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2013 Theme Park Attendance Report

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Five from the global list and 14 from the America list for me!


Some interesting discussions here. I agree that, from what I read a while back, SeaWorld may be getting exactly what they were aiming for, despite any appearances to the contrary.

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A big deal is being made out of nothing with this whole decrease in SeaWorlds attendance. The park's revenue INCREASED in the last year; guest spending was projected to be as high as ever. SeaWorld doesnt give two craps about attendance when theyre making record-number revenues. Thats all that matters anyway.



While the park's revenue increased last year, it may not work again this year. For one the first quarter for this year was pretty dismal. They can blame it on whatever but the other park's sure did not take that big of a hit.

I think they are playing way too safe.


In regards to Latin America, I am glad their numbers increased. I hope it keeps growing, I see Latin America as the next frontier in the industry. There is a lot of potential in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico ,etc.

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I didn't want to create another new thread, so I'm just posting this here:


Australia's / World's Best Theme Parks


Today our local paper, 'Perth Now' posted this article discussing its "Top 10 Australian Theme Parks", and even more interesting, the "World's Best 20 Theme Parks" (all according to TripAdvisor's traveller's choice awards, it says)


The interesting things are that; a) for Australia, Movie World doesn't even get a mention, and; b) apparently, Discovery Cove Orlando is the World's Best Theme Park!


Sea World properties grab both top spots, so perhaps I somehow underestimate the popularity of dolphins? (...in TripAdvisor Land, maybe.)

Perth's one and only Adventure World also doesn't get a mention in its 'own' newspaper!

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