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Funny words in the English language

Justin Adams

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What are some of the words we use everyday (slang or no) that, when you hear them, make you bust up laughing? I know, this is a non-sensical posting, but I can't help but laugh when I hear the following words:


Fart (obvious choice)


Dag! (what the hell does this mean?)


There's more but I can't think of them right now. What about you?

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Some more from me:


Woodpecker (very redundant)

Regurgitate (I never knew I gurgitated in the first place)


(as in Fatty Acid. What the hell is a fatty acid? Maybe it's fat because it eats through shit... ok, that was bad)

Bedevil (WTF?)


The list goes on an on...

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The whole English language is funny for me! :shock:


No, that was only a joke, but there are really a few words, which are funny for me. However, I think the German language is so funny for you, too! Remember Robb´s Europa Park video!


--Sören "kommt" Schomburg

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For some reason the word "foetus" has always made me laugh... "Moist" grosses me out too, probably beccause I've heard it used in a certain context too many times!

And the best word ever is definitely "besmirch".


As in, you're besmirching my good name you moist foetuses!


(Plural foetuses or foeti?!)


Also, periwinkle is funny.

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