! Do NOT push that red button!!! You don't want to ruin ERT!



The "Norwegian Loop" which is also found on Fahrenheit was invented here at TusenFryd.



We will have two hours of ERT on Speed Monster!



Speed Monster is an Intamin launch coaster and while it's not the most intense, it's VERY fun and re-rideable!



After ERT on Speed Monster we went to go get soaked on Tusenfryd's Super Splash.



TusenFryd is also home to Thunder Coaster which is shockingly a very good Vekoma woodie!



Teenie Weenie... Billed as the "worlds smallest roller coaster" at TusenFryd.




Teenie Weenie is known as the worlds smallest "gravity powered" roller coaster.



The Vekoma Roller Skater, relocated from Italy's Mirabiladia was new since our last visit.



Had a great evening ERT on Thunder Coaster. This ride runs well for being a 14-year old Vekoma woodie!



We had TPR Member Per Christian at the controls for our Speed Monster and Thunder Coaster ERTs!



So things like this might have happened today...


We successfully completed two hours of ERT on Speed Monster!


"You know... Just having a small sized ice cream...that has a donut on top..."



You can see that Thunder Coaster got some track work done! Ran pretty well for a 14-year old Vekoma woodie!



And of course Speed Monster was quit a hit with the group!



Even the station crew was getting into our excitement of Speed Monster ERT!



"Teenie Weenie is the perfect sized coaster for me!"



Of course we all had to get our credit on the water coaster!



KidTums LOVED the water coaster! She made us ride a second time!



She also was totally into Thunder Coaster! KidTums got to ride a lot of stuff today!



Things like this might have happened at TusenFryd today...



Had a super epic bus ride back tonight! Thanks TusenFryd for a good day! See you again soon!

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Why can't America have all the good stuff? We're just as smart as our cousins in Europe and Japan (or at lest approaching that.) Not all Americans are bumbling apes of carelessness...

I really wish american parks saw us the same way you do... Sadly they see the 2 or 3 careless peoples and the rest pay for their stupidity. How sad is our continent ?


I'm not familiar with Canada, but knowing that it is fairly similar to the US, do you have all the bubble-wrapping there like we do here?

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^The question is why would they not be allowed to drink? The law gives the minimum drinking age, and if you above it your allowed to drink. It's something to get used to when your allowed to drink in your own country but aren't in the USA... Had that in Florida back in 2009...


Looks like a great trip guys! Wish i had the money and time of to do more and more things every year!

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We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview http://www.twitter.com/themeparkreview


Today's update! Liseberg!



TPR has started our day at Liseberg with an amazing ERT on Balder!



We love Liseberg not only for it's amazing coasters, but it's a beautiful park!



As a TPR and Liseberg tradition, we hammered nails and got to sign Balder.



TPR members got to leave their mark on Balder!



Now I can update my Facebook profile photo!



TPR loves hammering nails into Balder!



Garbles wrote some stuff on Balder!



It's hammer time!



Even KidTums got to sign Balder and hammer in a nail!



And of course we updated the TPR section for this years visit!



Our rides on Balder were absolutely AMAZING!!! Still my #1 wood coaster in the world!




This is what we call the "Intamin Fart." When you hear Balder fart, you are getting crazy ejector airtime!



Balder running absolutely CRAZY!!! Ejector airtime on most hills! And that was morning ERT! Evening ERT here we come!



There is not a slow moment anywhere on Balder. Each hill serves up a buffet of crazy airtime!



After Balder we moved over to Helix to get in a ride as soon as the park opened. (We have ERT tonight!)



Here's the view out of the Helix station! Who wants to ride?



They added a 5th train to Lisebergbanan when the line got over 25 minutes. How's it going Six Flags?



Helix is a fantastic ride! Will be shocked if it doesn't end up in the worlds top ten roller coasters!



Ross and Craig sharing a "moment" on Balder.



You can see all four of Liseberg's big coasters in this photo!



There are just so many OMG moments on Balder!



There are a ton of "TWISTY" moments on Helix!!



I just rode Balder again. OH. MY. GOD!!! I had forgotten how much better it is than El Toro! INSANE!!!




Once again, Liseberg gives us alcohol and awesome roller coasters! Love this park!!!



So this just happened



ERT on Helix!



TPR loves Helix!



A toast to Balder, Helix, and Liseberg!



"Hey Garbles! Look! A wheel chair!!!"



Look what Helix did to me!



Once again, Liseberg gives us amazing coasters and alcohol!



Some of us got a little carried away with the signing of Balder!



Our night rides on Balder were incredible! The amount of airtime is just amazing!



TPR through the years at Liseberg!



It amazes me how immature & petty some people in this hobby are. But it's fine... We took care of it!



Take a look at Liseberg in the evening... Incredible!



You see this a lot on Helix!



There are many reasons why we love Liseberg and this is one of then!



It was a hell of a lot of fun Scaring people in the haunted house to tonight!



Although I might have scared Pontous the most!



Final ride of the night on Bader, Incredible. Absolutely incredible!!!

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I just rode Balder again. OH. MY. GOD!!! I had forgotten how much better it is than El Toro! INSANE!!!


Thanks for the confirmation. It's been #1 for me since 2006.

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Why do these parks seem to always have better operations, better airtime machines, and more interesting things than American parks?

Because they aren't in America. There is a reason why we like to travel internationally so much. While many American parks will build amazing coasters (that are usually only amazing for the first few years of their operation), outside of Disney, Universal, and a few others, American parks do not even compare to most of the European and Asian parks in terms of theming, atmosphere, customer service, and overall quality.

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Liseberg looks amazing. I've always wanted to take a trip out to Europe to try out the park. Out of curiosity, is Balder still running as smooth as when it first opened? I'm just curious about how the other prefabs have been holding up over the years.

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Liseberg looks amazing. I've always wanted to take a trip out to Europe to try out the park. Out of curiosity, is Balder still running as smooth as when it first opened? I'm just curious about how the other prefabs have been holding up over the years.


Yes its still very smooth I would say, cant belive its 11 years old . I still dont see how its better then El Toro though, for me nothing beats that first drop. Why is balder better? Helix is great btw, but looking at the first concepts makes me die alittle inside

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Great report! It's so fun to see how crazy good it is over there. And I still do not understand how anyone can hate TPR. What is it? Stop having too much fun? Stop enjoying yourselves? Did Robb pee in their coke when they were kids or something and by the way they're acting probably deserved it? Keep having fun people and hopefully I can hang with you at SFGAm.

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