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Photo TR: Valleyfair - 6/3/2014


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I haven't done a trip report yet on here, so I felt that today would be a perfect day to make my first one. Since it's my first TR, feel free to tell me what I could do better for next time.


It was overall a great day at the park. The crowds weren't too bad, and most of them were school groups. The weather was nice, not too hot or humid. The coasters, in general, seemed to get better as the day went on. Operations were okay, but I've seen this park do better.


One thing I forgot to take a picture of was a bunch of red flag markers near the volleyball courts. They had Xcel Energy labels on them. While nothing is certain at this point, this increases my confidence in the waterpark expansion taking place there for next year.


I heard a few good ones from the GP today.

-In the Renegade queue - Elementary school boy: "I love wood rides! You're more likely to fall out on them!"

-On the Wild Thing brake run - Girl 1: "My favorite ride is the Cat Trap!", Girl 2: It's called the Mouse Trap, you *******!"

-Going up Corkscrew's lift hill - Elementary school girl: "Corkscrew is a larger version of Rock Bottom Plunge."


Anyways, on to the photos...


The front entrance of the park at the beginning of the day.


Snoopy welcomes us.


Rotating Antique Autos car and Route 76 logo.


One of the many trash cans at Valleyfair.


Rode Northern Lights for the first time. It exceeded my expectations. Its not something I'd wait in a long line for, but it was fun.


Steel Venom in action. It was running great as usual.


Dear Amphitheater,

Please get removed to make way for something useful.




The Wave. Reminds me of a movie I've seen it in.


Rode Corkscrew once. Nothing different from last time.


Wild Thing heading up the lift hill. It was kind of sluggish in the morning, but the airtime really turned on in the afternoon.


Wild Thing going down the drop.


Excalibur is usually bumpy, but today it was flat out rough. Not as good as it usually is.


Power Tower from a distance.


High Roller was great on opening weekend, but today it was just okay.


Renegade was flippin' amazing today. The airtime, the Gs, and the laterals were awesome. Renegade is my #1 all-time favorite wooden coaster, and it's that way for a reason.


Renegade and Excalibur in the distance.


This is suspicious. I saw this near the old dining patio. What could it mean?


The new performance area where Scrambler used to be.


The sign near the front with the new Route 76 info.


Steel Venom and Wild Thing in action.


Bye bye Valleyfair. See you later.

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Hopefully those red Xcel Energy flags and the circled white 'X' by the old patio lead to some good things. If so they are sure marking them early in the season. Nice shot of Renegade track with the Excalibur train in the back ground at the top of the lift hill.

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I think VF has a bright future with Dave Frazier as GM. I worked at Snoopy/MOA/NickU when Dave was the GM and I remember him being a very proactive GM. He'll make good decisions if his hands aren't tied too much by CF corporate.

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