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RMC - How much is too much of a good thing?

Would you like to see RMC coasters(in 10 years) become as prevealent as B&Ms have become  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see RMC coasters(in 10 years) become as prevealent as B&Ms have become

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    • No
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I don't mean to be a downer, but about seventy-five percent of the threads on here, people think/or want an RMC at there park - and to boot they're 75% sure of it! Unless RMC ups the ante to 4 or more coasters a year, the reality is that RMC is a special product, and I fully believe they know, and are embracing the fact that the coaster community is behind them like I wish I was behind a (name your favorite European export car).


I like the idea of RMC building a small amount (No more then three a year at most) of coasters globally.


a) it would keep the legend of RMC alive

b) it would be harder for them to cannibalize themselves, and start outsourcing(even more so) ect......

c)As great as it would be to have an RMC at every park, I don't want another B&M burnout situation.

------ That however, is a completely different topic with many fun angles to jab at within it.

d) And most importantly - the Mystique!


"What do you want to see at your park next year"? HELL, even when people ask, "what do you think people are building at your park next year" ----- I'm sure all of you have noticed that around half the responses include one of the following - "Intiman mega-lite, or an RMC (aquatrax trailing far behind in third place)(and, is that a joke I'm missing? That's really what you want!?!) ------ I just want us to have a realistic POV of RMC ---- I want them to stay golden! I want RMC to be the "American Intiman"(or whatever coaster company you prefer), with a cheaper price tag, while keeping the projects unique to each parks demands.


Oversaturation of the market helps initially. ----- i'm a little drunk, so I'll keep this short.


Gatekeeper ----- a coaster that's name rang across America's(global as well) coaster community. In the end has become another faceless B&M, with lines that rival Raptor. In my perspective, In 15 years it will be the next Iron Dragon, with a 22 million dollar overage on the budget.


In the end, lets not take RMC for granted, and be grateful for what they are giving us coaster/theme park nerds. Don't push for more! Push for less if anything! Push for quality! Push for things that make the GP say "WOW". ------- Goliath at SFGAm, has the GP confused(bad), but amazed(Great) simultaneously.


I'd like to see RMC keep advancing in their design at the same pace since they started with Texas Giant. However, don't clone, don't cheapen up, and don't cave to B***S*** checks just to bolster a mediocre park line up.


RMC can stand for something unlike ever seen in the coaster industry if they take care of their company and their products, and that's what I'd like to see done. I don't want a damned inverted RMC............ I want RMC to continue their tirade in making the other companies look like chumps.


PS ----- RMC --- please make a video with funny or die where you talk about designing new ride elements with a hanger. I think ER visits would skyrocket ---- and many wouldn't be able to be brought back.


Thanks for reading my drunken post, I've felt this way for a while, and the RMC love/RMC "lets over expose the s*** out of it" has bothered me. Here were my qualms. Disagree or agree, hell, maybe I made no sense.


How do you guys feel with what I presented. ------------------------------- Ken



PS----- if you click the URL(link?) I posted ---- its a music video I made using exclusively footage from Escape from Tomorrow ----- If you don't know what that is -------- you should click, and then watch my other videos I've made.............. I make some cooooooll SH*******T boys



just watch it, its creepy and the song is bananas. long drunk post my bad

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So I guess I never asked a question.


1 What do you SEE in the future of RMC.

2- Preferably, what direction would you like them to go.

3 - Would you be upset, angry, or let down if they(within 5 year) started putting out five coasters a year with minimal differences (whether it be forces, layout, or just a few key elements)

4 - Do you see RMC as the new B&M. If not, why so? I think this topic has a wide reaching potential, far reaching beyond the simple "yay or nay" RMC becoming a true coaster empire(arrow 80's/early 90s, then B&M recently for example) in the coaster world.

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You know... As long as RMC keeps pushing the envelope and their rides do not become cookie cutter rides then I am okay with it. I love how RMC takes old rides that have low ridership or are outdated and makes them into amazing cutting edge scream machines. So as long as they keep keeping their attractions unique and they do not start plopping down clones everywhere then I am fine with them building as many original layouts at they can think of in a year. One thing different about RMC coasters and B&M ... You'll never find a forceless B&M.

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I´d like to say that askimg if RMC ist "the" new B&M...I think that just doesn`t fit ! I mean...RMC ist defined via spectacular "never seen before" elements....highly intense coasters...while B&M was more the "play it save" thing for parks to do...


So IMHO the question is : Is RMC the new Intamin mega, giga, hyper replacement ? Is RMC the new Intamin prefab woodie ? Is it a replacenmet when parks are asking for intense trill machines ? I`d say....probably yes.


I don`t know for how long....but I guess some deals that Intamin would have made now go to RMC. Just my guess...just like mack is taking away a lot of orders with their highly comfortable lauchers....and now even the ability to build a real megalite alternative like seen in Nigloland.


I have no real insight in the business....but I feel these may be hard times for Intamin cause the got a lot of competition with Mack and RMC.

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The way I see it, when people ask for an RMC for their own parks, they aren't also asking it to go everywhere else. People still want to keep the mystique in tact I think...they just want their home park to get one of the few new RMC's the country hopes to get. Its usually different users posting about getting the new rides in different threads.

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I wouldn't complain about an RMC in every park.


What sets RMC apart for me isn't the "never before seen elements", rather it's the fact that the designers that work with RMC (notably Alan Shilke) are able to fully utilize unbridled creativity in their layouts and elements. RMC coasters simply move in ways coasters haven't been able too up to this point without hurting people or being maintenance nightmares. It's not even just the elements themselves... it's like the whole package is designed top-to-bottom to be more extreme and optimized.


So it's not about them eclipsing other manufacturers, it's about them bringing a whole new style of coaster design to the market, one that doesn't necessarily rely on gimmicks. I think the future for them right now involves expanding their offerings to cover clients looking to appeal to younger families as well.


That's a good point about Intamin though - they used to be in a fairly similar position with their formerly unique and daring coaster styles with 3 different styles of track that they can switch out dynamically throughout a ride to save costs. Even the best innovations in this industry can become stale with time, not that I still wouldn't be hugely excited to have a new intamin come in near me.

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You know... As long as RMC keeps pushing the envelope and their rides do not become cookie cutter rides then I am okay with it.


My thoughts exactly! I do hope that RMC continues to innovate, and never goes the "use the same old formula every time" path. If they can increase their ride selection more, and continue to innovate, RMCs will never get old.

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Has anybody here seen the POV for Wildfire? It's all the same elements they've used before, the zero g stall, the sideways bunny hop thing, heartline rolls. Only their third coaster from scratch and they're already recycling stuff from their "bag of tricks", just like B&M, just like every coaster manufacturer. Does that make them "cookie cutter"? Who cares how innovative they are as long as they make good rides?

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I'd love to live in a world where there are as many RMC's as Vekoma boomerangs.


If that means we'll get 40+ RMC's or all but 4 boomerangs get turn down, I hope the first one, but both would be wonderful.


I don't even care if they start cloning a certain layout or element set, B&M did that with Batman, and I love every single one of them.

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Possibly this topic is a bit pre-mature considering they only have 5 installations (one of which hasn't even opened yet). I think it may seem like oversaturation to us in the coaster community because they've been the biggest thing to hit the coaster industry SINCE B&M. From a business standpoint I think it's important that RMC does up the ante in number of installations. The general public getting to ride these masterpieces will only invigorate the theme park industry. The wow factor of a wooden coaster having multiple inversions will only get the GP talking, and talking leads to increased park visitors.

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I don't think I understand what this thread is and it doesn't quite make sense to me. Like you said, you were a bit drunk when you made it, so maybe next time you should wait until you're a little more sober!

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