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The RMC disscussion: Round Two

How unnecessary is this 2nd RMC post!?!?  

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  1. 1. How unnecessary is this 2nd RMC post!?!?

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    • Not at all, I love talking RMC
    • I like this post
    • Robb made me do it
    • I love this post
    • Lightning Run and Helix- Holy cow those rides should be called attractions they look so good!
    • All RMC, all the time!
    • Ladi here, from Century Electronics! Playing some cool tunes!

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My last RMC post, was written while inebriated. I was given several lashes and forced to act out scenes from The Hunger Games ------ I was Katniss's little sister, "Lil Jen" I think she's called in the book......... But now, with a drunken night past - and numerous fresh ideas sprouting - I think, I just may be able to express myself through English via my AOL 4.0 portal.


- I believe RMC is currently the equivalent to an indie rock band, who blew up instantly and is now playing the main stage at the biggest venues around(lame comparison, I know)

- Do you think RMC will increase the amount of coasters they build on a yearly basis?

- If so, do you think it will effect the overall quality of the coasters. Yes, Wildfire looks great - I'm looking past that time frame.


- With all the love the coaster community has shown RMC, do you think in the future they will take that trust for granted? I don't want to sound like a pessimist - but from the majority of users here on TPR tend to feel B&M has gone that route and are using their high quality construction/low maintenance/high customer satisfaction as selling points to the parks---- and giving the coaster community thrills that don't live up to the standard they set some twenty years ago.


- Ideally, what would you like RMC to do in the future? How do you want to see the company evolve? Purchase/Merge with other manufacturers? Inverted woodie ect.....? More of what they have been delivering(topper/IBox rides)? Doubling the output of coasters?

- As RMC grows, will you miss the mystique of there being so few(and of such high quality) rides?

- As you know, a limited selection of anything allows greater satisfaction.

- RMC has very few installations. Referencing again to the "mystique" of the all powerful RMC ----- How do you think you/we/coaster enthusiasts will remember these early days of RMC? We are currently watching their flower bloom.

- How much longer do you think this grace period will last? Will they need to put out a stinker of a ride first? Or will other companies be playing catch up and we don't have a clue who's holding the joker?




Here's my music video I edited, featuring "Escape From Tomorrow". If you haven't heard of it, and like Disney..... Look it up and watch it(if you have patience, and like cinema)

Mod note: Completely pointless, and yes, spamming YouTube link removed.

Film noir. If you like rock music, far out visuals, Disney World, and artsy 'crap' - you'll dig my video I promise. I'm not spamming, I'm proud of my dumb editing/story telling skills.


PS --------- I sill think the concept of someone from RMC(an actor), acting like Ron Toomer.... bending a hanger to describe just the most ridiculous, future/shape shifting/inversion/element that none of us have even dreamt of yet is comic gold waiting to be unraveled. There's just something missing, oh yeah - actual humor.

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So what, RMC is like the Arcade Fire of the roller coaster industry? I mean, I don't understand why "too much" of something is a bad thing. If we are talking about parks adding roller coasters, then they are doing it with business in mind.


Considering NTG was a huge hit, more parks kept looking into RMC. To me, that's enough of an incentive to keep pushing the envelope as opposed to being complacent with the designs. I think I kind of understand the "mystique" of there being a few amount of rides, but considering RMC's current portfolio, every ride is unique in their own way, so there is a "mystique" to each ride. I can't speak for everyone, but I don't think enthusiasts will travel to ride Goliath to ride an RMC, but to ride Goliath. Same for people who are going to travel to Sweden to ride Wildfire. I don't see RMC diluting their creativity anytime soon, as I'm feeling pretty optimistic for what they are doing next year (here's me hoping for Iron Colossus). I would argue that, for example, B&M's collection is pretty dry and that they are very complacent with their designs, and especially cautious, because there are very few rides that are actually unique by them. Most of their rides utilize the same element progression, transitions, and so forth. Especially with how "cool" the Wingriders were, nothing really special is happening with them, in my opinion. And to answer you real question, we just need to wait to see what happens.


I don't really know how to answer your questions about "remembering the early days" and the whole "other companies playing catch up." Makes me think you're just reading too much into RMC. They're making great rides right now, and we'll just have to see where they take it from here on out.



TL;DR RMC makes good rides, each ride is unique, I don't see them "selling out" anytime soon.

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What the hell? I removed this thread once already, told the original poster it was dumb, not to post it again, and they re-posted it again. User has been banned.


Let this be a lesson to our other members. 1. Don't make stupid, crappy threads. 2. If you're told by a site admin your thread is dumb, don't post it again.


--Robb "If you can't respect our requests, you don't need to be a member of TPR." Alvey

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