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Columbus Zoo

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As many of you know, the columbus zoo used to be next to wyandot lake park that was run by Six flags a few years ago. Six flags sold off the park to the columbus zoo, and they combined the two parks into one. There is also a decent size water park (zoombaway bay?) that is also next to the zoo that used to be part of six flags.


The ride side of the park contains several flat rides and the sea dragon coaster. By looking at the sea dragon, it does not look like much but it packs a punch for such a small coaster. The price to get into the zoo was $15, and it was another $10 to add on the rides package. The park has added a Africa section this year, along with a stingray pool where you can touch and feed them. I was very impressed with the park as a whole. There was something for everyone and the park theaming was almost as good as Busch gardens in a lot of areas.


If I had one complaint about this park, it would be the ride operations. I had 3 kids with us and had to do a parent swap. They offer the parent swap, but only the same parent can ride the ride again....not the parent that was watching the non riding child. It was the a pointless rule. I had to wait in line myself with my daughter after the first child and her mother had ridden because they do not alow the other parent to ride. And also on the coaster, the crew was really slow at dispatching the train. After being loaded into the train, our belts and bars were checked 3 times by 3 different people. They also kept sending the train around empty every few cycles for some reason.


Other than the operations, this was probably the best zoo I have ever been to. Onto the pictures.....


Welcome to the zoo


The zoo was packed today.


Jungle river falls is the parks log flume


Me and my daughter enjoying the ride


Some of the other rides at the park included the eagles


Safari stampeed


Bumper cars with a weird name


A scrambler ride


Tilt a whirl


A swing ride and several kiddie rides


And a pirat boat ride


Stingray bay is new this year. This is where you can feed and touch the stingrays


Here is a look at the size of the pool


They have a really cool area where you can touch and pet the animals





And then there is the sea dragon coaster


The train and lots of new wood




The station


Lift porn


Inside the station


This ride still uses the manual levers


Old school brakes


One last look at the turn around


The zoo also had a really cool looking dino ride, but due to the hour long line and the silly parent swap policy, I was unable to ride this



Oh well......maybe next time


This is the only place outside of seaworld that I have seen these



They also have a really nice aquarium



The next batch of pictures is of the theaming of the zoo and some of the animals






Yummy(and yes,,,that is a dead rat)




Six flags style theaming



This area is new to the park this year. I think it just opened a few days ago


very impressive theaming in this area of the park







Who knew that dogs and cheetahs can live together




The monkeys were trying to get the kids fruit




Thats all I got from the zoo...hope you enjoyed the pictures and I highly recommend that you check out this zoo.

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Looks like a nice park. I have it as optional park next year on my driving day from Pittsburgh to Kings Island.


Can you also pay for single rides? Aside from the coaster there is not that much having my attention on the rides area. Planning to do 2-3 hours there mostly for coaster and lunch...

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Looks like a nice park. I have it as optional park next year on my driving day from Pittsburgh to Kings Island.


Can you also pay for single rides? Aside from the coaster there is not that much having my attention on the rides area. Planning to do 2-3 hours there mostly for coaster and lunch...



Not sure about single rides, but it's only $10 to add on the ride all you want option to your ticket. The option also grants you entry into the stingrays, dino ride, horse rides, and several other attractions.


I did notice that things like the stingrays and horse ride was $3-$4 each time.

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The amusement rides rarely have a big line. The zoo itself, taken at a laid back pace and seeing everything, will probably take about 4 hours+.


We were there for 5 hours and tried to rush through the park and we're unsuccessful. Part of the reason was that the park was PACKED. We ended up missing quite a bit.


That's ok because that just gives us an excuse to return.

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The Africa area is extremely popular right now as it has just opened. Get there at 9am if you go. Plan to pay $8 to park.


A couple facts about your first post:

• The Stingrays were built 3 years ago, so its a new attraction, just not brand new

• Six Flags didn't really own Wyandot Lake's land. They managed the park, but the Park leased the land from the zoo. The Zoo merely bought back the lease, or something to that affect.

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Hmmm....they were advertising the stingrays as new. This was my first ever visit to the park, so did not know. It could have been some signage that was not updated.


The Africa section was on par with Busch Gardens as far as the theaming goes. We got lucky and hit the new section in the last half hour the zoo was open and it was almost a ghost town at that point.

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We were there last year and they definitely had the stingray exhibit.


Surprised that the Bonobo monkeys weren't doing something other then trying to get the fruit. When we were there, they were preoccupied with ummmmm....other activities.


If you're not sure what I mean - Google it.

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