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TPR Scandi Trip 2014 Mini Updates!

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TPR Scandi Tour Updates:


Day 0 - Sommerland Sjaelland

Day 1 - Bakken

Day 2 - Tivoli Gardens

Day 3 - Bon Bon Land

Day 4 - Hansa Park

Day 5 - Legoland Billund

Day 6 Part 1 - Djurs Sommerland

Day 6 Part 2 - Tivoli Friheden

Day 7 - Farup Sommerland

Day 8 - TusenFryd

Day 9 - Liseberg

Day 10 - Skara Sommarland

Day 10-11 - Grona Lund

Day 12-13 - PowerPark

Day 14 - Sarkanniemi

Day 15 - Linnanmaki


Hey everyone!


Today is the start of our big 17-day Scandinavian Tour where we are hitting many parks, both big and small, in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. This adventure should be EPIC!


We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview


Today we visited our "Pre-Trip" park, Sommerland Sjaelland. Having never been to this park before, we weren't too sure what to expect, but it was an AWESOME place. This is not a "big" park, as it's a smaller park aimed at families with kids. But we're all like 12 years old mentally, right? The park did a private buy-out event for us where the owners treated us to stories about the history of the park, tours of the different areas, a fantastic lunch, even more rides, more food, and it was just a great way way to kick things off!


Below are the photos and some video from our visit...



Today TPR's Scandi Trip is pre-gaming at a little park called Sommerland Sjaelland!



We have arrived at Sommerland Sjaelland! Should be fun!



First coaster of the TPR Scandi Trip? WACKY WORM!!!




We have complete park ERT at Sommerland Sjaelland today! Starting off with the Wacky Worm!



Self-operated zip line at Sommerland Sjaelland? Sure! That's awesome!!!




Self-operated zip line at Sommerland Sjaelland! This is totally fun!




Here's some self-operated zipline at Sommerland Sjaelland POV!



Love that so many of the rides here are "self-operated!" Just put your kids in, close the gate, press the green button! Congrats, you're now a ride op!



Our first lunch on the TPR Scandi Tour comes complete with beer! Welcome to Europe!



All the areas of the park were nicely themed!



Sommerland Sjaelland park owner Kare explaining how guests can control the water cannons from your cell phone!



We are seriously having too much fun on the zipline at Sommerland Sjaelland!



The park is starting a Human Cannonball show tomorrow, and we got a sneak preview of it!



We just saw a test run of the Human Cannonball show at Sommerland Sjaelland!




Looping Pinfari! Yup! More park ERT at Sommerland Sjaelland!


Here's a POV of the coaster!



C'mon TPR, are you ready for this?


Yes! We totally survived!


Yup, we did it!



Beer makes any TPR day better! Thank you Sommerland Sjaelland!



And because we are all mentally children, they opened up the kids horse ride for us!



Best photo of the day! Brony on a pony!!! lol




In the "never in America" department we have a field of un-attended trampolines at Sommerland Sjaelland.



The park also opened up the gokarts for us. Good thing we did our drinking BEFORE we went driving!



Those are some brave riders on Sommerland Sjaelland looping Pinfari coaster!




Also in the "never in America" category, this crazy bouncy thing at Sommerland Sjaelland!


You get some pretty serious air on these things!!!



Sommerland Sjaelland also let us do their ropes course!



Did that hurt Neil? I sure hope so!



Sommerland Sjaelland had this fun Amazon boat ride starring Neil!



Gary's "day job" as a Jungle Cruise skipper sure did come in handy on this attraction!


Oh, this guy is toast!



I think Elissa looks pretty excited about the looping Pinfari! (And yes, we filmed her on it!)



Now that's a pretty awesome "Pinfari Face!"




Again in the "Never in America" department, this awesome thing at Sommerland Sjaelland!



Nolan's I've cream has a giant growth on the side of it!



The park brought out these traditional Danish desserts which were delicious!



Kåre & Mette, the owners of the park, were amazing! Took great care of us and loved hearing their stories!



Girls jumping on trampolines! It's like the Man Show never went off the air!



Had a FANTASTIC day at Sommerland Sjaelland! Great pre-start to our #TPRScandi trip!



For dinner tonight, we have taken over the Wagamama at Tivoli for our Scandi welcome dinner!



For Elissa & Garbles, it's all about the gyoza at Wagamama!



Our TPR members are taking advantage of the "alcohol included" option at Wagamama Scandi welcome dinner!



Back at the hotel, the TPR international snack & alcohol (but mostly alcohol) exchange is well underway!



Do these men need more alcohol? Answer now! Yes/No


More to come soon! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview

for live updates!


Thanks for reading!





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I could only imagine the stupidity that would come out with self-operated rides in the states... Lawyers would have a field day haha.


Looks like you guys are having a blast, hopefully I'll be able to go on a TPR trip in '16 or '17.

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We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview


Today's update! Bakken! Our day started out with a history lesson about the park's Scenic Railway roller coaster. The ride has had some modifications recently and in 2010 the classic ride lost the "brakeman" to a computer controlled braking system. While the ride still delivers a "good" ride, it doesn't have the crazy out-of-your-seat airtime that it used to have.


That being said, Bakken, which claims to be the "world's oldest amusement park" still has plenty of great attractions (including the scenic railway) in the mix. Here's some photos and video clips from today...



TPR has arrived at Bakken for the first "official" day of the #TPRScandi Tour!



TPR is getting a history lesson on Bakken's Scenic Railway!



Jens has been working at Bakken 17 years and had been a brakeman since day one. He tells us about the new trains and how it has helped the ride meet some new requirements of their insurance and government policies, he still wishes the change wasn't needed. At least the ride still stands and it's still "good!"



TPR is ready to ride a classic woodie at Bakken!



Here's the view on the Scenic Railway at Bakken! Who wants to ride?



Bakken's woodie gives a whole new meaning of "Take the Tunnel!!!" :)



I think we might be having just a *little* bit of fun!



Bakken uses an RFID based wristband system that you tap at each ride to gain entrance. Hmmm...




Yup, Bakken has one of these crazy flat rides!



We are about to get airborne! (I spun that thing like 20 times!!!)



Bakken likes TPR so much they had Santa Claus come hang out with us!




TAKE THE (um...) TUNNEL!!!



We got 51 din farts on the Scenic Railway! Woo-hoo!!!



"Hi. My name is Rick, and I am a dirty, dirty, whore!"



Tornado is an evil, evil, AWESOME ride!!!



"Did I mention that my name is Rick? And that I'm a dirty whore?"



The Bakken ghost train used some classic looking spooky cars!



Craig and Garbles did a very good job of shooting animals on the Bakken Safari ride.



Garbles is having a small cotton candy.




Bakken has an old-school bumper cars/auto race style ride.



The Flitzer at Bakken was one of KidTums "big coasters" five years ago!



Any park where KidTums can win a tiara and play archery is pretty darn cool!




Tornado is just crazy evil awesome! Love weird Intamim rides!!!



The operator of this ride at Bakken put it into manual mode for our group and it was NUTS!!!



Me and Jens, who runs the Scenic Railway at Bakken, just hanging out...in the middle of the track!



The games at Bakken are awesome! In this one, you could win a deep fryer and a BBQ!



And yup, more beer at lunch! It's cheaper than soda in many places! Love Europe!!!



Even the Polyp gave a crazy, insane ride!!!



I did about 20 spins on this crazy ride and I had to stop!!!



We had so much ERT at Bakken, that Ryan even managed to get a solo ride!



The mine train is kind of like an outdoor version of Skull Mountain!



The old school Flitzer ride was actually a LOT of fun!



Here is the view from the top of the first drop on Bakken's Scenic Railway!



Had a great day at Bakken! The #TPRScandi Tour has officially begun!




Soupy has something VERY important to say about the #TPRScandi Tour! WATCH! And turn up your volume!



To end our night doing something a little out of the ordinary, TPR did the "Worlds tallest indoor ropes course" (150 feet) and challenged our fears! It was amazing!


That was our Bakken day! Tomorrow we are at Tivoli!


We are live tweeting the entire trip! Follow us on Twitter @themeparkreview

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