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Fantawild Construction

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A lovely image of the long awaited Jungle Trailblazer Martin & Vleminckx wooden coaster. The ride has been built for over a year and a half but the park has been delayed




The ride was the first of the MVR fantawild woodies to be completed but looks like it might be opened in the next few months.

The ride is also a clone of Fjord Dragon at Happy Valley Tianjin.

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One of the construction companies in China released plans for a Vekoma looping coaster at Fantawild Wuhu.


The coaster is a modified lift-hill variant of Formula One at Energylandia in Poland and features an extended ending with twin tunnels split by a heavily banked hill.

Fantawild has three parks in Wuhu and its currently unclear which one will get this coaster. However Oriental Heritage is the most recent and still has a fair amount of space available to fill



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I had a recent trip to Youku (I do what I can), and I took in my backpack a video of one of the many Fantawild's dark-rides.

Yeah, because I think we all know the coasters in there, but not about all the others incredible attractions they got! Though they often smell awfully like their western inspirations, some are quite unique and worth a mention. I saw at least a Soarin'-like, a Poseidon's Fury-like, a Spiderman-like, an Indiana Jones-like and a... Forbidden Journey-like? YES THEY DO.


I've yet to find a video of the Forbidden Journey-like, and from a report I read, it's not the best of them all (or, the least worst).


I managed to find a decent POV of one of the Spiderman-like, called Dino Rampage. Yes, it got dinos and it's a total rampage! The last 3D sequence is quite intense!



If you don't get everything (which won't be surprising), here is a rather detailed attraction overview from Fantawild.


During my Youku trip (dang this website has a lot of ads, it's painful), I came across the other Spiderman-style dark-ride with ninjas and dragons ; and the Indiana Jones-style dark-ride. As I said, I didn't found any videos of the robocoaster dark-ride.


The only thing I got is this picture of the ride vehicle...



...but this one is from World Joyland! But how many robocoaster dark-rides are out there?! I don't know!


About World Joyland, they also got a Soarin'-like, and the

. It's like Soarin' but in an epic, fantasy-themed environment with inspirations from Avatar, LOTR, Star Wars, etc. The space battle scene is breathtaking!
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Sorry for the double-post, but this attraction at Fantawild Dreamland Zhengzhou is also worth mentionning... It is described as a part walk-through, part boat-ride and part SFX show like Disaster at Universal Studios.


But not your regular boat ride... Boats here can hold up to 200 people!

I gathered some images from this Fantawild video, took with lights on.


HUGE boats.



Screen integration into scenery.




This is a show section with flying performers.




And this is the special effect section (people are standing on the right, under the glass roof I assume).



Here is an additionnal picture from Trips'n'Pics during normal operations:


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According to Google Earth, that's a 111x65m building :



In this older view, you can spot the water canal, which actually makes a simple triangle :



The last four photos on my previous post were actually the same set (on the right hand side on the satellite image I'd guess).


I found a complete POV including the boat tour and the show.

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Sorry for the double-post (again), but I found a patent and I think it depicts Devil's Peak, Fantawild's Robocoaster, similar to Forbidden Journey. This is a ride I've yet to find any pictures or videos...


There are a bunch of drawings in here from pages 11 to 18, including this layout overview:



Wow, that layout is nearly identical to Forbidden Journey, with the exception of the location of the maintenance bay and track going around the final dome screen carousel on the opposite side. They also only use four domes per carousel instead of FJ's six. I'd be really curious to see how that attraction operates. I'm assuming it's probably not a virtual omnimover like FJ, as based on that drawing it looks like they use both stations for stationary loading. Crazy. I hope some pictures or videos are out there somewhere.

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^ Do you have a source, or is it just a guess? I don't remember ABC rides ever made Robocoasters, and I think it's chinese-build. When it comes to media motion-based attractions, it seems that they do a lot themselves.

They might even be multiple manufacturer in China, as I've been told that this Robocoaster is not the same as the one in Joyland (not the same gondola and harness design, and better movements at Fantawild. Joyland doesn't have any dome screen carousels, too).


NickC, I guess you're right. There are no conveyor belt, and the load and unload are separated with a wall.

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One of the construction companies in China released plans for a Vekoma looping coaster at Fantawild Wuhu.


The coaster is a modified lift-hill variant of Formula One at Energylandia in Poland and features an extended ending with twin tunnels split by a heavily banked hill.

Fantawild has three parks in Wuhu and its currently unclear which one will get this coaster. However Oriental Heritage is the most recent and still has a fair amount of space available to fill




Following on from this Vekoma just posted these to their Facebook page.







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I like it very much! The drop has an awesome curvature, and the ending is adding that extra kick to an already great layout. I love tunnels toward the end of a ride, it makes a great and surprising finale. (I wish Intamin Megalites had one after the third bunny hop)




At the meantime, here is a picture of a vehicle from the robocoaster dark ride at Fantawild Dreamland, Zhengzhou:


(picture thanks to Trips'n'Pics)


Spot the new-gen Vekoma-like restraints!


Now that is the first scene of the ride (if you look up at the ride layout posted earlier, it's at the top left):




And here's a peek at the sheer size of the ride's show building, on the left hand side:


(picture thanks to Trips'n'Pics)

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Yes, it's on track and have both physical and screen-based sequences, on dome carrousels. However it's far from being at the same level of quality as the original one... For instance, I read that you can see the shadow of the vehicle on the screens. Erk.

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Fantawild have announced a new resort for Changsha in China. The park is already well under construction and will be the home of a new Vekoma Hyper Space coaster. Basically an extended non launched version of Formula 1 and Energylandia.


Strangely the resort is not that far from the existing parks in Zhuzhou.






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With the next round of Fantawilds now on their way this seems like a good time to post a summary with what we know.


While the locations of the parks are all pretty well nailed down there is a bit of educated guessing with one or two of the ride lineups in the later parks. (E.g the Woodie at Handan isnt confirmed to be MVR built but they've never used anyone else)


Fantawild Nanning - 2017


The most fully complete of the currently under construction Fantawild parks. Nanning already has a Vekoma Boomerang and a MVR wooden coaster constructed. Odd thing about this park is it has a highway running right through the middle cutting the park in half. A walkway beneath the road provides access between the two sections. The wooden coaster is a clone of the one already operating in Zhengzhou.





Fantawild Silk Road Culture Park - Jiayuguan - 2017

The 2nd park in the northern city of Jiayuguan. Famous for being the western end of the Great Wall of China and part of the ancient silk road. This park looks to modify the standard Cultural Heritage park a bit for a more local theme. The roller coaster line up leaves a little to be desired however with a Vekoma Boomerang and the first example of Fantawild building a Beijing Shibaolai SLC.





Fantawild Anyang - 2018

The first park in this City it is one of two currently under construction very near each other. The one in Handan is just up the road (see below) on the other side of the city.

Again a less inspiring line up with a Beijing Shibaolai SLC and Vekoma 335m Roller Skater currently on site.




Fantawild Changsha - 2018

A brand new resort in Changsha. Not very far from the existing resort in Zhuzhou. There will be three parks here with the first one seemingly taking on a new style for Fantawild with Science and Technology themeing. This is expected to be the first park to open with the new Vekoma Hyper Space Warp model.







Fantawild Oriental Jeritage - Jingzhou - 2018

A recent development and a park that looks like it will open with a custom designed MVR wooden roller coaster and a Vekoma Hyper Space Warp as well. Already well under construction I wouldn't be surprised to see rides popping up soon.






Fantawild Handan - 2019

Just up the road from Anyang this park seems to be running a fair bit behind. Another Fantawild park expected to pick up an MVR wooden coaster with a layout identical to the ones found in Jinan and Ningbo along with a Vekoma suspended junior coaster.




Fantawild Taiyuan - 2019


Little known about this park other than its happening. Ground has been broken already but not much else has shown up yet.




Fantawild Oriental Heritage - Mianyang - 2019


One of the most recent announcements the park is expected to open with a Vekoma Boomerang and a Vekoma Hyper Space Warp looping coaster. The art below shows the coasters pretty well.




The Fantawild train doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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