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Sorry for the double-post (again), but I found a patent and I think it depicts Devil's Peak, Fantawild's Robocoaster, similar to Forbidden Journey. This is a ride I've yet to find any pictures or videos...


There are a bunch of drawings in here from pages 11 to 18, including this layout overview:



At the meantime, here is a picture of a vehicle from the robocoaster dark ride at Fantawild Dreamland, Zhengzhou:


(picture thanks to Trips'n'Pics)


Spot the new-gen Vekoma-like restraints!


Now that is the first scene of the ride (if you look up at the ride layout posted earlier, it's at the top left):




And here's a peek at the sheer size of the ride's show building, on the left hand side:


(picture thanks to Trips'n'Pics)


One more picture of this ride found on Fantawild Holdings Inc. :



This website also have various pictures and videos about other Fantawild attractions:


4D Dark-rides (Spiderman-like)

Simulated-Flight Rides (weird kinda-robocoaster dark-ride, not the one I got a picture above, I've never seen something like this!)

Shooting Dark-Rides (Midway Mania rip-off)

Suspended Spherical Theaters (Flying Theater, but here the screen is really half a sphere, while the western variations often lack the upper half)

Full dome Theater With Movable Sitting Platform (a rather impressive contraption which is a mix between a physical anminatronic show and a overhead dome screen)


Fantawild also have a relatively new Youtube channel, in English, with for instance this nice video of Qin Dynasty Adventure, an Indiana-Jones rip-off:


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That new Vekoma looks fantastic!


If you said this a couple of years ago, everyone would think you fell with your head on the floor for a couple times..

But we are 2017, and that Vekoma does look fantastic!

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I'd love to see Vekoma do a large-scale looper like Arrow did with Shockwave, GASM, and Viper back in the late '80s and early '90s. This new model from them looks so good!

That kind of sounds like a dream come true. The layouts on those Arrow megaloopers look amazing, but from what I've heard, they don't exactly have the best reputation when it comes to smoothness. We could be on the brink of some sort of coaster renaissance and I love it.

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New pictures of Fantawild "robocoaster":






From this video:



This channel has some other cool videos, such as this one:





The Legend of Nuwa is a 10-minutes (!) long dark-ride, I found a POV on Youku and re-uploaded it on Youtube for convenience:



Here's another video about the AR show Fantawild is doing. Interesting concept:



Fantawild have their Facebook page, featuring a video of one of their weirdest dark-ride:


Facebook video I fail to integrate

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