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Evermore Park Coming to Utah in 2015

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Well they say that if you use your ticket at the gate you agree that services have been rendered. So they're gonna let you in, but once you've entered you've got no recourse if the park isn't actually finished. This thing coincides as a party at the end of Comic Con's Fan-X thing, which Evermore is sponsoring. They won't reschedule. It just might not be much more than a drinking party in a partially finished theme park.

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It just might not be much more than a drinking party in a partially finished theme park.

And the problem with this is...


Looks interesting! I don't remember hearing about this several years ago, but I like the concept and I hope they are successful with it.

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  • 5 years later...

Evermore Park has officially announced their permanent closure...



End of an Era

The Portal has Closed it is with Deep Sadness and Gratitude that we announce the closing of Evermore Park. The past decade has been filled with its share of trials and tribulations, but mostly  Magic and Imagination.


Our History   

Evermore started in the late 2000's when our Founder, his family and friends created a Home Haunted Adventure during the Halloween Season, where the public enjoyed an elaborate Ghost Pirate adventure in exchange for a donation to the Utah Food bank. Every year this event grew bringing thousands of visitors to their home. Then an idea came to create and develop a year round theatrical theme park with unique seasonal events. In 2014 the concept of Evermore Park had its debut at the Fan-X convention in Salt Lake City, Utah with an amazing two story booth designed as an Old World Tavern. The booth featured amazing set designs, lighting, music, actors, costumes, and a model of the grand vision of Evermore. Next came a popup event on the eventual park ground (we called it Pumpkin-Fest), where we presented an immersive and Magical Gothic Halloween experience. Design and Construction of the Park started in 2016 and opened in the fall of 2018.


What Evermore Was   

To us Evermore park was an amazing place where Artists/Creatives from all walks of life came together to deliver a Magical Story and an escape from reality. We have seen many Miracles happen in Evermore Park with hundreds of thousands of people visiting throughout the years. Some visitors just came to stroll the village and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and entertainment, while others visited the park in elaborate costumes developing their own characters and fully immersed themselves in the story and events. Many visited Evermore from all over the US and around the World bringing other unique personalities and perspectives to the park.  Evermore Park captured the attention of the world being featured in many magazines, news publications, and featured videos. We won several lifestyle and themed industry awards including being selected by Time Magazine in 2019 as one of the top 50 places in the world to visit. Evermore was an inclusive, fun, and safe place for people to be themselves (or to play a character) and experience a moment of Imagination.


The Magic Continues  

It's our hope that the magical moments at Evermore Park continue on through the memories of the all the people who made it such a  special place.


A local news station shared more details regarding the land owner and investor behind Evermore Park... Following the eviction of the park's original operators, it sounds like they intend to unveil plans for the property for the future. Brandon Fugal's portfolio of other projects includes a number of office venues and mixed-use shopping complexes...


Evermore Park has announced the closure of its operations. This comes after years of struggling to sustain its business model. The immersive fantasy adventure experience was located in Pleasant Grove, Utah,

The park, founded in 2012, sought to welcome visitors to a medieval and Victorian world. They wanted to bring interactive experiences and themed attractions to Utah. However, despite efforts to engage guests with storylines, puzzles, and live performances, Evermore faced many financial difficulties.

“[Evermore] has struggled over the years to make their business model work,” said Brandon Fugal, owner of Evermore Park Investments LLC, “between COVID and challenges with their operating model, they have defaulted and have been evicted from the property.”

“In the wake of these challenges.” said Fugal, “I am confidentially working with a new enterprise that will be unveiling exciting new plans and dramatic improvements in the weeks to come.”

This doesn’t mean that the park is going anywhere. Fugal plans to bring in a new tenant to revive the park and bring new life.

“I would say anyone who follows what I do in the commercial real estate business knows that I don’t do anything halfway, and I have a track record for representing the most upscale projects in Utah, and this will be no different.”

Although it seems like even though Evermore is “nevermore,” the future of the 12.75-acre, 27-building lot is bright.

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This place started as an interesting concept that had the unfortunate timing of Covid destroying its potential for a growing audience.  Shame to see it go but I'm curious about the future plans for the site.  It could make for a nice little outdoor FEC if given the right team.

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I still think there is a future for these interactive/immersive themed entertainment concepts sometime/somewhere in the future but first Star Cruiser closing and not this it doesn't really look good. Star Cruiser had the obvious issues with cost, this maybe some issues with location/concept, and both of them the timing of Covid I'm sure didn't help.


Hopefully there's a future for the site as something as it did look like a pretty cool place. 

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If you watch Youtube and search for closed or abandoned amusement parks there are tons of them.  They all seem to have the same things in common:

1. They were the next Walt Disney,

2. They underestimated the cost to build their park by at least one-half,

3. They overestimated the attendance by quite a bit,

4. They had no extra funds when things went wrong, and

5. The failure was always something or someone else’s fault.

I am not sure about this one but I am sure there will be a video soon with many of these factors being an issue.  Don’t even get me started about friends that thought they were good cooks so they should open a restaurant 😉

“According to the National Amusement Park Historical Association, there are approximately 1,000 defunct amusement parks in North America, with a significant number being in the United States.[1]”


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58 minutes ago, Hilltopper39 said:

Yeah or ya know.... maybe have a couple of actual rides so that people who aren't into the role play stuff have something to do.



or.. maybe don't go to a fully immersive LARPing event if you're not into it?

(it's why i don't bother with Renaissance Festivals)

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5 hours ago, bert425 said:


It's why i don't bother with Renaissance Festivals

I'd have thought you'd be all over the Ren Fest scene, Bert.

This is something I'd have loved to have done. Easy enough to tack onto a Lagoon trip. Hopefully it can come back in some form.

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^ oh no, I'm not a LARPer . . at all.

and outside, in the woods?  with people being "in character" ???     add tons of bugs, and it's HELL for me

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8 minutes ago, SoCalJasonland said:

To be fair, I don't think CaptainUnknown will fare well at the ren faire if he is dressed as a psycho clown but perhaps a fairy?

You say that like Jesters didn't exist. And in point of fact, last time I went to a Ren Faire, I dressed in my Beast (as in Beauty and The Beast) Disneybound.

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22 hours ago, CaptainUnknown said:

You say that like Jesters didn't exist. And in point of fact, last time I went to a Ren Faire, I dressed in my Beast (as in Beauty and The Beast) Disneybound.

Just using "fair" the most ways possible.  I haven't been to a Ren Faire but your avatar looked a little more Fright Fest or Scary Farm to me then Ren Faire, but I guess The Beast is classic French so that would work better.

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