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Fantawild Construction

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The 4th (and as far as i know final) Gravity Group/M&V wooden coaster for China in 2015 has started to rise.


The Other rides in Jinan, Wuhu and Zhuzhou are all up and should start testing soon but the Zhengzhou park isn’t due to open until the end of the year so has started later.


New satellite images reveal a compact layout that is really well crammed on to the parks central island. Most importantly the ride isn’t a clone of any of the other three. There’s no ground based photos yet and it seems the Chinese are incredibly secretive when it comes to new rides so there may not be any for a while.


I’ve also included an overview of the new park (The 2nd Fantawild in Zhengzhou) which shows at least one new water ride and a series of indoor dark rides and cinemas. There’s no obvious second coaster yet but I wouldn’t rule it out.





If you want a good comparison between this one and the Jinan ride you can see just how different they are from this image.


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Been a while but here's an update on the Wuhu Fantawild Cultural Heritage Park park.

I just came across a TON of pictures which can be found here but I have attached the best below.


The Jinan Cultural Park was supposed to open yesterday. Expect a POV of the O&B looping woodie MVR built there in the next few days.


The entrance to the park.


The park is themed more to traditional Chinese myths and Culture than the usual recycle western themes seen at previous Fantawild parks.


There will be the usual selection of dark rides and cinemas than Fantawild is famous for.


The central tower is the main landmark and can be found at the Jinan park too.


The woodie in the distance.


The indoor mine train can be found in a volcano.


More of the pretty decent themeing going in.


Wooden coaster time.


Another new ride from Martin & Vleminckx and The Gravity Group.


This ride packs more of a twister layout than it's out and back sister ride in Jinan. It's one of 3 inverting woodies heading to China this year.


I've ridden 3 of the MVR woodies in China so far and they are all excellent.


Turn out of the station.


view across the park.


More of the station.


The ride is likely to be called Jungle Trail Blazer (The Chinese name is Jungle Dragon)


Looking from the station down the lift hill.


Air gates are in.


Check out the inversion over the first drop.


The turn around at the far end.


View from the park boundary (The car park may be going here if the maps are right)


Final look at the woodie. Oddly theres no shot of the boomerang in this update. But it is there I promise :)

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Just heard that the woodie didn't pass the safety test so it won't open with the park. One day admission will be ¥200 (around $32) for the grand opening.


That sucks. If the Boomerang passed then so should the woodie!

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Does the boomerang use the new Vekoma trains?

I believe it does yes.


The Jinan park is open. And although the woodie seems to have failed its Chinese safety test here's some awesome onride pictures from a Chinese user on Weibo

Looks like its full of airtime too. That inversion is just a bonus










Weibo via VHC

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No sooner is one wooden coaster open but another is complete.


Fantawild in Zhengzhou is opening a second gate (A year after i visited grrrrr) and it has a cracking looking new wooden coaster too.

Again a completely custom design that this time features no inversions but a proper classic looking layout.


As an extra surprise theres also a real or knock off Suspended Family Coaster (453m) from Vekoma or Golden Horse (no idea which but it's probably GH to be honest)





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