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Alton Towers Visit 25/26 May 2014

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On the recent Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday, my family and I ventured to Alton Towers for a couple of days. I was expecting it to be rammed but the forecast of wet weather had clearly made an impact and we found ourselves with short queues for most of the rides

The predicted weather was fairly accurate but fortunately it only seemed to rain when moving between rides and on only one occassion did it force the stop of a ride I was waiting for (and that was only for ten minutes or so.)


With the short queues, we managed lots of rides and most of my favourites had hardly any queue at all. On the Monday, I managed three rides on Nemesis in ten minutes, including one of them being on the front row


Here are some photos from the trip. Please forgive the quality as they were taken on my camera phone but in all fairness, it captured the action quite well.




Ice Age 4D - Very disappointing with sparse 4D effects and clips from Ice Age 3


One of the pirates from Mutiny Bay. He was clearly enjoying himself, being cheeky to the visitors!


There's a great viewing area in front of Air's Lift Hill.


My favourite part of Air's experience is captured here. Flipped on to your back and dropping down. Sublime.




My son,Ben, approves of the Runaway Mine Train. I haven't ridden it for a while and we enjoyed riding it again.


He also liked having his picture taken with Sonic.


Sealife Centres are always a great way of slowing down the pace (and getting out of the rain )


Oblivion. Not much too it compared to newer rides today but it's still a great experience.


My favourite steel coaster, Nemesis. A thrilling and breath taking experience, every time you ride it.


I hate paying extra but The Smiler is worth getting a Fast Track for. Despite all it's technical woes, it really is a joy to ride and it's a triumph of design and themeing. It's a fantastic, final design by John Wardley.


Smiler Looping De Loop


It was a great visit to Alton Towers. Mostly short queues and a great ride count. This weekend, we head off to Chessington World Of Adventures. I hope to get a report up, for that as well.



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The Smiler has 2 really bad trains, and 2 really smooth trains and unfortunately it's just luck which one you get.


The exit to the cobra roll is a bit of a jolt though. If you get a smooth train the ride is sublime, easily top 10 even top 5, but if you get one of the rough ones it really affects the ride.

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